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Hulk Mini-Comics

Hulk Hostess Mini Comic

3 out of the 4 comics!

A bit ago someone, I believe it was 465, asked me if I had the Hulk Mini-Comic from Hostess – and I didn’t think I did.  I should have known better than that!  I went back and checked out my collection – turns out I have all but ONE of them!  There were four in the series – and I’m missing issue #4. 

Fox and Friends Hulk vs Abomination!

I do have a few others including the Fox Kids Video mini-comic with Hulk vs the Abomination released in 1997.  Also, there is one with Hulk vs the Leader that was released by Bubble Yum in 1981.  Each of these have new – stand alone stories – that are quite enjoyable.  I wish I had the final Hostess comic – not only to have it but to know how the story ends… if someone knows maybe you can shed some light on it…

Bubble Yum Hulk vs Leader mini comic

Hulk Annual (1981)

1981 Hulk Annual

1981 Hulk Annual

This isn’t as vintage as I like my vintage stuff – in fact my idea of vintage is things made before 1980 – but what the hell, I live dangerously!  So this Hulk annual is not the normal kind of annual you would see published by Marvel in the U.S.A.  This was published in the U.K. in 1981 and it has a hardcover like most children’s pictures do.  I love the uniqeness of this book.  The cover is the Hulk vs. what looks like Mogol – but I am not sure.  I do know the inside cover has a freaky Ferigno inspired Hulk illustration.

There is Bruce and... AAAAAUUUGGGHHH!
There is Bruce and… AAAAAUUUGGGHHH!

 This story starts off where Bruce is actually HIT by that truck.  Crazy beginning – but you can see the price tag in the corner there. 2.25 pounds.  I would have made that symbol but I have no idea how to.  That reminds me of a great story my friend Bill told me.  He works in a movie theater – some woman came in with tickets she bought off the internet – but she had a problem with the machine, she couldn’t get her tickets and she went to the customer service to complain.  Well it turns out that she had bought tickets for a movie theater in a town of the same name – except this town was in Europe.  Apparently she didn’t see the pound sign next to the price.  My friend Bill had to point it out.  Try explaining that to your credit card company.

Incredible Hulk Folders (1975/1981)


I have these folders that I bought off ebay.  I really like the one with the cover to #189 (thats the older one coming out in ’75) – it has small excerpts from the comic on the inside.