These are the figures I’ve posted so far, just click on one to see the blog.

Marvel Superheroes Hulk ’91

Talking Hulk Toy Pack h91 Rage Cage 1

Hulk Movie Figures 2008

megaclaphulk movie abomn Hulk Movie Figure 1 Powerpunchhulk powerglowhulk hbsold sheild smash gammaglowhulk       Aerial Pic of package   "Aim where it counts!"   walexcl  marleghulk  plhulksiversavage shsqmhulkandabomb shsimvh Superherohulkbuster         SHS1EXC hulk-items-011

Avengers Hulk Toys:

 christmas '13 039 - Copy   christmas '13 019 mystic 2 036 mystic 2 039 a lot of great pics 050 walmart hulk 002 jim visit 006

12″ and Vinyl Figures:

Vinyl Hulk Figure 1991 vinyl Super Poseable Hulk  

2004 Hulk Classics Line:

War Hulk Savage Hulk 2 Hulk Smart 2 Hulk Fixit 2 Mecha Hulk Gamma Punch Hulk  abom 2 12 inch 2004

1996 Hulk Lines:

Fixit 1996 Smash and Crash Maestro Abomination2 Ugly Hulk Two Head Action Playset 3 Steel Body Trap The Absorbing ManOutcasts She Hulk Leader 22 Smart Hulk 1 Raging Hulk Rage Cage 2 Rampaging Hulk Toy Hulk wow 032

Superhero Squad:

Superhero Squad maya alex frankie 017 hulkstuff 010    

Marvel Select:

Ultimate Hulk Zombie Hulk  hulku-004  christmas '13 045 christmas '13 026 91 023

Mego Hulks:

Mego Hulk 12″ Mego Hulk 1974 Mego 8 inch OC  pocket mego diecastmetalface  

Marvel Legends:

Legends 2 Marvel Legends Series 1 Face Off Abomination Planet Hulk  Icons 1 Grey Icons Hulk vs. Thing Legends Showdown hulk-stuff-037 hulk-stuff-again-006 hulku-008    red Zapp 003 James Matthew visit 107

Marvel Legends Hulk Line (2008)


 Marvel Universe Figures:

kids-expo-09-002 alexandra-013 hulk 014 mystic 2 037 now or never 005 Day out with Thomas 183 Day out with Thomas 184  065 004 dec 2011 119 002 hulk and Lex's house 009 hulk 628 005 hulks nov 010 hulks nov 019

Marvel Universe Boxed Sets:

now or never 008 walmart hulk 006 h2 073 Mike NH 089

Marvel Universe 2-Packs:

maine 209 Day out with Thomas 181 mystic 2 045

Mighty Muggs and Mini-Muggs:



FF Hulk ffgrey 

Marvel Lead Figures

Lead Hulk grey lead fig Close up of Leader Abom Lead Fig alexandra 029 Hulk wow 001  hulks2 002

Miscellaneous Hulk Figures:

  jiggle hulk Silver Age Hulk  Famous Cover 2 Avengers 2 Action Pal face of hulk plush  spider-hulk Shape Shifters loose figures 2 Loose Figures mETAL fIGURE Bendy Hulk Wobble Bobble Mega Morphs She Hulk 2 Movie Hulks Play Twon Jack Hammer   mini Hulk 2 rubber figure Hulk Promo fig mbh app366 wrescuehulk Hulk Winders  hulk-stuff-022  hulk figure 

    marvel-figures-and-stickers-003 olivia-and-more-054 HOH 010 Hulk Stuff September 017         christmas '13 030 - Copy christmas '13 028 - Copy maine 217 bcc 102 Lex Preschool 022

39 thoughts on “Figures

  1. I have a 1978 hulk marvel comics 12” action figure that was mines when I was a kid. I haven’t ever seen another. Do you know what its worth or where could I find another one.

    Please let me know.


  2. 12 inch Hulk from ’78? Sounds Like a Mego Hulk – which is in the list of figures I have above. If it’s not that one could you include a picture? I’d be able to tell you better if I could see the figure – thanks.
    Send it to:

  3. Hello
    Im from Sweden and have a Hulk figure that i don’t know much about im guessing it’s from around 78 because it has a mark on the back that says 1978 MARVEL COMICS GROUP.
    I have looked around on other Hulk action figures but never seen anyone like this one, should i send pics on it so you can help me to tell if it’s worth something?


  4. hi, from your picture on the very top of the website, i can see 6 figures of hulk, can you please tell me what hulk figure is it the one in the middle, the one who “smiles” but looks so mean.. thanks

  5. Well, Flo, the smiling figure in the middle is actually on the STATUES page. It is the Hulk Maquette. It runs about $200 (you might find some for cheaper) on ebay. Hope that helps!

  6. You mean my Avatar? The pic on the side? I downloaded when I joined WordPress. I’m not sure if you can have one without being part of WordPress…

  7. Ratchet – Under “Miscellaneous” Hulk figures, 2nd row from the top, 3rd photo in – which Hulk figure is that from? It looks like it has a “cloth-type” body…when I click it it doesn’t have any pop-up comments…just curious ’cause it looks cool and I can’t figure it out….thanks in advance

  8. My 4 year old son, who has Aspergers, is absolutely into the Hulk. He has both of the recent movies and I have been watching some of the old series with him. As a child it was my favorite show but my son seems to be completely taken with Hulk in any fashion that he can find him. I find myself thinking that your site is a good inspiration to him, in hopes that he will find a good outlet for his interests as you obviously have done.
    As you have apparently put a lot of heart and work into your collection, we both send cudos to you. From me because it can not be easy to find all this stuff and from my son because he likes to look at the differences betweent he Hulk he knows and the Hulk that I knew as a child.

  9. best hulk ever, among those who know, is marvel legends face-off hulk (the one with leader), right? I mean, Im right, right?

  10. hey dde i got about 20 of these figures of corse i collect marvel legends and others have a room scattered with 2000 figures of marvel.

  11. Hi Ratchet, your site is Hulk Heaven! Been following for years now. I’m a fellow Hulk collector too. I don’t know how you feel about Hulk custom action figures but I thought I’d share one that I recently had made. Custom 10 inch Hulk figures using Pitt have been done many times before but I think this one’s the best.

    The recipe for the custom was my idea and I came up with all parts used, but the incredibly talented “Raybot” did all the painting and sculpting. It’s on custom forum. Here’s the link:

  12. Dude……awesome website you’ve got here. Loads of awesome reviews in addition to useful facts!!! Do you already have any material focused on movies dvd new releases redbox?

  13. hi,
    I have 3 loose Hulk figures: 12in hulk 1978, 6in hulk 1974 and raging hulk 1978. all are in good condition. 12 in and 6in are missing pants. can you tell me what they are worth?


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