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Dollar Bin Finds!

CCI02082019_0003 (2)

Let’s just take a moment to really enjoy the little things in this hobby.  A lot of amazing stories are easy to afford and even easier to find – if you have the time to scour the $1 bins!  This Marvel UK series – one that I had never even heard of until today – called Shadow Riders has a small appearance by none other than Rick Jones and a cameo by… wait for it – The Incredible Hulk!

CCI02082019_0004 (2)

Also found this fun Overstreet issue with a great Jim Valentino cover:

CCI02082019 (2)

If only I had a time machine.  A DeLorean time machine of course…

CCI02082019_0001 (2)

CCI02082019_0002 (2)

That’s Going to Scar: A Year of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments – Week 10

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!

This time we’re taking a peek back at the sudden and violent return of the green Hulk!  After years of the grey Hulk dominating the pages of the comics we have the abrupt reappearance of the classic emerald figure that fans begged to see once again!


The pencils, handled by the revered Dale Keown, is the icing on the cake or this beautifully brutal piece of art.  The remnants of Banner strewn around with a puddle of blood at the raging monster’s feet is so jarring you can’t quite let your eyes settle enough to really enjoy it.  While people absolutely applauded the jade giant once again gracing the pages of the beloved title the scene will never escape the subconscious of the people reading it off the racks.


Marvel Universe Card Set (1990)

1990 Green Hulk Card

1990 Grey Hulk Card

There are a few great things about this set – and I will say this – one of the best things is that they have both a Green Hulk AND a Grey Hulk card.  1990 was certainly a big year for the Hulk – that saw the return of the Green Hulk after years of Grey Hulk stories, even if it was for one issue – and the end of the year was the beginning of the merged Hulk era! 

1990 Leader Card - or is it Larry Flynt?

One of the worst cards in the series… the Leader!  Look how freakin’ BIG they made his head!  While I see that in these early series they tried to get the whole character’s body in the limited space – the Leader’s greatest quality is that awesome porno ‘stache of his!  Instead they gave him a noggin’ 3 times the size of his actual head and… is it lighting up?  What’s up with that?  Why are there ray of light shooting out of it?

Hulk vs Thing

Fixit vs Spidey

Wolverine vs Grey Hulk

There are also a few “Battle” cards – Hulk vs Thing, Fixit vs Spiderman, Hulk vs Wolverine.  Again – I will say it again, I don’t get what was so great about the Wolverine vs Hulk fight – I mean, I know that’s where the world was introduced to Wolvie – but really – most people don’t even know what happened in the fight.  Mainly because the truth is – Wolvie was beaten and inconsequential.  And the Fixit/Spiderman fight?  Another boring fight!  We’re not talking the Cosmic Spiderman/ Grey Hulk fight – because that one was awesome! 

Avengers #1 M.V.C.

Hulk #181 - M.V.C.

Alright, let’s move on.  There was another small series of cards dubbed the MVCs: Most Valuable Comics.  Some of them actually were the valuable comics – while some were recently released and hyped as “going to be valuable”.  Lastly, the last half dozen cards were “joke” cards featuring Spiderman interviewing other heroes.

Oh Spiderman - you're such a ham!

The chase cards were 5 holograms – off the top of my head here – Magneto, Cosmic Spiderman, Punisher, Wolverine and Spiderman vs Green Goblin.  Nothing Hulk here – so I didn’t post pics – but I do have a complete set – including the Wolverine hologram which was missing when I got the set.

And – before anyone asks – yes, I will review Hulk #613 this week.  First I have to read it!  Expect it on Wednesday!

Back of the Card

The Incredible Hulk #377 (1991)

The Incredible Hulk #377 - 1st Print

So, I have sort of a treat today – I was going to post the new WWH minimate – but I just got this in the mail and I have to talk about it!  I will post the minimates tomorrow – but today, let’s talk about this landmark issue, shall we?  I mean, who hasn’t read this issue?  One of the most popular issues of the Hulk… well, ever!  It sold out and they released a 2nd print – and the 2nd print cover, although the same, the new colors were WAY cooler!  But a funny thing happened… I’ll get to that in a minute –

First I will discuss what happens in this issue.  Samson, with the help of the Ring Master, was out to “cure” Bruce Banner.  So, into the mind of Banner Samson went to talk to Bruce, Green Hulk and the Grey Hulk.  The three battled for control of Banner’s mind – and we follow along as they remember Bruce’s childhood, and his abusive Father – who ultimately killed his Mother – and his alienation of his formative teen years – even his suppressed college years.  In the end, Banner’s Mother was the figure who convinced the three personalities to merge into one body – and thus was born – the”Smart” Hulk!

