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Impressive Customs!


I love taking a look at what some talented individuals do with spare parts from different action figures to make the ultimate figure!  Above, Maestro with a bevy of fallen hero goodies!  Below, a more gritty and sadistic looking War Hulk!


A Thursday Treat! Hulk: The End Video!


Click the image above to be brought to the video.

You Can Never Have Enough Good News!


Click the above image for an IGN article praising the current direction of the Hulk.  I know what you’re thinking – ANOTHER ONE? The answer is yes.  Another one.  Because it’s that good!

Happy Birthday, King!


I still get bummed at the knowledge I was never able to meet him.

That Terrible Hulk Series gets a Immortalized in Plastic…


Love it or not the She Hulk series titles Hulk, where the She Hulk goes grey, for no apparent reason, is getting a new action figure due out in the coming months.  While the series was a bit of a waste of time this figure looks pretty bad ass.



Hulk Rules!


An interesting article that addresses the Hulk rules.  Fun read – click the image!

Crappy Hulk gets a Purpose


I still think the Hulk is pretty terrible – sculpt wise – but with news that the wave 3 Avengers IRON Man comes with an Infinity Gauntlet for he Hulk to sport, well, it makes this figure a heck of a whole lot more desirable.