Fantastic Four #25 (1964)

The Thing and Hulk have fought many, many times – and I picked this up over a year ago, just never showed it off – and there are certain issues that every Hulk fan SHOULD have in his or her (I won’t forget you ladies!) collection.  The early Thing/Hulk fights are certainly some of them!  Just toContinue reading “Fantastic Four #25 (1964)”

Tales to Astonish #59 (1964)

On my trip to New York I entered Midtown Comics and was loving the selection that they had.  Although a bit pricey I was psyched to walk in and find this comic right here… TTA #59!  The beginning of the 2nd Hulk saga!  I have been searching for one – trying not to buy oneContinue reading “Tales to Astonish #59 (1964)”

Tales to Astonish #62 (1964)

This really poor copy of TTA was sitting in my LCS.  This is the origin of the Leader.  Man, what a great series the first TTA was.  Filled with Humanoids – on trains, on islands, a huge humanoid that threatens the army and the Hulk stops them all!  The Leader was supposed to be brilliant but allContinue reading “Tales to Astonish #62 (1964)”