The Incredible Hulk #377 - 2nd Print

This was in the plans for some time – from the very beginning of PD’s run he said that this was always his intent.  Now, PD didn’t lay the ground work for the abusive Father or even the Grey Hulk’s return – that was all writers before him – but it was PD who put all the history and continuity of the Hulk to great use.  The “Smart” or “Merged” Hulk – I prefer “Merged” – dominated the comic for years to come – some people love that incarnation – while some purists were soured on PD’s writing of the Hulk ever since…

Now back to the copies of this book.  As you can imagine – this book coming out in such a popular time for comic books in general – this is not a rare book – in fact, the second printing is pretty common as well.  You can find both pretty readily.  It’s only when Gary Miller helped me a bit in compiling the COMICS pages that I was told about an extremely rare 3rd printing of the book.  That’s right – a 3rd printing!  I was immediately skeptical, as I had never heard of such a book existing, and even inquired with every comic book shop owner I knew.  NO ONE HAD HEARD OF THIS BOOK!  It’s not even listed in Overstreet, which is odd – but, are you ready for this?  Scroll down, take a gander at this:

The Incredible Hulk #377 - 3rd Print

That’s right!  It’s the elusive 3rd printing of #377!  Anyone who has this issue has a rare piece of Hulk history.  I did find it listed in the Comic Book Data Base – but the information on the site isn’t exactly correct.  See, if you look at the little price box at the top, the original price was $1.00 – but the 3rd printing was released much later – and has a price of $1.75.  In fact, if you look at the copyright information – the original is dated 1991 – but the 3rd printing?  1994.


Three years later?  I would love to know the story behind WHY this was released so much later.  It’s an oddity to be sure – and I am really excited to finally have one on my collection!  Hope you guys are as impressed as I was about this little known comic in the Hulk series!  So, thank you Gary Miller for making me aware of this great issue! – boy it was a hard one to track down!  And good luck to anyone out there who is now on the hunt!

All three copies! Side by side!

Marvel Comics Presents #45 (1990) – The Review

Marvel Comics Presents #45

Marvel Comics Presents #45

So, in the hey day of Mr. Fixit, it seems there were plenty of writers wanting to take a crack at this great persona of the Hulk.  While the stories weren’t very long they were absolutely entertaining – and this one is my favorite.  Why?  It’s entitled “The Main Event” and it matches up the Incredible Hulk vs. The Hulk… the freakin’ wrestler!  While this isn’t the most accurate in history or character sense – how can you not be entertained by it?  I’ll explain…

Back cover - almost looks like Larson - but it's not...

Back cover - almost looks like Larsen - but it's not...

This issue wraps up in a few short pages and literally has the wrestler Hulk shooting his mouth off about how he is the best and strongest out there.  That’s when the real Hulk has had enough and jumps into the ring to silence the buffoon.  As the real Hulk embarrasses the wrestler with every move a fan, watching from home, is remarking on how the wrestler Hulk is really getting pummeled.  Then the Hulk hits the… uhhh… Hulk out of the building, sending him across town and landing in the fan’s living room.  The story ends with the Hulk threatening to teach the other wrestlers using superhero aliases a lesson if they keep using the name to get ahead.  As the referee announces the Hulk as the winner the Hulk remarks that he can call him Mr. Fixit – and they can call me Incredible you-know-what.

Hulk vs Hulk - but Hulk isn't fairing well against the Hulk

Hulk vs Hulk - but Hulk isn't fairing well against the Hulk

The reason why it’s not very accurate is because Fixit didn’t want to be found out as the Hulk – he would never risk getting spotted and losing his cushy little job just to defend the “Hulk” name – which he wasn’t even very fond of.  But who freakin’ cares!  This story is classic just for the match up!  How can you not love this story?  Grade: A

Thor looks a bit prissy to be a wrestler...

Thor looks a bit prissy to be a wrestler...

Incredible Hulk Puzzle (1990)

Hulk Puzzle

Hulk Puzzle

This board puzzle is in amazing condition for something that is almost 20 years old.  I don’t think a kid ever owned this puzzle cause I don’t see any teeth marks.  What?  I can’t be the only kid who ate puzzle pieces!  The Hulk is classically posed with a giant boulder over his head – but that seems like small stuff since the Hulk held up an entire mountain in the Secret Wars.  Holding up a boulder after you’ve held up a mountain is like a heavy weight boxer knocking out a toddler.  It might seem like fun – but ultimately it’s unimpressive.  Now, it can’t be just me – but the fighter jet pilot?  Yeah, he might be in the wrong business… first off, he’s way too close to the Hulk not to be hitting him – and he’s never going to be able to pull up from that descent!  He’s basically going down in flames – and it’s not like he’s even going to die a hero.  They’re going to say “I know he died, but he missed the Hulk by a mile!  What a loser!”

Pull up!  Pull up!  Too late - He's Toast

Pull up! Pull up! Too late - He's Toast

Marvel Cards (1990)

marvel cards 1990

I think these are from 1990, a year earlier than the other cards I just posted.  Cards of note in this series are the one with Hulk and Spider-man – if you can’t see what it says – Spider-man says “Hulk, are you really the strongest one there is?”  and Hulk replies “Yes, and also best looking.”  Cocky Bastard.  Another card of note is the Most Valuable Comic card displaying Hulk #181.  It has remained a hot comic for a while even though Wolverine is such a complete tool.