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Heroes Reborn Promo Poster (1997)

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There are recent event comics that were put together better than Heroes Reborn – but that’s not saying much.  The Heroes Reborn catalogue was handled by 90’s superstars Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld.  This was about the time when people realized just how untalented and what a hack Rob Liefeld truly is.  While this poster is actually quite cool looking upon closer inspection you have a to ask what the hell is wrong with Thor’s arm?  His shoulder is bigger than his whole freakin’ head!  What’s with the pose?  Thor is going to double fist Mjolnir’s handle and stand there holding it just above his head?  Humans don’t do that!

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If you’ve ever read the stories you know that Iron Man and FF read better than Cap and Avengers but the entire experiment goes down as an embarrassment to not only Marvel but the artists who were involved.  I think we should all be thankful that they used this Cap rather than the appalling Big Boob Cap that has become infamous across the internet!

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Donatello SHFiguarts (2016)

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I do love me some awesome Donatello!  SHFiguarts has been sort of hit and miss with me but I do love this particular figure.  With the alternate head and alternate hands you can really place this figure in a multitude of dynamic poses!  I began loving the turtles with the 80’s cartoon so the fact that these figures are based off of that cartoon makes me particularly happy.  The window box means I can display this figure in package – how I prefer – and it still looks awesome.

Jim Lee Joker Pop!

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I love the Joker – the Batman villain is easily the most memorable bad guy that Batman has in his entire rogues gallery.  Jim Lee is one of the best artists that came out of the 90s comic boom.  Funko has combined the two to give us this unique Pop.  The figure is one of the special edition “Deluxe” Pops with the Joker set on a special base and giving us a more dynamic pose then the regular Pops offer.  In this instance we get the Joker on a bunch of trash giving us some finger guns.

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This being a GameStop exclusive, you can get this pretty easily at any of those stores.  While Exclusive Pops are fun to collect usually they aren’t hard to get be it a GameStop or Target or Walmart Pop.  The other benefit you have when it’s an exclusive is that if one store doesn’t have it then there is usually another in driving distance to check.  The best stores will even call another location and check for you.  GameStop is usually the best at that.

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Little Metroids (2018)

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Metroid was one of the best Nintendo games ever created.  The subsequent games are still pretty darn entertaining but the original, for me, can’t be undone!  It’s just too perfect.  Well, when they released Metroid figures I was able to find the large one at Toys R Us – I posted it back a while ago – and I thought I was happy with them.  Well, they also released a pack including a Samus figure and two smaller Metroids.  Some keen seller on eBay decided to take the Meroids and just sell those.  I could not help myself at that point – I instantly bought them!

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Now I have a little Metroid family with the large one at the center and the four babies surrounding it.  The large one has a soft bubble around the brain and moveable horns (tusks?  Teeth?  What are those sharp things called?) while the little ones all have a hard plastic bubble and immoveable horns but they look just awesome.

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Marvel Legends Doc Ock (2018)

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There are a few Marvel Legends that aren’t Hulk related that I just had to break protocol and buy.  When they create a classic figure so well that it encapsulates the very character it portrays then it’s hard to ignore.  Doc Ock was easily one of those figures.  The bulky and pudgy villain is perfectly sculpted here.  The bendy Octopus arms  and square glasses make this one of the most accurate Doc Ock figures put to plastic!  I wasn’t even aware, until  took the picture, that his beady little eyes were under the glasses!  Overall, this is one of the best Marvel Legend purchases I made last year.

Jabba Funko Pop! (2018)

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Jumping into collecting Star Wars memorabilia is really a rabbit hole that only the truly dedicated should jump down!  Where do you draw the line?  How do you draw the line?  What figures or comics or art or statues do you collect?  I know a few Star Wars collectors and they have a collection that is just jaw dropping.  That being said, I collected the early 90’s Power of the Force figures but it quickly got out of control and I decided to drop it.  This little guy is in the collection simply because another friend of mine had purchased him but then went all in with getting the 3-pack that included Jabba, Slave Leia and Salacious Crumb.  Since he didn’t need two Jabbas he gave this one to me.

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Mr. Freeze Q-Fig (2017)

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Besides the Hulk, I have not picked up much from Quantum Mechanics.  I do like the stylized representations of the characters they are producing.  Mr. Freeze was actually gifted to me by my employer when this particular figure’s box came back damaged.  I’ve been inclined to try and grab any Mr. Freeze figures that I can – it has something to do with the clear dome adorning his head.  I especially appreciate this one though as the sculptor, Mohammad Hawk Haqueit, took special consideration to make it a center piece.

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Displayed with the helmet it looks like Victor Von Freeze forgot he has it on as he tries to ingest his icy treat.  You can give the villain a bit of relief by taking the dome off but let’s be honest, it takes away the brilliance of the sculpt!

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While I do enjoy the Q-Figs sculpts a lot of times I feel as thought he price point is on the expensive side.  This little guy is going to cost you 15 bones and he’s no bigger than a Pop figure.  The only real difference is that the sculpts are more unique and tells a story.  For that alone I can truly suggest that picking these up are worth it!

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