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If Only…


How amazing would that Loki punching bag be though?  I would be in 100%

Good Luck…


Try naming them all in the comments below!



It sounds a little too much like the “Bulk” wants to get a little personal and affectionate with “Yawn”.  That’s the Spawn knock-off if anyone is interested.

Old School Ads 30


This is one for the ages!  TRU has been gone now for over a year but I still think about it almost every day.  I love the idea of this ad featuring a super strong Geoffrey but I kind of wish he was saying “Geoffrey SMASH!”

Gotta Still Love the Original!


Ferigno really knew how to emote anger!

Where is Everyone Going?


Is Justice Beaver in town or something?  I love the little kid in the front of the pack too – is he leading the way?  Is everyone following him?

With all that Gridlock…


I would probably choose to go by foot too…