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Remember – Guess That Panel is Still Unanswered!


Anyone with an idea on where this panel is from gets a genuine No-Prize!  Comeon, guys!  Take a guess!  If no one answers by next week… I will chalk that up as a win and answer it!

Guess That Panel 3.27.14


Here’s the latest gem Hulk shot – who knows where this shot came from?  As always, series & issue # – aaaaaannnnnd GO!

465 Wins! Guess That Panel

CCF03102014_0002 - Copy

Congrats to 465 for correctly identifying the issue and number that the panel came from.  King Size Annual Thor #5!  I found this panel when going through a few Thor trades.  Below is the cover – my actual cover of the book I own.  Yes, it is pretty beat up but sometimes I think it gives the comic character.


Guess That Panel Wednesday!


The last time we did this it was a doozy!  This time around I don’t suspect it was be as hard… but we shall see.  Series and Issue # – GO!

Joel and Tristan for the WIN!


This was by far the most fun “Guess that Panel” because you guys did not give up!  I enjoyed this game emmensley! I am not so sure the next panel will be this hard to get – but I must say – of all the new things things I have been trying to do with the site, this is the best by far!

Kudos goes to Joel for getting the title of the series – and Tristan for sticking with it and finally guessing the right #!

Guess that Panel Friday!


Last time I posted a panel I thought for sure I had everyone stumped!  Then Tristan came along to ruin my triumph…

Just kidding, man!  I am actually very impressed with you guys so far – so I have to keep trying to find more and more obscure references.  Maybe this will be it!  Name the Title and # – GO!

Guess That Panel Tuesday!


This seems to be a popular game here – and there has not been one panel that someone hasn’t been able to guess. I am shocked and awed by the knowledge some of you guys possess.  You guys are comic Gods!  But good luck to all on this one… remember, Series and Issue # – GO!