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Marvel Comics Presents #26 (1989) – The Review

Marvel Comics Presents #26

Fixit is on the job!

Another Fixit story by Purves and David.  This little tale follows Fixit as he arrives to collect some money from a guy who owns a Sea World type amusement park called Maritime or something… anyways, the guy doesn’t have the money for Fixit so he offers up the park.  The Hulk asks why he’d want the fish factory and the guy shows Hulk the Whale show.  Suddenly the whale begins to get out of control – coincidentally this is part of the show that Fixit likes  – but when the rogue whale starts to head for the crowd the Hulk springs into action and beats the whale up and sends it back into the sea.  There the Hulk encounters some fish people who had been controlling the whale – I think… it’s been a while since I read it – but hey, I remember it as being one of the best little Fixit stories in the MCP series.  Grade: B+

Who knew Fixit was a Sea World fan?

Hulk - taking care of business!

Marvel Comics Presents #38 (1989) – The Review

Marvel Comics Presents #38

Marvel Comics Presents #38

This story, entitled “Art for Art’s Sake”, has Fixit being sent to a musician’s house to strong arm him into playing at Mr. B’s girlfriend’s party.  See, when Brian Newman was an up and comer Mr. B helped him get on his feet and become a best selling artist.  So, Hulk heads out to Brian Newman’s place and when confronted Newman tells Fixit to go ahead and break his hands.  He would rather that then play the terrible songs he was forced to sing to become a best-seller.  He tells Fixit that Mr. B did help him – but on his terms only – forced him to sing pop songs he hated.  Newman tells the Hulk about the latest project – the music that comes from his soul – he even plays it for Fixit.

Do you take requests?  Can you play Superfreak?

Do you take requests? Can you play Superfreak?

After this Fixit call up Mr. B and tells him that Newman won’t be playing the party.  To hire Wayne Newton instead.  The story is fine – I’m not sure if this guy could convince the Hulk to defy Mr. B – but it’s like the old adage “Music soothes the savage beast” – so whatever.  Grade: C

Is this Domino Pizza?

Is this Domino Pizza?

Hulk Watch (1989) Hulk Digital Watch (2008)

Hulk Watch 1989

Hulk Watch 1989

I was given this watch by the guy who sold me his Hulk kit.  It’s pretty sweet – except the band.  No one’s into fake alligator, are they?  I will replace the band with one worthy of a Hulk watch.  I’ve seen a few Hulk watches that interest me – but usually when I have one of something I don’t feel the need to get another.  That doesn’t always apply of course, but I was looking at purchasing the 1976 Hulk watch that I’ve seen a few times pop up on ebay.  But now that I was given this little bad boy – I think I’m all set with getting another Hulk watch… oh, well there is this watch I found…

Digital Hulk Watch

Digital Hulk Watch

But this was a simple kids watch I found at a Kaybee toy store.  But, when I was purchasing the movie Regener8er’s (which I have not got around to posting – sorry – this may be the push I need to start posting some of them next week) I walked up to the cashier and these little bad boys were sitting on the counter… how could I say no?

Hulk Smash Tank Mug (1989)

Hulk Mug Tank 

I like this mug because it tells a little story with it.  The Hulk is throwing this boulder at the tank.  Maybe the tank attacked first – but we can only assume that.  Maybe the person in the tank told an off-color joke about his mother and Hulk can’t have that – so hence, the boulder.  There has to be at the very least 6 different reasons for Hulk to throw that boulder at the tank.  Just come up with your favorite and go with it…

“Ground Zero” Comics (1989)

GZ Comics

This is one of the best Hulk stories ever told.  In-fact, the very first Hulk comic I ever owned was the Comic bottom center – #343 – and some of the best covers came out of this series as well.  #344, The Hulk soaring through the air with Betty hanging on and the moon in the back-round.  #345 is classic.  #341 against the man-beast is one of my favorite comics of all time.  And of course, #340 vs. Wolverine goes for about $40.  I have the trade collecting all of the comics.  If you have the chance, read this right away.  Then you will be a Hulk fan – I guarantee it.  Then you will start your own Hulk Website, then we will be enemies.  I can hardly wait.

Bend’ems Hulk (1989)

Bendy Hulk

I have this as a loose figure – I already posted it – but once, on a trip to Florida, I found this auto body shop that doubled as a toy shop.  Really funny place.  The guy who owned it rented part of it out to a guy who worked there so that the guy could display and sell his collection of toys.  This was the only Hulk piece there – so I had to buy it.  I like having my figures on the original card.  If I could find some of the older toys, cheap, on th original card I’d buy them that way.  I just think they look better in the package.  Plus, for displaying purposes, it looks alot less cluttered if you have then in the original packaging.

Not so sure about those pink pants though…

Loose Figures (1978-2003)

Loose Figures

A whole bunch of nonsense is going on here – these are the Hulk figures that I have loose.  You will recognize some… The Marvel Legends figure series 1 from ’02 that I posted earlier.  Also, that damned Toy Biz figure from ’91 – I told you I had a few of those running around.  Fixit from ’96 and a few others from that era – but the standouts in this collection are the Incredible Bulk (Homer as Hulk) ’02 the Mighty Beanz Hulk in the front from ’03.  The 2 larger Hulks in the back are the oldest.  The one on the far right with his hands up is from ’78.  There is a small nozzle on the back which, as I’m told, is from an early version of the Rage Cages where you would blow the Hulk up until the cage broke from all around him.  Next to him is the other Hulk from ’79 – and apparently he came with either a rock or log that you would plug into his head and he would throw it.  The other Hulks of mention here in the infamous McDonald’s Hulk, the small one in blue pants in the front.  Also, in front of the crumbled rock wall is a bendy Hulk from ’89 and the Hulk fighter (the thing with no legs), you hold it in your hands and press buttons to make him swing around and hit something, from ’01.