Every shirt I have posted is here – see larger image and the blog by clicking on one.

bike shirt Shirt 10 hulks hirt 9 Hulk Shjiet 8 Cover Shirt Transforming Hulk Shirt Shirt 4 TF 1 Hulk Tshirt3 Battle Hulk WWH Shirt Smash Shirt Vintage Hulk Shirt Vin Hulk Shirt 2 shirt 15 Deodato Hulk Shirt 16 hulkshirt18 Kirby Hulk shirt hulk-stuff-again-014 Hulk SS 008

14 thoughts on “Shirts

  1. Hallo,

    I’m interested in the T-Shirt “HERE COMES THE INCREDIBLE HULK, …and on the backside THERE GOES THE INCREDIBLE HULK”
    … Is it possible, to send it to Austria (Europe) per post to me?
    If yes, please let me know your payment conditions.
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    Kind regards,
    Herbert Zima

  2. HULK hats?! – a fashionable must have, check them out, made by new era. I opted for blk/blk incredible hulk because the red hat would say “rulk” and i wasn’t about to go there. If you look on they have some different ones – hope you like.

  3. You seem to be the person to go to with Hulk questions, who are all three in this shirt

    We are in debate in the office and we need help!

      1. Oh – that’s Wolverine at the top – Thing in the middle – and Hulk on the bottom. Cool shirt – hope that helps.

  4. I know I’m posting late here but there’s something I wanted to ask. Does anyone know if a shirt has been made with the Michael Turner variant on The Incredible Hulk issue 100? I have it as a poster but I REALLY want it as a shirt. That pic is possibly my favorite Hulk pic EVER! Favorite Hulk picture but not favorite Hulk artist. Although Turner is one of my favorite artist. Hope he’s resting in peace………wonderful artist.

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