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Hulk Transforming Statue!

CCI08282019 (2)

Saw this recently and thought I’d share.  While it hold very little interest to me – it’s only 10 inches and it lights up for no reason – far be it for me to keep this information to myself!  The truth is, this concept is not new and has been executed with more success from other companies.  Maybe it’s the big green bubbles surrounding the Hulk or what looks like obvious seams on the wrists and neck.  Either way I am going to pass…

Last Call – Jumping From Keown’s Mind


This is what is so great about social media – super star artists like Dale Keown give us a sneak peek into their creative process.  Like these mock ups of Last Call tacked up in his office!

Jen Starting to get the Love She Deserves!


Thanks to the announcement about Disney+ plans for streaming a She Hulk show suddenly all eyes are on the emerald goddess!  Yes, Jen will be starring in her own show and this, of course, have sent the speculators into a tizzy trying to get her first appearance!  If you never picked up The Savage She Hulk #1 before – don’t try to now as the book will be inflated to ungodly prices! Then again, if you do decide to pick it up now it’s at least a fantastic story!

Click the image to be brought to the article about the new show!

Impressive Customs!


I love taking a look at what some talented individuals do with spare parts from different action figures to make the ultimate figure!  Above, Maestro with a bevy of fallen hero goodies!  Below, a more gritty and sadistic looking War Hulk!


A Thursday Treat! Hulk: The End Video!


Click the image above to be brought to the video.

You Can Never Have Enough Good News!


Click the above image for an IGN article praising the current direction of the Hulk.  I know what you’re thinking – ANOTHER ONE? The answer is yes.  Another one.  Because it’s that good!

Happy Birthday, King!


I still get bummed at the knowledge I was never able to meet him.