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Random Hulk Cards!

Impel Promotional Hulk Card

I will be posting my review of TIH #614 tomorrow… working on it now – but I have just a few things left to show you as far as the cards are concerned.  The card above is from 1991 from Impel and it is part of a set of 5 or so other cards.  The card below is from the Silver Surfer series from 1992.  It’s shiny!  A prism card as they call them…

Silver Surfer Hulk Card

Same Card - Different angle - not as shiny this way

Silver Age Hulk

The card above here is from the Silver Age series.  It’s one of the chase cards and it’s pretty hard to find.  The Metal cards below came in a few versions – these are the Gold and Rainbow version….

Marvel Hulk Metal Cards

That’s it for about now – I think I will be able to finish this “Cards” theme by next week.  And even better – I am planning on a really special Ultra-Rare month next month showcasing some of the most unique and extremely rare pieces in the collection!


Marvel Super Hero Cards (1991)

Hulk #53

The only Hulk villain in the set… Absorbing Man

 One thing is for certain – this summer may have been one of the worst to take off of blogging!  I have so many NEW things to show you it’s ridiculous!  But, like I said before, I will be blogging on a new schedule – not really sure what it’s going to be right now – but a few times a week to be sure.  Anyways, let’s get started again!  It’s good to be back!

This is one of the sets I was given by my friend Bill.  There were about a half a dozen cards missing and a few Holograms – but I plugged those holes just recently.  The funny thing is – one of the holograms missing was the Hulk – and base set card#53, also the Hulk, was missing.  Art Adams did a lot of the art for this series – and it’s fantastic to look back at them.  It also looks like Larsen did some of the art on certain cards.

Hulk vs Thing!

Hulk vs Wolverine! This looks like Larsen's work - but I am not sure...

While I now have a complete set of these cards – I also don’t have any doubles of these – so I am sorry – but I can’t help anyone complete their sets as well.  Full sets of these are on the bay for relatively good prices – without the holograms of course.  If you want the holograms you’re gonna have to shell out a little extra.  The holograms in this set are Spidey, Hulk, Punisher, Doom and Mole Man vs the Fantastic Four.  I do have them all – and the Spidey, Doom and Hulk ones are pretty boss.

Hulk vs Leader!

I think it was a fun set to begin blogging again.  The art is especially nice on these compared to some.  Check back Friday as I will be posting another set then – one of the Marvel Masterpieces sets!  I’ve never been a huge card set collector – and after completing the sets I do have – I must say I now know why!  Although – since the invention of ebay it’s pretty easy to finish most set now!  I can’t really remember trying to complete sets before – but the newer sets are even harder to complete now… they have specialized base sets that are a pain in the ass to acquire them all!

The Hulk Chase Card in this set - Hulk Hologram!

Marvel Comics Presents #78 (1991) – The Review

Marvel Comics Presents #78

Marvel Comics Presents #78

Green Hulk on the back cover - Grey Hulk inside!

Green Hulk on the back cover - Grey Hulk inside!

Here’s one of the more… unusual stories.  The Hulk is hanging out in a bar – Selene, the Black Queen, walk in and tries to cozy on up to the Hulk.  Hulk tells her that he’s “Not Interested” (Which is also the title of this sordid little tale).  Selene tries to get the Hulk’s attention, first by flashing her “goods” and telling him that she’s a God – then she sucks face with a guy and sucks the life right out of him and even hits the Hulk with a psychic blast.  Each time the Hulk responds with a “Not interested”.  Finally, though, after she has sufficiently aggravated him and now tries to get him to leave the Hulk tells her there is a reason he’s not interested…

Hulk... drinking his problems away

Hulk... drinking his problems away

Selene - being sutble...

Selene - being subtle...

Back at the Hellfire Club, Magneto calls to Selene who informs him that she has learned a lesson in arrogance tonight.  Magneto calls out her name and she responds with “Not interested.”

Hulk being... not so subtle!

Hulk being... not so subtle!

One of the more interesting stories – but hey – still showed off a little of the Hulks ability to scare off powerful mutants – Grade: B-

Hulk Plastic Figure (1991)

1991 Applause Hulk Figure

1991 Applause Hulk Figure

The bottom of this figure says “Applause” and what looks like “1991”.  Not sure where this figure came from – or if it’s from anything but it’s about 2 inches high and I’ve only seen it just once.  I thought I had all of the tiny Hulks out there but this one escaped me for too long!  I found this at Bedrock Comics in Framingham at the time when I scooped up quite a few Hulk comics.  I really love that shop – each time I go there it seems like I find something new which is really hard to do!  Most shops I visit have nothing new to offer in the Hulk realm – but this one does!  Almost every time I visit!  It’s made of solid plastic and – I’m amazed at what kind of detail they can make in these little guys – the rip in his pants, the rope around the waist, this little guy is just plain awesome!  Maybe it’s because since the movie I haven’t really found any Hulk figures anymore – so I was probably more excited about getting this than I should be.

Back of Figure

Back of Figure

With how popular the MCP review was that I did yesterday – next week will be a full week dedicated to all of the Hulk’s appearances in the series!  See you Monday!

Hulk Head Bank (1991)

1991 Hulk Head Bank

1991 Hulk Head Bank

I should never promise to post something – because when I don’t deliver I look like a liar… I said that I would post my review of Hulk vs. X-Men 1-Shot today – but that will have to wait – I was working today came home to rip up the carpet in the Hulk room.  Everything is in total disarray and it’s a mess.  But I had this little guy to show you for a while – the pics were in my computer already so…

Hulk Head - Spock Eyebrows...

Hulk Head - Spock Eyebrows...

I have seen this bank in a few different collections – and much like when I see a delicious sandwich – I knew I had to have it!  I searched ebay for months for an affordable one but didn’t come across anything for a while.  Quick side note:  Ebay is REALLY slow right now – so go there for deals – alright, back to the bank.  Released in 1991 by Hamilton Gifts this Hulk head has a slot at the top to slip all the coins inside – but look at that face!

Such a serious look on his face...

Such a serious look on his face...

It reminds me of Kirby’s original Hulk – large brow and flat head.  I love this bank!  It has a classic look – and any Hulk fans out there that doesn’t have this needs to get one.  Especially since this year we will pretty much be Hulk deprived this year.  We have a few Hulk items coming out – but nothing like 2008 – in which us Hulk fans got spoiled!  But hey, oh well…

So, yeah – I will post that review this week – but I guess it’s not really a rush since we are not going to see the Hulk comic this month…

She Hulk (1991)


I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to post this or not.  I got it for very cheap when a Kay-Bee toys was going out of business.  Since it has to do with the Hulk I decided that I should because I want to be as thorough as possible.  So here it is.  A She-Hulk toy which is just a repainted Rouge figure.

Marvel Superheroes (1991)


I finally got this figure on the original card – with the cool boulder that Hulk can throw or… roll – this is courtesy of my friend Corry who found it in the pile’o’stuff he has and just gave it to me out of the kindness of his heart.  That or his complete and utter lack of interest in the Hulk forced his hand in giving me this figure.  Either way – I thank you!  Figures sure have come a long way since the 90’s, huh?