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The Mighty World of Marvel #197 (1972)

The Mighty World of Marvel #197

Speaking of Wolverine… overseas they released what they called the Mighty World of Marvel – and what that was were black and white reprints.  I have not been able to track down #198 – the reprint of Wolvie’s first (really second) appearance.  I did get this one though – #197, Wolverine’s cameo (first real appearance).  The cover is absolutely bad ass!  Wendigo is one of the best Hulk villains ever – and this is true Trimpe style!

Wendigo vs Hulk - one of the best fights ever!

While #198 is basically the same as the cover to #181 – #197 looks nothing like #180.  That’s because #196 does!  That’s right – the trilogy is actually spread out between 4 different issues in this series.  #196-#199.  I have every issue on its way… except #198.  Damn Wolverine.

The Money Shot!

The art inside is all the same – just no color – and there are some pin ups, like the one below.  This is a pretty great series to have – if you want to -but if you HAVE to choose to get the US series and this – absolutely get the US series!

Hulk/Leader pin up!

A Week of the Defenders! Defenders #1 (1972)

What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving week!  I will showcase one of the most dysfunctional group to ever grace the pages of a Marvel Comic!  A team that changed members more than I change my underwear… I mean – forget that last statement.  Here is the Defenders #1 – but keep in mind that this is not the first meeting – and I will showcase their first meetings this week… as well as this week being dedicated to comic reviews of some the most memorable Hulk stories – some of my favorites and some of the classics!

Marvel Poster (1972)

1972 Marvel Poster - Yes, Thank You!

1972 Marvel Poster - Yes, Thank You!

Here is a poster that comic shops would get to try and advertise Marvel comics.  This was acquired at Comically Speaking during my last visit – how could I not pick this up?  I asked around and am pretty sure this was a piece cobbled together from different artists.  For example, I’ve heard names thrown out there like John Buscema and Sinnot.  The Hulk looks like Rich Buckler’s handy work – but the Spidey was argued to be a Romita – but then again could be Busema’s as well…

Close up of the Hulk - is this Buscema's or Buckler's?

Close up of the Hulk - is this Buscema's or Buckler's?

All in all this was an amazing catch – one that will have a special place in the Hulk room because it’s just that freakin’ cool!  Vintage finds like this will always be high on my list of greatest things ever – they just have such a quality that today’s items don’t have.  Classic all the way!