Below are the statues I have posted so far – click on one to see the blog.

Bowen Hulk Busts:

  Hulk Bowen  Fixit Bust  grbhmb  gbhmb   

Bowen Busts of Hulk Rouges Gallery

Leader Bust #2  abombust1  samson  hulk-ss-022  Hulk Stuff September 023  Hulk Stuff September 025 - Copy       variant 009 

Other Busts:

Ross Bust  dyforhulk  closeuphulkbustgrahamcracker    Keith Bust  dfh40  hulk-ss-017  wwh bust var  wwhbds2    bustyicons    hulk 13 011 - Copy    bcc 083  hulk 18 004  mystic 2 052

Hulk Villian Busts

abom1df  Leader Bust

Sideshow Hulk Busts and Statues

hulk-ss-005  LSB4  sshulk  Grrraaauugh!  Mother's Day '09 010

Mini- Satues:

Bowen Mini  minbowgrehu  Adult Pewter Series  Keown Statue  hulk-items-022

Full Size Bowen Satues:

Hulk 2002  Bowen 2006          CUOBBEHVT  variant 005  a lot of great pics 062

Full Sized Bowen Statues of Hulk Rouges Gallery

wolverine1    olivia-and-more-009    

Full Size Hulk Statues:

Applause  hulku-007  hh1  hhhulkgrey  hulk maquette  bbmrh1  closeupaahulkstat  Hulk wow 040 - Copy - Copy   img_0368-3





Wall Plaques:
Wall Bust 

39 thoughts on “Statues

  1. Hello, my name is Jamison, I admire your hulk collection. I am a long time fan of the hulk but Ive never collected. Would you be so kind as to give me some tips on how to start? I googled one called the “attakus” statue, but I cant seem to find it anywhere.
    kind regards, jamison

  2. Attakus – some people claim it’s the best Hulk statue out there – personally, I don’t like it. I think it’s rather plain and it has no base to it. Look on ebay or try looking here:
    In fact, go here:
    to see it. Scroll through some of the posts – but there are some pictures of it.
    As far as starting to collect, figure out what your favorite thing is, is it the comics? Is it the figures? Do you really like the statues? Start there. Collecting just begins. Maybe it’s not even a conscious choice – it just starts. Once you pick up a piece, the collection has begun.

  3. Hello I really think your collection is soo cool.And how do u find all that stuff?
    I’m hoping too start a collection of my own… well i kinda already did with the figures.

  4. Did you put this question on every page?

    Anyways, ebay is your best bet – really – and if your patient, sometimes you can get a great deal!

  5. You’re collection is awesome!!!But it won’t be complete unless you get the life size statue that marvel is auctioning off from the movie.

  6. Let me tell u I have been on your site for a couple of months and this is the first time i am writing u. I left a message back on the review of Hulk #7. Your collection is amazing. I have a collection myself of hulk things as well. I am trying to get the marvel select red hulk and the build a red hulk

  7. I appreciate hearing from the visitors to my site – so thanks for finally saying hello!

    My advice about the BAF red Hulk is to wait. Check ebay in a few months. Usually the BAF go way down in price. You might be able to get it for $20.

  8. Dang, you have an awesome collection!!! It looks like you have every statue that was made, how long did it take you to build your collection (everything together) and where in the world did you get the money??!!!!
    I’ve ‘built’ a small collection compared to yours and your collection actually gives me a good idea what ‘Hulk’ stuff is out there. I bought most of my stuff off of Ebay.
    Nice job!!!!

  9. This is a 15+ year collection. The money? Well, patience just proves that eventually you can find things for decent prices. Good to hear from Hulk fans, as always! And, yes, ebay was brilliant for building my collection!

  10. I’ve been silently visiting your HULK blog for about a year now, Thought i should say Hi from Western Australia. Keep up the great work, thoroughly enjoy your statue pics. I’m only collecting the classic green Hulk statues myself but there are plenty of those for me on Ebay.
    Take care.

  11. Hey man my name is Danny and I really dig this place. I usually admire from a distance but I’m wondering if you are familiar with an ARH(?) Planet Hulk. I have the variant koto movie bust and planning on getting red and green Ed kotos, but wouldn’t mind some planet hulk stuff. Also do you know if there are any warbound statues? Thanks for killing some of my boredom!

  12. hi, i have hulk vs wolverine inedit df, i interesed in trade for a maestro bowen hulk statue, send mail if you interesed in the diorama, thanks and sorry my bad english

  13. hello
    i love looking at all your various reviews of statues,they are fantastic, i am a collector myself, and was wondering if there will be a review of the bowen planet hulk statue

  14. Hi mate, wicked site and good to see the hard work you have put in collecting Hulk stuff from around the world. My question is do you have any info on the Hulk Dale Keown kit i heard there was only 20 in the world made is that true and what kind of price would they command.
    thanks again


  15. hi ! i have a full size 96″x 46″x 30″ INCREDIBLE HULK up for sale
    i dont have the room for it please contact me if you like thank you

  16. Hi, after reading the above messages I realized My manners.
    I’m Tim, been a Hulk Fan since the early 60’s (yea, I know, I’m 51 yrs old) & I still have at least 1 copy of every Hulk comic & guest appearences (that I’m aware of) most of the busts & statues, some I haven’t seen here or anywhere else. I’m going to send some pics with what info I know of them, I hope You can use them.
    Till later, Have a Great Day!

