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Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor (1965)

Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor #112

Since I was talking about this book in the earlier post then I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show you my copy of JIM #112.  I found this issue in Rhode Island on my first trip to the Time Capsule.  A shop that has a constantly revolving silver age wall – they do have a Incredible Hulk #3 for $800 – it’s a beauty to look at!  I wish I could afford it!  But this is a great issue – for anyone who has read it you would know that the Hulk and Thor don’t actually fight in this issue – but instead a group of whipper-snappers ask Thor what it was like to fight the Hulk and he re-counts the fight he had in Avengers #3.  The Hulk actually lifts Thor’s hammer – yup, it’s true!  I mean, sure, Thor’s Hammer had lost it’s enchantment for 5 minutes… but he did lift the thing!