Hot Wheels Rocket Raccoon (2018)

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I was able to get the Rocket Raccoon Hot Wheels. The tiny auto has a hairy look to it and oversized wheels with a similar color scheme to our favorite space rodent.  With very little Hulk merchandise from the Avengers: Infinity War movie the focus was aimed elsewhere.  It turned out to be Rocket’s luck that his offerings end up in my collection!

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My Thoughts Exactly…


Even though this was from last year it’s still a great article that expressing just what I have been saying for way too long.  Stop buying the number in the corner!  Buy a story – a character you love!  The numbers are pretty arbitrary at this point and it’s so sad.  Sad that #1’s still top the charts when they are released.  Click the image for the article!

New Hulk Diving Stick (2018)

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There are times when we all see unique Hulk-themed pieces that you just HAVE to pick up.  This Hulk diving stick is one of those items.  Back in 2014 I posted about a different diving stick I found – one with a better pose – so you can imagine my surprise when I saw another underwater Hulk toy!

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The first one is far superior but this one seems to have a similar appearance to the Schleich Hulk released a while back.  Of course, this figure sports the Avengers: Age of Ultron pants which, at this point, seems dated.

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Goes Down Smooth: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 28


One of the first things you should know – if you’re drinking alone you might have a problem.  If you threaten bodily harm to anyone who takes your alcohol away you DEFINITELY have a problem. I’m not saying Hulk isn’t due – but hey, crack a cold one with a buddy!  Not that Hulk has many people in his life he’d call that.

Happy Birthday John Byrne!


Everyone has their opinion on comic creators – and few are more controversial than Byrne himself – but I wish the man a very happy birthday!  Thanks for all you’ve done to contribute to the Marvel lore!

Avengers: Infinity War Rocket and Groot Figures (2018)

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The non-Marvel Legends figures released for the movie were clearly not ever made with the same details or articulation.  Even the paint apps are not nearly as impressive.  The only thing going for these figures are the more affordable price tag.  Of course this set and the Hulk were on the more expensive side of this line.

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The crudely painted teenage Groot has random splotches of green paint to illustrate “foliage” and while the Rocket is a near sculpt to the ML figure it’s still not painted as well as its counterpart.  With an influx of Rocket merchandise it’s hard to make sure I am gathering it all – but the main focus is on action figures.

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Have a Hulky 4th of July!


Heed the words of our green giant himself and “get down America!”