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Hulk Toon Tumbler 2 (2008)

Toon Tumbler 2

Toon Tumbler 2

Here we have another Toon Tumbler – the second Hulk one, in fact!  How great is that?  This company knows the characters that sell – because look at this bad boy!  The classic Buscema illustration – this time they picked a better picture than they did the last time.  Not that the last one was terrible – it was just a little strange to choose an image that was hard to make out Hulk’s whole face.  But this one is classic Hulk – in fact I would say one of the most classic images of all time!  I found this one – first – at a comic shop in Worcester, MA.  Since I first found it almost 3 or 4 months ago, I think, I have seen it popping up everywhere.  I hope they continue this line to the point we start seeing Hulk’s enemies!

Back of Tumbler

Back of Tumbler

Hulk Cup (1977)

Hulk Cup

Hulk Cup

Vintage!  Vintage Thursday!  You have to sing that first part… I received this Hulk cup in what I lovingly refer to as the Hulk care package.  A SF member – dynabol – the same man who sold me the Hulk kit packed the box with a generous amount of Hulk memorabilia.  This is one of the pieces I was very happy to get.  A 1977 Hulk plastic cup – each side of this cup has something different.  The front has a classic image of the Hulk.  Buscema has the honor of being one of the artists who are considered the ultimate Hulk artists.  That happens when you stick with the creative team for YEARS. Trimpe did it, Buscema did it, now, Keown and McFarlane wasn’t with the book very long in comparison but when they both did such memorable versions of the Hulk as soon as you see them you know it’s them.  I’m rambling…

Hulk Biography

Hulk Biography

I love the little bio they slip on the side here – it would’ve been better to see Banner’s face transforming into the Hulk’s – but whatever – when is someone going to contact me to create the layouts for Incredible Hulk cups!  The new cups – not the old cups – because the old cups layouts are already designed.  Anyways, does the Hulk feel comfortable with the whole world knowing he’s a thousand pounds?  If I weighed a THOUSAND pounds I wouldn’t want it written on the side of a cup, that’s for sure!

Hulk Logo on the back of cup

Hulk Logo on the back of cup

7-Eleven Slurpee Cups and Straws (2008)

3 straws

So here’s the story… my friend Corry lets me know that 7-Eleven has some exclusive items.  They aren’t as cool as the Iron Man Head cup – but I go to get them anyways.  When I enter the convenience store I see a cardboard cut-out that’s there to promote the new merchandise.  As I am purchasing the cups I figure I will ask about the cut-out since I hadn’t much luck so far acquiring New Hulk promo material.  When I ask the man behind the counter he asks “So, you are looking to buy that?”  I said no, that I was wondering about taking it when they were done with it.  He says to me “In 5 years, those are worth $5,000, $10,000.”  I was almost angry that he said this ridiculous statement.  I said “Carboard cut-outs from 7-11 aren’t worth that.”  He tried to re-assure me it was claiming that other people have inquired about it and that the person willing to pay the most for them will get it.  Disgusted I told him to forget it and walked out of the store. 


Anyone who would try to sell a cardboard cut-out promo for $5,000 is nuts.  Antone attempting to buy one for that much is even crazier.

Anyways, I did get the 3 cups and straws as well as the comic that reprints Incredible Hulk #25 which depicts one of the bloodiest, most gruesome fights between the Hulk and the Abomination.


Hulk Frosted Mug (2003)


I know it’s been a little while since my last post – but I had quite the week!  Let’s start with this little beauty that I found at The Comic Store in Nashua, NH.  It was a pretty decent store with lots of older statues and busts.  The Frosted Mug here was a pretty great find – except that upon further investigation I found a huge dirt particle in the inside of the water IN the mug!  How the heck did that happen?  I have no idea…


The mug is nice – I’m not a huge fan of the image used but them’s the breaks!


