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WildCATs Daemonite (1994)

IMG_0516 (2)

Truthfully, early Image did not really have much as far great reading for me.  I loved Spawn and I loved WildC.A.T.S.  I had yet to really indulge in the brilliance of Savage Dragon.  Of course, as most of us know, WildC.A.T.S. didn’t last through the years – but I still think the original team had a ton of potential.  Grifter was great, as well as VooDoo and Zealot.  Ultimately, even Alan Moore couldn’t keep the readers with the title was cancelled.  Reboots didn’t fare much better – but I still remember the original dozen or so issues was a blast.

IMG_0515 (3)

I remember when the figures hit shelves back in 1994 and how excited I was to snag the only figure I thought looked cool enough to buy – the Daemonite.  His four eyes and four arms – including the two stubby T-Rex arms – as well as the rows of sharp teeth that reminded me of Critters – everything was perfect for an evil villain type.  Well, on my trip to NJ in March I came across this figure at Zapp Comic Con for a fantastic $2.  Money well spent!  This figure should be on everyone’s shelves!

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Marvel Masterpieces (1994)

Marvel Masterpieces 1994 Hulk

Signature Series Hulk

Here’s another very popular Marvel Series, although not very Hulk heavy… in fact, there is just one Hulk character – and it’s the Hulk.  The Hildebrandt brothers created the whole series in this set – each of the characters look larger than life and amazing!  The Hulk is pretty well done – although looking at some of their other characters I think it could have been a bit more imposing!  But each of the cards in this series has 2 issued base sets – one is regular and the other is the “signature” series where the brothers signatures are in gold scrolled across the image.  While there is no other characters in the Hulk Universe to speak of – there are some chase cards… yes, I said chase CARDS.

Silver Holofoil Card

This series has Powerblast Cards and Holofoil Cards.  The Powerblast Cards are made up if the 9 X-Men and not of consequense at the moment – although I do have the complete set of them.  But the Holofoil cards are quite interesting.  There are 10 cards – Captain America, Carnage, Daredevil, Hulk, Iron Man, Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Venom, War Machine – and they are silver.  But there are a couple of rarer sets. 

The More Coveted Bronze and Gold Variant Holofoil Cards

Gold Holofoil Hulk

The Gold Holofoil cards came in Jumbo packs of Marvel Masterpieces and are somewhat rarer.  Jumbo packs apparently were filled with 14 cards – the regular packs had 10 I think – and the Gold Holofoil were only in the jumbo packs and only in 1 per 4 packs.

The Very Expensive Bronze Holofoil

Even Rarer are the Bronze Holofoil cards – the bronze holofoil were in packs exclusively sold at WalMart.  Back in 1994 WalMart wasn’t everywhere like they are now – so it was harder to obtain these packs.  Single Bronze Holofoil sell for somewhere in the area of $50-$80.  Sets sell for as high as $460-$500.  I have to thank a reader of this blog who wanted to remain nameless who not only turned me onto the fact that these exist – but was generous enough to actually send me one!  Thank you!

The Three Amigos!

The Incredible Hulk #377 (1991)

The Incredible Hulk #377 - 1st Print

So, I have sort of a treat today – I was going to post the new WWH minimate – but I just got this in the mail and I have to talk about it!  I will post the minimates tomorrow – but today, let’s talk about this landmark issue, shall we?  I mean, who hasn’t read this issue?  One of the most popular issues of the Hulk… well, ever!  It sold out and they released a 2nd print – and the 2nd print cover, although the same, the new colors were WAY cooler!  But a funny thing happened… I’ll get to that in a minute –

First I will discuss what happens in this issue.  Samson, with the help of the Ring Master, was out to “cure” Bruce Banner.  So, into the mind of Banner Samson went to talk to Bruce, Green Hulk and the Grey Hulk.  The three battled for control of Banner’s mind – and we follow along as they remember Bruce’s childhood, and his abusive Father – who ultimately killed his Mother – and his alienation of his formative teen years – even his suppressed college years.  In the end, Banner’s Mother was the figure who convinced the three personalities to merge into one body – and thus was born – the”Smart” Hulk!