  17. Hey ratchet I was wondering if you have the fullsized Dale Keown based statue. It’s not the keown statue based on the 2 page spread on Hulk: The End. The statue is Hulk standing straight up, I believe it’s his left hand slightly raised and his head tilted downward. You can see sketches of it anywhere on the internet. If you do can you tell me how you got it. I can’t find it anywhere on ebay or amazon

    1. I know exactly of the kit you are talking about – and I’m sorry to tell you that not only do I not have it – I do not want it. I think it’s a terrible representation of the Hulk. They do come up on ebay every once in a while – but be prepared to pay big bucks. I have no idea why they go for so much – but they do. I hope that helps…

  18. Wait. It’s a kit? Dang I thought is a solid statue! I’m probaly gonna have to say forget it now, especially since you said it looks terrible. Aw well I’ll get the Ed Mcguinness statue instead.

  19. I like Ang Lee’s Hulk. I thought that was a great movie. I enjoyed the, Sins of the Father, storyline. The characters, Bruce Banner and the Hulk’s persona were portrayed well by the actors.

    I like The Incredible Hulk, too. The story was strong and the actors did what they needed to do with the characters to move the story along. Tim Roth is a great actor, yet the Abomination isn’t the greatest adversary.

    Spoiler: The inclusion of Tony Stark and Stark Industries in the movie are cool and possibly an exciting thing to look forward to in upcoming films!

    I am not impressed with the three disc special edition. I was expecting an alternate version included with extended scenes and added footage.

    The alternate opening is nothing to write home about.

    Spoiler: There is a blurry silhouette that is supposedly Captain America frozen in ice. It’s there, yet it doesn’t clearly resemble Captain America.

    The second disc of extras are okay, yet why more deleted scenes?

    Why a third disc solely for a digital copy? They could have released an alternate cut of the film on the third disc. Especially, with all those deleted scenes.

    There are some two disc and three disc special edition releases that merit purchasing. The Incredible Hulk isn’t one of them. The single disc edition would suffice.

  20. Hi mate wonder if you can help me i am after a rare hulk statue for my son.I know that it has been on ebay a few years ago as a model kit which i did’nt purchase at the time because i was hoping for a heavy resin one which did appear a few month’s later and i bought it from italy but arrived smashed.I have since been trying to find one but no hope.Problem i don’t know who made it, so all i can do is descibe it and with your knowledge maybe you can help me.It’s about 15 inch’s high his head is kinda bent up looking skyward’s although his eye’s are looking forward.He is very ugly with thick bushy eyebrow’s ,his left arm is in front of him and his knee’s are bent.Very oversized with left arm out in front of him bent at the elbow.I think the hand in front is spread open but not totally sure.If you can help with the maker or a picture would be very grateful better still if you know where i can get one would be fantastic.Cheer’s david

  21. Dear Ratchet, I have in my possession a 10 foot movie statue from the 2008 blockbuster The Incredible Hulk. and I am looking to sell it would you have any idea of what its value is and if there is a market for such a large statue?

    thank you

    1. Alex – not sure of the value – I know many of them have sold for about $1,200 – but there are also a whole bunch that never sold…

      One of the visitors to this very site – and a friend of mine – Fiddy once had TWO of them! I know he sold one – to buy an engagement ring for his now wife. I’m not sure of the details though… maybe he will pop in and help me out with more details.

  22. Im going by ratchets value on it and that I really dont have the space for it anymore. Im looking for about $1000 but you would have to take care of shipping and handling

    1. Hey guys – I don’t mind you mentioning something is for sale here – but trade emails addresses and take care of the particulars that way – thanks.

  23. Hi ratchet nice very nice collection , I just don’t know how you do it like do you have like a million in the bank lol or your salary is over the top big lol
    Well on another note I just got the savage hulk from bowen the not alternative version also I got the she hulk in a 500 limited edition dressed up in fantastic 4 costume. in my opinion and it is mine to own the screaming version is well first a not nice green reserved for olives and if the hulk is gonna scream he should be in action! Please do not take offence like I said my opinion. As said awesome collection

  24. Ηello from Greece.I am a big fan of Hulk for as long as I can remember myself.Your collection is astonishing..I have every comic of Hulk from TtA until today.(except the first 6 you are so lucky to have them)Unfortunately in my country most of the figures or statues didn’t come and later I missed them or they are to expensive to buy…Anyway thank you for sharing all these treasures with us.

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