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ToyFare #131 is Hulk-tastic!


So, we have a few sneak peeks at the Hulk toys that will be gracing the toy shelves this June.  The re-vamped, Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Hulk will be great!  Wal*Mart has an Abomination/Hulk 2-pack coming out.  They also have a quick section where they discuss Hulk’s best battles.  Although I think the list is skewed – a lot! – (Hulk vs. Thor is on the low end of this list!) it’s still pretty fun to see lists like these.  Especially when you disagree so adamantly.   On the shelves now!  Hulk on the cover doesn’t hurt either!

Rolling Stone Cover (1971)


This cover is done by Herb Trimpe.  It was such a surprise to find a Hulk cover from 1971 done on none other than Rolling Stone!  That’s a music rag isn’t it?  Yes, but also the coolest Music Mag – cause they featured the greatest comic book character of all time!  The Incredible Hulk!

TV Guide (2003)


This is one of those “moving covers”.  These collectible covers are great.  Really, they remind me of fifth grade when scratch -n- sniff stickers were all the rage.  I liked strawberry.  And banana smelled nothing like banana.

Action Figure News and Toy Review (1996)


This magazine shows you everything that’s coming out.  Seeing the Hulk displayed on the cover like that – it mine as well have been Kathy Ireland on the cover of the swimsuit issue.  I was drooling over it.

Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)


Yes, when the Hulk movie was out Entertainment Weekly had him on the cover – and without missing a beat MAD magazine did a spoof (there was an alternative cover that I did not pick up – it was just the Hulk smashing the MAD letters) But the best one in the collecton is the French magazine.  I went to France in 2002 and it was at the same tie that this issue hit the stands – what were the odds of that?  Well, nedless to say, since I don’t speak french I have no idea whate this magazine says or why the Hulk is on the front – but it’s still cool.

The Rampaging Hulk (1977)

Hulk Mag

These oversized magazines have some of the coolest covers.  The collection here is no where near complete.  I have issues 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, 17-23, 25 & 26.  I may get them all but I found all of these in a small comic shop in Marshfield called Chris’ Comics.  These are the covers to # 12, 19, 26 & 8.