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Avengers: Endgame Cosbaby Hulk (2019)

IMG_1782 (2)

I enjoy some of these stylized figures.  This Hulk Cosbaby might be one of the weaker additions to the line.  It’s not that the sculpt, paint apps or anything is out of place, it’s more the movie version of the Hulk that this reminds me of that is the problem.  The greying sides that look more appropriate on Reed Richards, the form fitting quantum suit.  It’s all a bitter reminder of what the Hulk family has endured watching the movie.

IMG_1783 (2)

IMG_1784 (2)

That being said, when you get something as a gift it’s really hard to complain about it.  It’s solid and adorable.  It definitely stands out as an eye-catching addition to the collection. Like I mentioned, there are far better Hulk pieces from this line and this one isn’t bad – just a reminder to what we were served from the unfortunate Aveners: Endgame.

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Marvel 80th Anniversary Hulk vs Wolverine 2-Pack (2019)

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Ever since the announcement of this 2-pack the internet was a buzz if this Hulk would dethrone the Face-Off Hulk as the best figure ever.  Keep in mind that the Face-Off Hulk has held this title since it’s release over a decade ago.  No other Hulk figure has been able to capture the classic look of the Hulk like the Face-Off Hulk has.  Well, I can’t say for certain that this Hulk has finally done the job – all I can say is that we finally have a contender!

IMG_1770 (2)

While some on the interwebs have been singing this Hulk’s praises others have expressed concern over the way the ball joints used for the shoulder blades are too large.  I can’t say I agree just yet as I have yet to acquire one out of the box.  I ordered one from Dork Side Toys (it has yet to arrive) and I keep meaning to cancel the order all together since I also ordered it from Entertainment Earth and it arrived at the end of July.

IMG_1771 (2)

All I can say is that I love the sculpt as well as the extra hands – and the ripped shirt thankfully hides any issue anyone would have with the shoulders.  The original Wolverine is perfect in scale and a worthy partner for this 80th Anniversary special 2-pack.  If you didn’t order this off any online site the good news is that you can still grab it from any of the Gamestops that this is popping up at.  I know it may seem expensive at $60 but I think this is worth it more than the Hulk/Hulkbuster ever was.  This is such a great addition to every Hulk collection out there and I am so glad Marvel has finally started producing figures that blow us away again!IMG_1769 (2)

Impressive Customs!


I love taking a look at what some talented individuals do with spare parts from different action figures to make the ultimate figure!  Above, Maestro with a bevy of fallen hero goodies!  Below, a more gritty and sadistic looking War Hulk!


Avengers: Endgame McDonalds Hulk Figures (2019)

hulk time! 008 (2)

Right away I was able to snag the light up Hulk – I thought my job was done but learned pretty quickly that there were actually TWO different Hulk figures!  Imagine my disappointment when I realized I had to head BACK to McDonalds to get another figure!  I’m not a fan of that eating establishment as it is but to have to travel there twice in once day?  Ugh!

hulk time! 014 (2)

Even worse, they not only did not have the “smashing Hulk” this particular McDonalds didn’t even know it existed!  I had to visit to a separate location – with my son, who I introduced to McDonald’s food (BIG mistake!) – but thankfully had the shirtless variant Hulk.  Of course, now my son asks to go McDonalds almost every day.  I have created a monster!

I didn’t open up the Hulk figures – they went right into storage – but honestly, I have enjoyed the earlier Hulk offerings from McDonald’s better.  The light up feature Hulk is added at the expense of any kind of articulation.  Overall, while decent enough, they really aren’t all that impressive.

hulk time! 011 (2)

That Terrible Hulk Series gets a Immortalized in Plastic…


Love it or not the She Hulk series titles Hulk, where the She Hulk goes grey, for no apparent reason, is getting a new action figure due out in the coming months.  While the series was a bit of a waste of time this figure looks pretty bad ass.



Crappy Hulk gets a Purpose


I still think the Hulk is pretty terrible – sculpt wise – but with news that the wave 3 Avengers IRON Man comes with an Infinity Gauntlet for he Hulk to sport, well, it makes this figure a heck of a whole lot more desirable.

So Much Yes!!!!


The retro wave is finally releasing a Hulk figure!  The good news?  It looks amazing!  The bad news?  It’s an SDCC exclusive – which means secondary scalper prices for me… but it will be mine!