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Another Great Article Praising the Immortal Hulk – Click the Link!


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Take a quick look at he comments below the article as well – you hear from the colorist on the book!

Click the cover for the article!


New (Meh) Hulk Figure!

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Don’t get too excited – as you can see it’s from Endgame and it’s S.H.Figuarts latest attempt.  For me it’s an easy pass – but congrats to anyone who is excited about it!

Click the link for more info!

It’s Hard to Be #1!

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Click the cover above to be brought to a Bleeding Cool article praising the current direction of the Hulk!

Check This Out


This little book that I found is great for anyone with little ones.  I didn’t end up purchasing it but I did get some shots of the better pages on the inside:



So Helpful


I still don’t think I say Trimpe right…

So Much Yes!!!!


The retro wave is finally releasing a Hulk figure!  The good news?  It looks amazing!  The bad news?  It’s an SDCC exclusive – which means secondary scalper prices for me… but it will be mine!


And they Forget Endgame!


This is a fun, quick video that every Hulk fan can enjoy!