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The Buck Stops Here: A Year of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments – Week 3

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!

There was a time when we could write off the Hulk’s rage as an innocent child-like tantrum.  It was oddly reassuring to think that the Hulk destroyed a town, not in a malicious manner, but instead, because he didn’t know any better to stop.  All of that was put to the wayside in the first few pages of the short lived Byrne run on The Incredible Hulk.  With the Incredible Hulk #314 we see the Engine of Destruction land in a forest, startling a buck.

CCF11172015_0000 - Copy

With one vicious panel we see the innocence of the Hulk erased.  In one swift move the buck’s neck is broken, its life is lost and the Hulk stands without emotion.  We truly see the Hulk without a conscience, without morals, and as he truly is without humanity: a monster.


Web of Spiderman #7 (1985) – The Review

Web of Spider-man #7

Hey. David again. I am humbled to be able to go through Ratchet’s extensive library of reader copies and trades. I came across a reader copy of TTA #60, sure it was sort of beat up but it was TTA #60! He has almost double of everything! I decided to look through and find issues I never read before. I found Web of Spiderman #7. Ratchet said it’s one of his favorite covers. I like it but I’ve also seen better.

Buscema and David paired together!

The great thing about this issue is that it fits in perfectly with Hulk continuity and follows the events of Hulk #299.  Peter Parker is dreaming.  You know this because he is at work naked and all the other superheroes are there.  Even the Hulk is there.  He comes out swinging and Spiderman (who is constantly now changing costumes) is avoiding every blow.  The Hulk brings down the Daily Bugle but that doesn’t stop him!  As Spiderman keeps running he hears a cry for help.  And then out of nowhere he wakes up.  But he still hears the cries for help!  He sees an inturder taking out his Uncle Ben, Aunt May, The Stacy’s and MJ and Betty.

Taking out everyone!

He tracks the intruder down only to realize that it is in fact himself.  He killed everyone he loves.  He waxes cathartic for a moment but gets interuppted by the Hulk.  He comes smashing back in and as Peter avoids being killed he runs into Nightmare.  Nightmare is still on the run from the Hulk knowing that if he gets a hold of him that it will be the end! 

Spiderman decides to try and protect Nightmare and they keep on tumbling through Spiderman’s version of Nightmare’s realm.  Finally they reach the end.  They can’t go any further or they will stumble into madness.  The Hulk is there ready to land a crushing blow when Spiderman, who refuses to give up, knocks him beyond Nightmare’s realm.  As they somewhat celebrate the win Nightmare then tells Spiderman that he thinks he will keep him there as sort of a protector.  But as Nightmare gloats the Hulk’s hand snatches him from the other side and drags him down.  He pleads with Spiderman to help him, but Spiderman lets him go.  Then, Peter wakes up in his apartment with the Police and the landlady and other tenants all looking at him.  Do they just let other people follow the Police into what could be a crime scene?  Apparently in the Marvel Universe they do!

Nightmare never learns!

This was a thrilling issue and extremely fun to read.  I’ve always liked when Marvel had side issues like this fit into continuity with out having to make a huge deal out of it.  But also, anyone just reading Web of Spiderman could read this as a stand alone issue.  It helps that it is penciled by the man Buscema, the regular Hulk artist at the time.  Sal was coming close to the end of his run which is sort of funny when you look at who wrote the issue.  Peter David himself!  Years before he began his 12 year stint on the Hulk!  Pretty interesting if you ask me.


No Prize Results!

Fandango!  Avoid it like the plague!

Fandango! Avoid it like the plague!

So, yes, this movie is called FANDANGO made way back in 1985 – and that is Kevin Costner (Judd Nelson in the back seat) and the issue of the Hulk is… TIH #128 – Hulk vs. the Avengers!  A team he was once a member of!  Yet, none of those guys were members when the Hulk was on the team…

Anyways, congratulations to Hulk #465 – who I knew would come through and answer the question.  Nice job gammabro!