Marvel Comics Presents #26 (1989) – The Review

Another Fixit story by Purves and David.  This little tale follows Fixit as he arrives to collect some money from a guy who owns a Sea World type amusement park called Maritime or something… anyways, the guy doesn’t have the money for Fixit so he offers up the park.  The Hulk asks why he’d wantContinue reading “Marvel Comics Presents #26 (1989) – The Review”

Marvel Comics Presents #38 (1989) – The Review

This story, entitled “Art for Art’s Sake”, has Fixit being sent to a musician’s house to strong arm him into playing at Mr. B’s girlfriend’s party.  See, when Brian Newman was an up and comer Mr. B helped him get on his feet and become a best selling artist.  So, Hulk heads out to BrianContinue reading “Marvel Comics Presents #38 (1989) – The Review”

Hulk Watch (1989) Hulk Digital Watch (2008)

I was given this watch by the guy who sold me his Hulk kit.  It’s pretty sweet – except the band.  No one’s into fake alligator, are they?  I will replace the band with one worthy of a Hulk watch.  I’ve seen a few Hulk watches that interest me – but usually when I haveContinue reading “Hulk Watch (1989) Hulk Digital Watch (2008)”

Hulk Smash Tank Mug (1989)

  I like this mug because it tells a little story with it.  The Hulk is throwing this boulder at the tank.  Maybe the tank attacked first – but we can only assume that.  Maybe the person in the tank told an off-color joke about his mother and Hulk can’t have that – so hence,Continue reading “Hulk Smash Tank Mug (1989)”

“Ground Zero” Comics (1989)

This is one of the best Hulk stories ever told.  In-fact, the very first Hulk comic I ever owned was the Comic bottom center – #343 – and some of the best covers came out of this series as well.  #344, The Hulk soaring through the air with Betty hanging on and the moon inContinue reading ““Ground Zero” Comics (1989)”

Loose Figures (1978-2003)

A whole bunch of nonsense is going on here – these are the Hulk figures that I have loose.  You will recognize some… The Marvel Legends figure series 1 from ’02 that I posted earlier.  Also, that damned Toy Biz figure from ’91 – I told you I had a few of those running around.  FixitContinue reading “Loose Figures (1978-2003)”

The Incredible Hulk #354 (1989)

  Peter David was one of the greatest writers for the Hulk – maybe it was because he did it for 12 years.  He came up with the incarntion of Mr. Fixit – and even though the Hulk has seen his share of great artists – Jeff Purves was one of my favorites.  He onlyContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #354 (1989)”