The Incredible Hulk #377 - 2nd Print

This was in the plans for some time – from the very beginning of PD’s run he said that this was always his intent.  Now, PD didn’t lay the ground work for the abusive Father or even the Grey Hulk’s return – that was all writers before him – but it was PD who put all the history and continuity of the Hulk to great use.  The “Smart” or “Merged” Hulk – I prefer “Merged” – dominated the comic for years to come – some people love that incarnation – while some purists were soured on PD’s writing of the Hulk ever since…

Now back to the copies of this book.  As you can imagine – this book coming out in such a popular time for comic books in general – this is not a rare book – in fact, the second printing is pretty common as well.  You can find both pretty readily.  It’s only when Gary Miller helped me a bit in compiling the COMICS pages that I was told about an extremely rare 3rd printing of the book.  That’s right – a 3rd printing!  I was immediately skeptical, as I had never heard of such a book existing, and even inquired with every comic book shop owner I knew.  NO ONE HAD HEARD OF THIS BOOK!  It’s not even listed in Overstreet, which is odd – but, are you ready for this?  Scroll down, take a gander at this:

The Incredible Hulk #377 - 3rd Print

That’s right!  It’s the elusive 3rd printing of #377!  Anyone who has this issue has a rare piece of Hulk history.  I did find it listed in the Comic Book Data Base – but the information on the site isn’t exactly correct.  See, if you look at the little price box at the top, the original price was $1.00 – but the 3rd printing was released much later – and has a price of $1.75.  In fact, if you look at the copyright information – the original is dated 1991 – but the 3rd printing?  1994.


Three years later?  I would love to know the story behind WHY this was released so much later.  It’s an oddity to be sure – and I am really excited to finally have one on my collection!  Hope you guys are as impressed as I was about this little known comic in the Hulk series!  So, thank you Gary Miller for making me aware of this great issue! – boy it was a hard one to track down!  And good luck to anyone out there who is now on the hunt!

All three copies! Side by side!

Hulk Mini-Comics

Hulk Hostess Mini Comic

3 out of the 4 comics!

A bit ago someone, I believe it was 465, asked me if I had the Hulk Mini-Comic from Hostess – and I didn’t think I did.  I should have known better than that!  I went back and checked out my collection – turns out I have all but ONE of them!  There were four in the series – and I’m missing issue #4. 

Fox and Friends Hulk vs Abomination!

I do have a few others including the Fox Kids Video mini-comic with Hulk vs the Abomination released in 1997.  Also, there is one with Hulk vs the Leader that was released by Bubble Yum in 1981.  Each of these have new – stand alone stories – that are quite enjoyable.  I wish I had the final Hostess comic – not only to have it but to know how the story ends… if someone knows maybe you can shed some light on it…

Bubble Yum Hulk vs Leader mini comic

Wizard #37 (1994)


I was in Taunton the other day and in a small thrift shop – what did I discover?  Wizard #37 from August 1994.  This was just about the time that Gray Frank was leaving the Hulk and Peter David did an article seeking some respect.  Some deserved respect.  Bobbie Chase said she truly believes that Peter David had the Hulk book planned out for at least the next five years.  Course we wouldn’t find out because he only lasted another.  I like the cover illustration but I never thought Hulk should have a gun.  There’s just no need for it. 

The most interesting part of this old Wizard was taking a look back at the price guide.  This was before CGC Grading even existed.  A mint copy of Hulk #1 then: $6,200.00, and now: $21,500.00.  What a difference 14 years make huh?  How about#181?  Then: $325.00, Now: $1,400.00 (but I’ve heard that they can go for up to $3,000.00)  Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Hulk vs. Thing Bookends (1994)


I have been seeking these out since I saw them.  They don’t come up too often on ebay, but if you are patient then you will see a pair pop up.  Early, early Bown sculptures.  I hate to say it – but the Thing came out amazing!  Cooler than the Hulk.  These are #1017 – with a production run of about 4000.  No one’s sure exactly because the edition size was open to how many was ordered.


The art is based on Gary Frank’s art and these bookends were produced by Creative License.  This is the year I graduated High School.  I should’ve picked them up then.  The best thing about these 2 is that the feet look like they are digging into the base.  Man, I’m so happy I finally got these!




Marvel Heroes Mug (1994)


This features most of the villians and heroes from the Marvel Universe – there is a mug that features just the Hulk – this exact drawing of the Hulk that I posted already.  I know it may be hard to make the Hulk out here because the entire mug is in blue – but it’s still cool.