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Incredible Hulk #330 & #333 (1987)


McFarlane was a master.  He was an illustrator at a time when superstars were being born in the comic world.  His first Hulk issue – 330 – didn’t even have the real Hulk in it.  The Hulk on the cover is Rick Jones as the Hulk.  In this issue Gen. Ross dies (but don’t worry, he gets better) and Sampson is controlled by a head monster.  Pretty entertaining issue.

333 is far and away my favorite McFarlane cover.  The cover is a bit deceptive, seeing as the story deals with an abusive sheriff and his abused wife.  The ending is classic Grey Hulk and I think shows off just what a great writer Peter David is and was and how sorely he is missed on the Hulk.