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Avengers Stuff! (2012)

Avengers Cup

The more Avengers merchandise that hits the shelves the more aparent it’s becoming that the Hulk is playing second fiddle to Iron Man, Cap and Thor.  I understand that the Hulk’s movies have not played out as well as the other heroes – but he got the short end of the stick in his forst outing!  The director made a sub-par movie adn the second movie suffered because of it!  Now we get a supporting role in the Avengers movie!  Ahh… I guess I shouldn’t complain.  At least they still have him IN it – right?

Anyways, my point is – most of the merch on the shelves are showcasing the Hulk-less Avnegers.  But these little gems I did find.

Avengers Stickers!

Hulk Mug (2011)


Hulk Mug

One of the perks about Disney buying Marvel – Disney stores now carry Marvel merchandise!  And yes, a lot of the figures they carry are seen everywhere else – but they also have a few exclusive pieces.  The Disney store near me only had this – but it’s a start – I know there are a few other little Hulk items that other Hulk fans have gotten.  I will have to make a trip back soon.


The only thing is – the Disney Store is nowhere near me!  But that’s alright – I travel all over for work – I just have a new pit-stop to add in during my jaunts.  This Mug looks like an animated version – almost like the Avengers cartoon Hulk.  It’s pretty great but nothing beats the Applause mug from ’97 (remember this one?)

Marvel Heroes Glass Set #2 (2011)

The Hulk Glass

Marvel seems to be releasing more and more of these sets – and I do like the ones I have seen – but I can also see myself getting to the point where I don’t feel like collecting anymore glasses.  This set is a bit different though – instead of just the image on a glass this set is colored glasses with the heroes faces on the side!

The Set

Does the image look familar?  It totally should – not only from the hat I posted earlier but also the can hugger I just posted.  So, of course you have Marvel’s heavy hitters – Cap, Wolvie, Spidey and the Hulk – blue, yellow, red and green.  Like I stated – this set is a bit different than any I have seen before – and the set is pretty cool – but they need to be handwashed… as usual – and if these images fade… well, you will be left with a strange looking colored glass. 

I just might have to seek another one of these out!

Large Hulk Mug (2010)

Hulk Mug

I was excited to get this mug for Christmas.  It’s image – which is a great Hulk image – is on a whole lot of newer Hulk stuff… I already posted a tumbler with the same Hulk on it.  I am looking into getting a beautiful display cabinet for the Hulk room and if it does work out then maybe I’ll be able to set up all these glasses and mugs together.  By the way – I also found a rockin’ new Marvel glass set – I will post that next – because now it is out of the bag….

Familiar Image...

Hulk Glasses (2010)

Hulk Glasses!

The box art

Let me just put it out there now – I will probably not be posting for the rest of the week – I am heading out tomorrow and will be gone until Saturday.  I will not even be reading any new Hulky goodness until I come back – so don’t expect the new review until at least Sunday.  Sorry ahead of time.

Glass 1

But these glasses are freakin’ sweet!  I have to say – the image on the glass below… I am getting a bit bored with it – but the other glass is classic Trimpe!  And I want to guzzle green milk out of it!  I am not even sure which issue it is out of – but I bet one of you other Hulk maniac’s will tell me – making me feel silly.

Glass 2 - my favorite!

I’ve seen these glasses going for $12 on ebay – with $16 shipping.  I wanted these glasses BADLY – but was not about to pay that amount for them.  The $12 price is fine – but the $16 shipping?  YIKES!  Then more and more of these starting popping up on ebay – with better prices – but even better?  My mother found these in a store in FL for a very decent price OF… $6!  Biggeddy BAM!

Back of Glass

7-11 Incredible Hulk Glass (1978)

1978 7-11 Hulk Glass

There are 2 Hulk glasses you can get from 7-11 – this is the rarer – and the better looking. The 1977 glass – although older – is more plentiful and can usually be found for around $10 on ebay.  There are a few of these glasses on ebay that people try to sell for about a hundred – but that’s not what I paid.  I like rare collectibles – don’t get me wrong – but some of these collectibles are not worth what people are asking (Stretch Hulk comes to mind).  This glass is a lot thinner – or maybe I am just used to the Toon Tumblers heft now – so it’s also a lot more fragile.

Back of Glass

I wonder how much Hulk stuff we would have had the 70’s show not been a hit – or worse – not produced at all!  I can only thanks the Marvel gods that they did produce such a show – and with that came a ton of Hulk merchandise!  The Hulk, at one time, rivaled the popularity of Spiderman – maybe even more so – because having a network, prime time show means that Housewives who have never picked up a comic before suddenly know the character.

This Hulk Image Rocks!

Marvel Glassware Set (2010)

Marvel Glassware Set

I found this set at Newbury Comics a while back.  The set includes 4 glasses and one is the Hulk!  These are very similar to the Toon Tumblers – but the issue with those are that, with each wash, they fade and fade until the image is gone.  And they aren’t cheap!  The newer glasses are a bit better – but still not perfect.  Well, these aren’t Toon Tumblers – they come from Marvel – and they also say to hand wash only.  But this set, selling for $20, even though they are a better deal – you still have to buy ALL 4 to get the one you want.  So, while I usually bought an extra of the Toon Tumblers to use – I only bought one of these sets.

Hulk Glass!

The interesting thing is, the paint application is very different.  They make the images look very old and scratched up, kind of “antiquing” them.  While the Toon Tumblers pint application is very smooth and crystal clear – the Marvel glasses definitely take a different route.  Not worse – just different.  I kind of like it – but prefer the Toon Tumblers crisper style. 

Closer shot of the scratched up image!

The set includes a FF, Cap, Spidey and Hulk glass.  The packaging is pretty sweet itself – littered with a bunch of classic images from A list characters.  The Hulk image… oh boy… it sure does look familiar but I really am not sure from where.  It sort of looks like a Trimpe, more Buscema… but I am not sure – maybe someone else out there knows better?  Anyone?

Marvel Set