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Giant Size Super-Stars featuring Fantastic Four #1 (1974)- The Review

My Nice and Reader copy of GSSS#1

This is the all time favorite Hulk vs. Thing match up.  Throughout the years, this is still one of the hottest comics featuring this match up – and if you can get your hands on a sweet copy, do it!  I was lucky enough to find a nice copy AND a sweet reader copy – and this is what I chose to read waiting to get into Boston Comic Con this year.

Hulk and Thing - no couple in history needed more counseling than these 2!

This issue starts with Bruce Banner looking for Reed Richards – who is supposed to have a cure for him!  But when he arrives at the Baxter Building it is only the Thing who is home.  Hearing that Reed has perfected a cure for the two man-monsters Thing has Banner hook the machine up and try it out on them.  Banner, ready and willing to get his cure, and almost as smart as Reed, figures out the machine and straps Ben in.  But the Hulk decides to take a part in the experiment and begins to destroy the machine in a fit of rage.  This makes the machine go haywire and the most remarkable thing happens…

Thundra joins the party!

The machine explodes and when the smoke clears we see the Hulk – but the Hulk doesn’t sound like himself – in fact, he sounds a lot like Thing – and for good reason!  The Hulk and Thing’s minds have been switched!  This may have been the only time that Thing could have taken Hulk, but such is not the case!  Thing/Hulk comes charging out and attacks Hulk/Thing and sends him flying!  Down on the street, the public see the explosion and head for the hills – but there is a person in the crowd heading toward the disaster… a beautiful powerhouse named Thundra! 

Thundra’s soft spot for Thing has her going to his aide – only, it’s the Thing/Hulk – and she is greeted with a powerful punch!  Meanwhile, Hulk/Thing and Thing/Hulk really go at it.  One of the best and most brutal fights between the heroes ever!  Sure enough, the FF (minus Sue Storm – who was missing at that point- but replaced by Medusa) finally arrive and see that Grimm is in trouble!  They follow the brawl as it goes into a boxing arena and watch as the Thing/Hulk is really giving Hulk/Thing a run for his money!  Suddenly, Reed knows what to do!  He grabs some tranquilizer and injects Hulk/Thing.  Ben shouts out – saying that Reed has made a huge mistake!

One of the best Hulk/Thing issues EVER!

But as Hulk/Thing is knocked out he transforms into – not Grimm – but Bruce Banner!  And even better, the Thing suddenly has his mind back!  But now Thundra comes out of nowhere to exact revenge on Grimm – who she thinks has hit her, not one, but TWICE!  The Thing wants to reciprocate – but Reed tells him to just let it go.  The story concludes with Thing claiming that it was just not worth getting out of bed some days…

A classic tale drawn by a master, Rich Buckler.  It’s a tale that has a twist, written to perfection, and a whole lot of fun.  I love everything about this issue!  A+

Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)


This is such a beautiful book – how could I not show it?  It also marks the true first appearence of Wolverine.  The very last panel has Wolvie jumping out to battle Wendigo and Hulk.  I now have the Wolverine Trilogy – which marks the other expensive books off my list to get…  Now the 8 issues left are random issues – but also #162 – which is Wendigo’s first appearence.  I will search for that one and post it as soon as I get it!

I also wanted to show you the entire trilogy as I have them.  It’s pretty amazing to see each of the comics as they came out, to look at each of the artists that graced the Hulk as the years went on.  If anyone ever wants to see a comic cover just let me know – I will post it right away!  I also have alot of the comics where Hulk made guest shots.  I’m hoping that when I finish this run I will maybe move onto getting the early FF issues that the Hulk appeared in – and of course Thor, Iron Man, and any other issues I see. 

Here is the entire trilogy…


Incredible Hulk #181 (1974)


One of the most famous Hulk issues – with one of the most famous Marvel characters of all time!  That’s right, if you weren’t aware, Wolverine first appeared here – in Incredible Hulk #181.  Actually, he appeared in the last panel in #180, but in this issue is the first time that you see Wolverine in action.  Plus here’s right there on the cover – in full color – slashing at the Hulk!  A lot of things are introduced here including Wolverine’s healing factor, his adamantium claws and his beserker fighting style.  Although this fight ends abruptly, never showing who would be the clear winner (just kidding, we all know it would be the Hulk) we see, in Wolverine, a great, fun character that we want to see more and more!

The cover art by Herb Trimpe is based on John Romita Sr.’s sketches of what Wolverine would look like.  But if you ask – all three, Len Wein (the writer), Trimpe and Romita get credit for creating what Wolverine looks like.

This wonderful addition to my Hulk library was a house-warming gift by a great friend of mine.  Thank you Corry. 

By the way, before I actually opened this – before Corry gave it to me – I never even held a #181 in my hands.  I vowed that I wouldn’t hold one until I owned one.

Incredible Hulk #182 (1974)


This comic is the third appearance ever of Wolverine.  The first pages conclude the story that started in #180 where Hulk was facing off against Wendigo and the Canadian government sent in Wolverine to get the situation under control.  Unfortunately, for Wolverine, he failed and they took him out of there by helicopter.  In this issue you get to meet Cracka-Jack Johnson (I love that name!) a gentle old man who takes the Hulk in and shows him kindness.  You also get to meet his son – “Hammer” Jackson, who has just escaped from prison and is chained to Johnny Anvil.  The two happen by an alien who they inadvertently save and the alien gives them super-powers that work through the chain that they are connected by. 

This issue is chock full of greatness, not only was it drawn by the great Herb Trimpe, but it has Wolverine (if you’re into that sort of thing), and even a great story, where Cracka-Jack Johnson eventually dies.  And for the first time Hulk is distraught over losing a friend.  Also, as an added bonus – Hulk learns to write!!!!

Hulk Pocket Mego (1974)

pocket mego 

These little guys came out in the ’70’s.  This would’ve been great in the ’80’s though because then you could have G.I. Joe facing off against the Marvel superheroes.  I’m not saying who would win – but it begins with an “H” and ends with a “Take that little army beeotches!  Boo Yah!  Hulk Bad!  Hulk Know it!”

The card behind the figure is the original card – although really messed up – still cool to have.  A-thank you!

Mego Hulk on UNPUNCHED Card (1974)

Mego 8 inch OC

As you will notice with this item – The Hulk figure is still on the original card!  This is not that easy to acquire and, look closer, you will see that the card is unpunched!  I don’t this this really adds in the value of the item, the card condition, but I think that’s pretty sweet.   I know of an even rarer card that these Megos came on (it has just Spiderman and the Hulk on the card front) this is the American Mego card version.  A jewel of the collection. 

Huge Comics (1974)

Huge Comics

These comics are just what I said… huge.  normal comics are smaller than regular sheet of paper and these comics are bigger than a coffee table book.  The one on the right where Hulk is fighting a giant flying woman – yeah, that’s Betty Banner, at the time Betty Talbot, who, a hundred comics or so later, will marry Bruce Banner.  She was turned into the Harpy for this issue – but don’t worry – she got better. (Say that last part with an English accent – it’s funnier that way)  I don’t really understand the gimmick behind these but that’s fine.  I only have these two, bought at Chris’ Comics in Marshfield.  Not sure how many they made of these – If you have any idea, let me know.