WildCATs Daemonite (1994)

Truthfully, early Image did not really have much as far great reading for me.  I loved Spawn and I loved WildC.A.T.S.  I had yet to really indulge in the brilliance of Savage Dragon.  Of course, as most of us know, WildC.A.T.S. didn’t last through the years – but I still think the original team hadContinue reading “WildCATs Daemonite (1994)”

Marvel Masterpieces (1994)

Here’s another very popular Marvel Series, although not very Hulk heavy… in fact, there is just one Hulk character – and it’s the Hulk.  The Hildebrandt brothers created the whole series in this set – each of the characters look larger than life and amazing!  The Hulk is pretty well done – although looking atContinue reading “Marvel Masterpieces (1994)”

The Incredible Hulk #377 (1991)

So, I have sort of a treat today – I was going to post the new WWH minimate – but I just got this in the mail and I have to talk about it!  I will post the minimates tomorrow – but today, let’s talk about this landmark issue, shall we?  I mean, who hasn’tContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #377 (1991)”

Hulk vs. Thing Bookends (1994)

  I have been seeking these out since I saw them.  They don’t come up too often on ebay, but if you are patient then you will see a pair pop up.  Early, early Bown sculptures.  I hate to say it – but the Thing came out amazing!  Cooler than the Hulk.  These are #1017 –Continue reading “Hulk vs. Thing Bookends (1994)”

Hulk Cards (1992/1994/1996)

These are a few “other” cards I have  I have a few sets of Hulk cards that I will post, but these are a few that are worth noting.  The Marvel Masterpiece was one of the coolest images of the HUlk to date in 1992.  The terrible Hulk vs. Wolverine card doesn’t even look theyContinue reading “Hulk Cards (1992/1994/1996)”