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Hulk Key Wallet (1978)

Hulk Key Wallet

I was able to pick this up back in April at the Comic-Con.  I had seen many, many of these pop up on ebay and I never pulled the trigger.  Of course, seeing one on person it’s hard to let it go.  I paid a decent price – way lower than I’d seen on ebay – but even better the guy selling it was a such nice guy.  We had a funny conversation about wives and comic shops… one that I may have to relay to you guys one day.  One day.

A True RARE Grail!

I always suspect shenanigans when someone selling an item tells me how rare and desired it is (*cough, cough Stretch Hulk cough, cough) only to try to sell me the item for a ridiculous, inflated price that I would NEVER even get close to when trying to re-sell it.  Anyways, there was one Hulk item that I clamored over, even when I first started collecting Hulk.  Not that it was rare or anything – but I wanted the Hulk Toy Chest – the 1978, green top, purple base, humongous Hulk Toy Chest.  The one above and below here.

But if you notice, mine came completely clean – void of all stickers.  I like how it looks clean but I am also looking into trying to restore it back to its former glory – stickers and all, including the eye stickers – which seem to be impossible to find.  The other original stickers, well, they make an appearace from time to time in various conditions, but the eye stickers still attached seem to be the hardest and rarest to find.  Back when Hulk Space was still in its glory days I was conversing with another forum member.  I wasn’t totally sold on the idea that the toy box ever even came with stickers.  He came up with a few pics: 

Hulk Ad

Now, if you look at the original box (below) for the Hulk toy box you can read on the side that the labels didn’t come pre-applied.  I have a theory on why so many of these Hulk toy boxes show up without the eyes – maybe people (and I am talking to you lazy parents!) never put them on!  It would explain why I have never seen one in person – and there are so few with even the residue from the glue left on the eyes.

The original Hulk Toy Box... Box

So what do you guys think?  Should I bother restoring mine o should I leave it alone – keep in mind restorations are hardly ever worth the money you put into them, as most collectors want originals, and a lot of time restorations are viewed as “undesirable”.  But I am still on the fence about restoring mine – as I think it would look incredible! Let me know – vote below!

*People still try to insist that the strecth Hulk is hugely desired – but the truth is there are a few sitting on ebay – and have been sitting – even though the sellers have lowered the prices.  Mainly because these item’s value has been bloated by a certain seller – who now is feeling the burn as he is trying to sell off his Stretch Hulks and is unable to.)

Mego Palitoy Hulk (1978)

Palitoy Mego Hulk

Hulk on the side

Kicking off the Ultra-Rare month – this Mego figure!  If you look at te Mego Museum website there are quite a few different backing cards the figures came on.  One of the more rare cards is this one called the Palitoy card.  This is a lot better than the regular Mego card – I mean, just look at it!  How freakin’ fantastic is this!  There is even a better transformation illustration on the back!  While you often see the 1979 carded figure – this is the one to pick up – it may be slightly pricier but it’s worth it! 

Back of the card!

This unpunched carded figure is now is a case, displayed proudly with the other Mego figures I have.  There is a figure just like this one on ebay right now – if you want to go for it – you totally should!  One of my favorite things about vintage items is how great they look.  Of course the figure is still the same – but that’s the great thing about the mint in package or mint on card figures.  They have a totally different look!  A more impressive look.  I am hoping to one day have the super rare Mego card but for now I am happy with what I have.

Megos on Parade! Both of my carded Megos!

7-11 Incredible Hulk Glass (1978)

1978 7-11 Hulk Glass

There are 2 Hulk glasses you can get from 7-11 – this is the rarer – and the better looking. The 1977 glass – although older – is more plentiful and can usually be found for around $10 on ebay.  There are a few of these glasses on ebay that people try to sell for about a hundred – but that’s not what I paid.  I like rare collectibles – don’t get me wrong – but some of these collectibles are not worth what people are asking (Stretch Hulk comes to mind).  This glass is a lot thinner – or maybe I am just used to the Toon Tumblers heft now – so it’s also a lot more fragile.

