Hulk Guest Appearances Vol. 13 – The Mighty Thor #489 (1995)

Hulk and Thor have battled many times – dating back to the formation of the Avengers – but Thor has bested the jade beast hardly ever.  Hulk is just too strong!  This does not mean Thor is a slouch in any way – it just means that the Hulk is better!  Of course, when theContinue reading “Hulk Guest Appearances Vol. 13 – The Mighty Thor #489 (1995)”

Spawn’s Malebolgia (1995)

In the honor of non-Hulk Thursdays I’m featuring something I picked up not too long ago at my LCS for a whopping $5.  I remember when these were released and they were all the rage.  Finding one of these HUGE figures on the pegs was extremely rare.  Back then, with the verging action figure marketContinue reading “Spawn’s Malebolgia (1995)”

What If? #78 (1995) – The Review

So, here’s the deal.  The Fantastic Four was captured by a Skrull Queen and then hired a new group of 4 – those heroes being the Hulk, Ghost Rider, Spiderman and Wolverine.  Now, anyone hiring these 4 mis-fits to be a team should already be suspect – but they went along with it anyways.  In this WhatContinue reading “What If? #78 (1995) – The Review”

“Ghosts of the Future” (1996) – The Review

This storyline starts off with a bang… almost literally.  The army comes looking for the Hulk and finds Betty… Oh boy, do they find Betty!  She gets back into the house only with enough time to tell Bruce not to come get her – that they won’t hurt her.  That’s when Talbot walks in –Continue reading ““Ghosts of the Future” (1996) – The Review”

What If #71 (1995) – The Review

I loved the idea of this book – but it wasn’t the story I was expecting.  First off – the bomb that created the thousand Hulks was not the famous “Test” Gamma Bomb that Bruce created – instead it was the bomb that America dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.  The Hulks were both freaks andContinue reading “What If #71 (1995) – The Review”

Marvel’s Greatest Super Heroes Pack (1995)

  Once again, Marvel and Toy Biz repackages the ’91 Hulk figure that they made – this time in a pack with Wolverine, Iron Man (with Hulkbusting Armor), Ghostrider, Thing, and Spiderman, Venom and Siver Surfer.  Not a bad little pack – if these figures were original.  I have at least 4 of these figuresContinue reading “Marvel’s Greatest Super Heroes Pack (1995)”