3-Piece Meal Time Set (2008)


I had to buy this… it’s the firstthing I saw for the new movie!  Although it doesn’t say anything from the new movie – the images look like the promos we’ve been seeing.  It’s from the company ZAK! which I’ve never heard of or even seen anything from this company before.  The pieces are nice though…

the cup

The little plastic cup makes him look like a Hollister model!

the bowl

The bowl makes him look like John Cusack from “Say Anything…” but instead of holding up a stereo playing his favorite song – he’s holding up his own name.

hulk plate

And the plate is the coolest of them all!  I thought it would be a waste for this to just sit in the box so I gave it to my sister so that my nephew could have a meal or two with the greatest comic character of all time.  My sister promised to give it back someday though… we’ll see how the Hulk holds up to a toddler’s meal time abuse!

Yuletide Marvel Glass (2007)

marvel Christmas Glass 

I tried to find this before Christmas but to no avail.  It features most of the Heavy Hitters in the Marvel line-up and they are wishing you a very Merry Christmas.  So have one.  Please.  I mean this coming one.  The one 10 months from now…

Anyways – I like the illustrations on the glass, although it looks like the Hulk is flying.  Let’s get this straight – the Hulk NEVER flew!   

Marvel Heroes Mug (1994)


This features most of the villians and heroes from the Marvel Universe – there is a mug that features just the Hulk – this exact drawing of the Hulk that I posted already.  I know it may be hard to make the Hulk out here because the entire mug is in blue – but it’s still cool.

Hulk Smash Tank Mug (1989)

Hulk Mug Tank 

I like this mug because it tells a little story with it.  The Hulk is throwing this boulder at the tank.  Maybe the tank attacked first – but we can only assume that.  Maybe the person in the tank told an off-color joke about his mother and Hulk can’t have that – so hence, the boulder.  There has to be at the very least 6 different reasons for Hulk to throw that boulder at the tank.  Just come up with your favorite and go with it…

Hulk Cups (1995/1999)

Hulk Cups u

Yes, these cups compliment the plates I posted.  The other, larger cup is from Islands of Adventure.  I’ve kept it in pretty good condition for having to pack it in luggage and flying it home.

Ceramic Mug (1997)

c mug 2 

This is probably the best looking collectible that came out of the ’97 era. C mug I really like the expression on his face and that the handle is made to look like stones.  This mug has never been used but it has been admired day after day since ’97. 

God, that sounds creepy.

Mugs (1989 – 2003)

Mugs 4

The top right is the Hulk mug that is least impressive – it came out at the same time as the movie.  The top left mug came out in ’94 (same year I graduated high school) and is one of my favorite mugs.  The lower left mug is from 1989 and is the oldest mug I have.  The other obviously came from Universal Studios – where the Hulk ride is!

I have noticed on ebay a glass from 7-11 from 1978 is going for $130.00.  Although I will someday covet this glass in my collection, but do not have it as of yet, I cannot spend $130.00 on a simple Hulk glass.  It is a really nice piece though. 

Plastic Hulk Cup (1997)

plastic cup

Another Applause product from ’97.  I think I actually used this once or twice.  It’s a fun piece – and out of all the mugs/glasses/cups that I have it is one of the better representations of the Hulk. 

Hulk Mug (2005) 7-11 Big Gulp (2003)

Hulk Mugs!

The small mug came in a Superhero mug pack along with Spiderman, Wolverine and Captian America.  The second was part of the promotions done at 7-11 for the Hulk movie.  Should someone consume this much soda?  No.  Is the mug the coolest thing ever?  Yes!  It’s huge and holds 52 oz.  That’s 1 1/2 Liters!  Crazy.

Color Change Mug (2007)

Hot Liquid Mug 

When you pour a hot liquid into the mug a backround appears with scenes from comic stories.  That’s cool and all – but it would be cooler if the Hulk turned grey and Spiderman turned into the black suit.  You heard me Marvel!  Now get to work.

Hulk Tumbler (2007)

Hulk Tumbler

Found this at Newbury Comics in Dartmouth.  What a perfect picture to choose for the tumbler – or as we call them around these parts – a glass.  I see a glass from 1978 on ebay going for about $70.00 right now.  Highly doubtful that anything made nowadays will retain that kind of value – but it was still nice to find.  I think Orange Juice would look awesome in this glass.