Back of Glass

I wonder how much Hulk stuff we would have had the 70’s show not been a hit – or worse – not produced at all!  I can only thanks the Marvel gods that they did produce such a show – and with that came a ton of Hulk merchandise!  The Hulk, at one time, rivaled the popularity of Spiderman – maybe even more so – because having a network, prime time show means that Housewives who have never picked up a comic before suddenly know the character.

This Hulk Image Rocks!

The Incredible Hulk #226 Page 20 (1978)

What a beautiful sight! In a Hulk fans hands... PRICELESS!

I have been searching for a Sal Buscema page – I had to have one – just HAD to!  I mean no self respecting Hulk lover would turn down the chance to own a Sal page!  The only real issue at this moment is that original art is at an all time high.  Artists and Reps are both asking premium prices even for sub-par pages.  And you can pretty much forget about splash pages and covers unless you’re looking to spend an easy couple grand.  Even for some no-name artists it’s hard to find published pages for less than $100.

Dude! No one dumps the Hulk!

But Mr. Sal Buscema here – his pages are harder and harder to find for good prices – which is why while I was at the Boston Comic Con I met a local dealer with this page – and he was asking a pretty decent price!  The only issue is – I spent almost my entire budget for the con already… and had only $25 left.  I had to tell him this is all I have as a down payment for the page.  Luckily, he was fine with it – I gave him the $25 and then later went back to pick up one of my new grails now received!

Sally? Yeah - I'd hit that...

I love this page because not only is the Hulk on every panel – but he dressed so spiffy on most of the page!  And we see Hulk mention a College fling of Banner’s named Sally!  I don’t think Sally ever made another appearance – but she was a little hottie!  And she liked nerds!  As you can tell from her affection for Bruce… bonus!  But that last panel… CLASSIC BUSCEMA!  I was so psyched to get this page… I could probably die happy now 🙂

Lastly, please return on Monday for the review of Fall of the Hulks: Alpha – which I just finished now.  I’ll give you a bit of a teaser by saying this… I liked it!

Hulk Cling (1978)

Hulk Cling

Hulk Cling

Alright, this was found at a comic shop – it was on the wall, hanging there for years probably, I pointed it out and asked how much.  The guy behind the register chuckled a bit and said “Oh man, I don’t know.  It’s a stupid little Hulk toy thing.  I don’t even know where it came from.  How about 2 bucks?”  I totally would have paid $3.00 for it!  So I feel like I got a deal!  It’s a bit dirty – and ripping on the chest – but this little guy has been ignored for too long – now he has a nice home with all of the other Hulk stuff in my room.  It was almost like the ending to Harry and the Hendersons.  I’ll tell you – I cried a little.

Side View

Side View

Hulk Safe Target Game (1978)

Hulk Safe Target Game

Hulk Safe Target Game

I know… I know… I haven’t posted in a couple of days – for those of you who haven’t bought a house – you have no idea how crazy things get when you’re trying to move your things in, talking to the realtor everyday, talking to the lawyer everyday, talking to your bank everyday, all while trying to do your daily business AND getting ready for a baby that is coming in less than a month!  So, in short (too late) this month may be a little shaky with postings – BUT please stick with me!  I still have a ton of things to show off – a lot of recent acquisitions – things I will get to posting, I swear!  But I am busier than a whore in Vegas… is that analogy too risque?  Sorry, how about… I’m busier than a whore in Texas – because I’ve heard that Texans LOVE their whores!

But onto this item, it’s called the Safe Target Game that has a little target that you throw dice at.  It’s a nice piece that I picked up at Zapp! Comics in N.J.  Sometimes I like the packages are the thing I enjoy more then the item itself – this is one of those pieces.  The plastic it’s wrapped in makes it impossible to photograph – as you can see – but the box is filled with plenty of classic images of the Jade Giant.

Back of Package - Look at the Hulk throw that Die...

Back of Package - Look at the Hulk throw that Die...