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The Corner Box that Never Was!


Someone on Facebook posted this idea.  As much as they liked the Hulk corner box they thought the art above would have made an amazing alternative!  What do you guys think?


Happy Birthday Herb Trimpe!


One of the greatest Hulk artists to ever live.  He made this world a better place with his talents and is missed everyday!  Happy Birthday Herb Trimpe!

Classic Hulk Pin-Up!

hulk pin

Look at the mob meeting the Hulk is interrupting – what was going on here?  Is the Hulk stopping this meeting of the minds or was he out just crushing buildings and happen to stumble across this group?  I’d like to think the latter – it’s way funnier that way!

Guess the Hulk Artists!

hulk exercise

The only issue with this game is that the title isn’t a question.  Adding a question mark makes it look like your confused about asking to guess the artist.  Why is the Hulk in quotation marks?  Are they imply isn’t not really the Hulk?  That’s clearly the Hulk!  It’s not metaphorical! Anyways – who wants to take a shot?

Pretty Much…


All I see are penises… what does that mean?

Most Homaged Cover?


I am looking into seeing how many times the famous #181 cover has been done in homage.  I think the covers has to be in the double digits easily and, much like the one above, seems to get better and better each time.

Many Years with the Hulk!


We have the original, the secondary Hulk – then the Ferigno Hulk – and every Hulk movie appearance… except, curiously, the 2008 movie?