Let’s Kick Some Ice: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 19

hulk confused 4

The Hulk usually isn’t aware of why his foes attack him – all he does know is that he will not be beaten.  That’s always been the charm of the classic, savage Hulk – his child-like innocence even when he’s at his most destructive and angry.

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Hulk Pop! Ceramic Mug (2016)

IMG_0559 (2)

Funko has managed to take over the world of actions figures.  I can’t imagine any other company that rose as quickly and dominated the market as fast as Funko.  They’ve done so mainly with simply sculpted small figures in covered boxes.  The biggest selling pieces they offer are, of course, the POP figures.  They do branch out here are there with some other products including these mugs based on the heads of the POP figures.  Pretty cool and fun.

When You Realize You’re Wrong but You Keep Fighting Anyways…


Marvel has released a few more teaser photos of the upcoming Wolverhulk.  Check them out!  I hope this is good and not just some Jeph Loebian crap they have thrown against the wall like the Red Hulk.  Fingers crossed!


Funko Mystery Minis – Video Game Figures (2016)

IMG_0529 (2)

Yes, these figures were technically in mystery packages but they weren’t much of a mystery.  If you bought the packages marked with Pac- Man you were going to get one of four figures.  Pac-Man, Ms. Pacman, Pinky or Blinky.  I refuse to call them anything other than that – there’s only one “Speedy” and he wears a hat and has a tail.

IMG_0528 (2)

These figures came out at the perfect time – after the classic NES was released and re-ignited my love for classic video games!  I left the Dig Dug and Centipede figures on the shelf but made sure to grab all of the Pac-Man related figures as well as Q-Bert.  I still never beat Q-Bert – it was, in my opinion, one of the harder but more enjoyable games.  I never see it anymore either.  It’s too bad.  Every time Q-Bert died he swore – just as I imagine I would.

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Chris Stevens Old Man Logan Variant


So, I mentioned about the current Old Man Logan storyline in the last update about what I’m reading comic-wise.  Well, one of the reasons I even bothered picking up the latest issue was because I caught a peek at the Chris Stevens variant (above).  This was not an easy issue to find either – three comic shops later I was able to snag one!  If you had an easier time in finding this issue – good on you – for me it was a bit nerve racking driving from place to place and being told they did not have the variant anymore.  Lucky for me I did eventually find one.

Even luckier, I am FB with Chris Stevens and he posted what the original art looks like.  How amazing is this guy, huh?


Three Ways to Read

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Whenever I see a DC and Marvel Treasury Edition of Batman Vs Hulk I have to pick it up!  Not only is it pretty scarce but it looks bigger than life and is packs a visual wallop!  Trying to find an affordable copy on eBay is always a crap shoot.  Luckily, I walked into a shop that was going out of business (lucky for me – not the shop owner, obviously) and snagged a copy of this book for $15.  It seems as though this larger formatted comic is one of the harder to obtain as copies on eBay are listed as high as $300 (realistically, they sell between $30-$50) Of course, this is not the only way to enjoy this read as you can also find this story collected in the easier to carry but harder to locate paperback book:


This little gem was found at a community yard sale for a very nice $3.  First printing and everything!  I believe there are at least two printings of this edition.  Just curious of who of you out there also own this and have a second – or later – prints?  Leave a comment below if you know how many printings this book has.

Now, if you’re worried about looking like a nerd carrying a standard old paperback around then never fear!  The most affordable and easiest to find format is the special collector’s edition of this classic comic.  Found for around $10 you can read this once in a lifetime match up just to watch the Joker trying to manipulate the Hulk and Batman boxing the Hulk’s ears – and it actually hurting him?  What?  Anyways, go out and find yourself a copy of this great story and read away – even if it is biased against the Hulk!


I Think We’re Alone Now: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 18

hulk confused 3

The Hulk is usually full of questions – but none seem more important, more crucial, to the essence of the Hulk then Why?  Why is the army always attacking the Hulk?  Why won’t they leave him alone?  It’s like peanut butter and chocolate.  The two were made for each other.