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Hulk Model (1980)

1980 Hulk Model

1980 Hulk Model

This little figure was a piece I found on the ‘bay.  It came unpainted in a package with paints to color it – but I bought this one (not painted my me) and think it’s fine.  Too bad the pants come out a little pink.  I like how the base has HULK spelled out.  And the back… GOODNESS!  DID HULK DROP A DUECE?!  Wait.. I think that’s just a tree stump.  Oh thank God!  This was about to get gross…

Hulk Need Bathroom... Nevermind

Hulk Need Bathroom... Nevermind

It’s not the nicest or even the most interesting piece – but an oddball piece of Hulk history that shouldn’t be left out just because Hulk… had an accident

What If… (1980-Current)

What if… 

These are a few of the What If… comics that Marvel put out that star the Hulk.  The better stories are the “What if Wolverine Killed the Hulk” and What if Hulk Killed Wolverine”.  I find it funny that one of the early What If’s is a What if Rick Jones Became the Hulk, when in actual continuity of the comic – Rick Jones falls into a nutrient bath and becomes a Hulk himself.  Rick is cured in the regular comic by the Grey Hulk and the Leader.  I liked What If stories but they started getting stale.  They would’ve worked better if they only put them out when they had a story to tell… kind of like they do now!

Mugs (1989 – 2003)

Mugs 4

The top right is the Hulk mug that is least impressive – it came out at the same time as the movie.  The top left mug came out in ’94 (same year I graduated high school) and is one of my favorite mugs.  The lower left mug is from 1989 and is the oldest mug I have.  The other obviously came from Universal Studios – where the Hulk ride is!

I have noticed on ebay a glass from 7-11 from 1978 is going for $130.00.  Although I will someday covet this glass in my collection, but do not have it as of yet, I cannot spend $130.00 on a simple Hulk glass.  It is a really nice piece though. 

Thermoses (1978)(1980)


These 2 thermoses are great.  The one with the blue top features a Spiderman and Captain America as well.  The one with the green top is all Hulk, baby!  You can see The Leader’s name and part of his arm on the side.  I got the blue top at a flea market and the other in a comic shop in Malden. 

Hulk Lunch Boxes (1980)(1999)

Lunch boxes

These are the Luck Boxes I have so far.  Most are novelty lunch pails, not really used for lunches.  The only genuine lunchbox in this set is the metal one with Spiderman and the Hulk on it.  The otherside features Captian America, who died this year, so it’s not a real HULK lunch box.  I’ve seen many of these on ebay going for waaaayyy too much, so I will wait and see what comes my way. 

Notice the re-coloring of the Hulk from grey to green on the lunchbox featuring Incredible Hulk #1?  They do that a few times with items that I have.  Boo to that.  It’s like when they go back and colorize old movies.  It just shouldn’t be done.