Hulk Bookmark 2 (1986)

I won this lot off ebay just the other day.  I love bookmarks… especially from yesteryear.  As much as I like the Hulk bookmark I really like the Spiderman one with the double meaning where it says “I’ll save you page!”  I think that is brilliant.  Now all I need is something good to read…Continue reading “Hulk Bookmark 2 (1986)”

Hulk Trades 2 (1986/1998/2003)

  The Wolverine Battles The Incredible Hulk book tells the entire sad story of the first time Wolverine messed with the Hulk.  Sad, not because of Wolverine’s interference, but because the story is actually about Wendigo and his sister’s plan to cure Wendigo of his curse.  The plan gets out of control and the endContinue reading “Hulk Trades 2 (1986/1998/2003)”

Hulk Books (1966)(1978) Hulk Bookmark (1986)

  These books are really old.  The first is from 1966 and has black and white copies of the first few comics.  It was thought that comics might have a better image in book form – small enough to carry around in your pocket.  But does the top text help?  Saying “…the new, groovy SUPERContinue reading “Hulk Books (1966)(1978) Hulk Bookmark (1986)”