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Fantastic Four #25 (1964)

Fantastic Four #25

The Thing and Hulk have fought many, many times – and I picked this up over a year ago, just never showed it off – and there are certain issues that every Hulk fan SHOULD have in his or her (I won’t forget you ladies!) collection.  The early Thing/Hulk fights are certainly some of them!  Just to be clear here – we’re talking FF #12, FF #25 and #26 and let’s add in FF #112 – for the cover alone!  I will have to post that issue later on – but for now gaze in the glory of FF #25 and the Kirby art!  The most famous part of this issue is that Stan Lee calls Bruce Banner “Bob”.  Later, they change his name to Robert Bruce Banner – all because Stan Lee forgot the name of the alter ego to his greatest creation!

Fantastic Four #26 (1964)

Fantastic Four #26

Fantastic Four #26

I am so psyched to acquire another early Hulk appearance – this time it’s Fantastic Four #26 – I have a very rough copy of #112 and will upgrade that copy someday – but for now I have it and I’m happy.  The only grails I have left are FF #25 – and of course the one that started it all FF #12.  I can’t say I would be excited as I was when I got Incredible Hulk #1 but it would be right up there as far as great moments in my life.  I found this issue at the Joker’s Child in N.J. – the shop itself was gorgeous and I love how they displayed their early issues – but this was the one that caught my eye, of course!  I wish it were the better cover -#25 – but I will get that one eventually!  Man, I love it!

Rick Jones - that boy can climb!

Rick Jones - that boy can climb!

Tales to Astonish #59 (1964)

Tales to Astonish #59 - First Hulk!

Tales to Astonish #59 - First Hulk!

On my trip to New York I entered Midtown Comics and was loving the selection that they had.  Although a bit pricey I was psyched to walk in and find this comic right here… TTA #59!  The beginning of the 2nd Hulk saga!  I have been searching for one – trying not to buy one off ebay.  Great condition and great art by Dick Ayers – this comic ends letting you know that the Hulk will be taking half the TTA every month.  This is a great issue where Giant Man is asking Hulk to join the Avengers – but Hulk says no – the only way Hulk knows how 🙂  I am totally finished with the Hulk comic library now.  I have every regular edition run and now every TTA!  Man, what a good feeling!

Tales to Astonish #60 (1964)


It is widely regarded that the Hulk’s first TTA is the above, #60, but it it also known by many that the Hulk also appeared in TTA #59!  So what is the deal?  Well, the Hulk – after his comic was cancelled – was still a huge part of the comic continuity.  Hulk was actually very popular – but unsure if he could carry his own title he started co-featuring in this little rag above!  But as far as TTA #59 (which I still need to get) Hulk actually fights Giant Man.  Giant Man starred in this book until Namor took over – but it was Hulk that really sold this comic.  And starting with Hulk #102 he had that chance!  And the rest was history!  

Tales to Astonish #62 (1964)


This really poor copy of TTA was sitting in my LCS.  This is the origin of the Leader.  Man, what a great series the first TTA was.  Filled with Humanoids – on trains, on islands, a huge humanoid that threatens the army and the Hulk stops them all!  The Leader was supposed to be brilliant but all of his plans were about using more humanoids to try to defeat the Hulk.  When the humanoids fail – he just makes more and tries the same thing again.  What classic stories.