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Celebrating Another Turkey Day!


Eat plenty and enjoy the day.  Enjoy friends or family or both – even if you’re alone take solace in the fact that you’re emulating what the Hulk has always wanted!  No matter the company you keep eat a whole lot!



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Just a Reminder…

wow - ton of pics 064

Look at these two.

With all the blogging I do about my love for the big, green, fictional character it pales in comparison to the real joys of my life.  These two that make my whole life worth waking up.  My daughter and son can be so funny together as well as so infuriating.  I can’t imagine waking up one day, when they’ve grown and moved out, and not hearing their sweet little voices wishing me a good morning.  My son, Antone William Banner, is such happy boy.  My daughter, Alexandra Olivia Lee, is one of the most caring, sweetest and thoughtful little girls there is.  I adore them.  The best part will be sharing Hulk stories and reading old issues out of the back issue bins I keep in the Hulk room with boy.  My daughter and I read old Captain America issues – that’s her favorite (so she’s already a lost cause) – so hopefully it’s not too late for Antone!

Happy Birthday Sal!


One of the greatest artists to grace the comic industry and one of the top Hulk artists ever!  The great man is now 80 years young!

Spawn’s Malebolgia (1995)


In the honor of non-Hulk Thursdays I’m featuring something I picked up not too long ago at my LCS for a whopping $5.  I remember when these were released and they were all the rage.  Finding one of these HUGE figures on the pegs was extremely rare.  Back then, with the verging action figure market no one knew what to expect – and McFarlane’s toy line killed it at every turn – including series 3 which featured this huge behemoth of a figure.  While the design of the character always lent itself to pages of the comic when creating a 3-D version it became abundantly clear it is awkward as hell!  I can’t fault it any though – seeing as it reaches 15″ and weighs at least triple what any other of the Spawn figure does.


I remember being over my friend Corry’s house.  His room was a shrine of rare collectibles and comics, I always loved visiting there.  He went into his closet looking for something and pulled out one of these figures.  He says “Have you ever seen one of these?” My mouth dropped and I said might have yelled “No!” a little too loud.  Before I could even finish marveling at the gem he just showed me he pulled out another and said “…and here’s the maroon repaint”.  Keep in mind, this was at the time when the figures were running $50-75 on the secondary market.  Nowadays, the prices are all over the map.  Anyone can find this piece for between $6-$50 so really, it’s up to you how much you want to pay!


These days, Corry owns one of the greatest comic shops in the world – Zapp Comics in Wayne NJ – so if you ever have the inclination make a point to go in and say hello.  And… you know, buy comics.  For me.  Buy comics for me and send them to me.  Hmmmmm… I’ll have to ask him if he still has the Malebolgia figure he showed me all those years ago…

Funko Jaws (2015)


I don’t buy many funko figures – you know the ones I am talking about – the retro, 3″ bland figures that cost $10?  I am not a fan of them and I think they are pretty boring.  There are hundreds of figures of every license you can think of – Karate Kid, Big Trouble in Little China, Pulp Fiction, Gremlins and more!  I never gave any of the series a thought until I saw the Jaws line.  I loved the Brody, Hopper and Quint figures – and the big guy himself, Jaws complete with an exploding (not actually exploding) compressed air tank!


That was still not enough for me to buy the figures though – as cool as they were – until I saw the 2015 Funko exclusive – bloody Jaws with eaten Quint figure!  There was no way I was going to pass by this beauty of a figure!  Rarely will companies have a brilliant execution of a classic series such as this.

If you weren’t able to get this piece when it hit the stores, unfortunately, you will have to pay a premium on the secondary.  But this is so worth every penny!

Lego Famous Cars


Granted, this blog is and will always be about my love for everything Hulk – but I do have other interests – other collections that I thought you guys out there might get a kick out of as well.  So every Thursday I will feature something non-Hulk related.

This week, I proudly display my Lego famous cars – starting with the Mystery Machine!  Made famous by the classic cartoon Scooby-Doo the Mystery Machine provided shelter on the road for the quintet between cases.  It’s aqua and lime green outer shell instantly recognizable by every child lucky enough to catch an episode.  The only issue I had with this set is that it lacks Velma and Daphne – the only two providing estrogen to the group.  Not sure why they were left out but the only way to get the ladies is to purchase the Haunted Mansion and spend an easy $100 in the process.

This is where having friends with children comes in handy.  I told my friend about my purchase (and dismay) of the Scooby gang not being included in with the Mystery Machine.  She said that her son has all the Scooby sets and refuses to play with Velma and Daphne because they are girls.  I didn’t want to get into the fact that she might have a future mysoginist on her hands because she basically offered the two missing missing teammates to me.  This was fantastic as they usually run about $15 each on eBay.


Next is Ecto-1, the trusty reverted ambulance/hearse purchased by Ray in the movie as their means of travel between calls.  This set, thankfully, comes with all of the Ghostbusters.  I have seen the firehouse being offered with a Loius Tully, Dana and even Slimer as figures but I think I’m pretty happy with this set on its own.

My last car is the DeLorean from the Back to the Future franchise.  This was the latest acquisition – one that almost didn’t happen!  The first car I bought was Ecto-1 and when I saw the Mystery Machine I thought how perfect a little display would be.  Of course, I was too late to purchase the DeLorean retail but was exasperated to see the secondary prices this piece was bringing in.  Even worse, at the BCC this past year I saw a dealer with it and asked about it.  He smiled and said “make me an offer”.  That sort of practice never makes me feel easy but I threw out a decent number. $50 I told him.  Truthfully, that was more than I wanted to pay but like I said, I was throwing out what I thought was a generous offer.  The man laughed and said “I’m not going to even entertain anything lower than $60.”


Listen, that’s his prerogative, but his style really lacked the finess to make a guy like me feel comfortable enough to purchase something from him. Luckily, I was with my friend who has a friend.  You can see where this is going, right?  His friend works for Lego.  His friend also has one of the largest collection of limited Lego sets!  There are times when he buys extras of sets.  When I walked away from the dealer my friend asked me what I was looking to buy.  I let him know and he immediately went to work texting his friend. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He asked me – and I let him know I had no idea he had connections.  Sure enough his friend had one.  He offered it to me for… wait for it… $20.  The box was not mint and he felt like helping a friend out so, really, win-win all around!

Anyways, the pics might not be the best – they were taken with my iPad – but I still hope you enjoyed this post.  Even if it wasn’t gamma-irradiated!