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Hulk Spinning Pencil Topper (1997)

hulk 038 (2)

This little giveaway is a two-fer.  I will explain: Not only do you get the little classic Hulk pencil topper that totally rocks you also get the mini-comic.  While that may not seem to be all that interesting keep in mind that just trying to purchase the mini-comic will set you back between $13-$25.  You could also do what I did which was just purchase a couple of sealed Hulks that contain the comic itself for $2 each.

hulk 037 (2)

The giveaways from the 1990s were so fantastic.  This particular piece comes from a set of 6 superhero themed figures from KFC.  The Hulk was my favorite but there were others that looked fun.  Wolverine on his humongous, yellow motorcycle and the Invisible Woman looked to be the better prizes.

hulk 036 (2)

hulk 035 (2)

Back in the day you had to hope to get the prize you wanted.  You couldn’t just ask for the specific figure.  At some point that changed and the workers behind the counters started to take pity on collectors and children who just received their seventh copy of the same crappy toy.  They even made the choices to offer buying the giveaways without having to purchase the kid’s meal at all.  Of course, who would do that?  Why wouldn’t you want a burger and fry with your toy?  Who are these people choosing to not munch on some fried chicken while getting a fantastic toy!hulk 034 (2)

She-Force Savage She Hulk (1997)


I found this figure at Zapp Comics in Wayne NJ.  That store, I swear, is filled with so many treasures from yesteryear that being able to visit everyday would easily put me into the poor house.  It might almost be worth it though.  The Marvel Hall of Fame line was decent – famous for re-using body parts (more than other lines) – but the She Hulk was one of my favorites.  Not only was she a Hulk family figure but look at that hair!

One of the best things about the Marvel Hall of Fame line was the “real hair”, the accessories and the rare figures they offered – if you ever see Carnage, unmasked Deadpool or even unmasked Venom for a good price pick them up!  This figure sports a vinyl dress and a humongous gun.  I miss the days when Marvel offered some sort of card, comic or even a background set with their figures.

Happy New Year! Let’s Talk Hulk Appearances!

This year, every first Friday  of the month I will be featuring a comic with a Hulk appearance.  I like to choose the less talked about appearances rather than the classic issues the Hulk lent his celebrity to such as: Avengers #1, Amazing Spider-man #14, FF #12, #25, #26.  You’ll more be hearing about characters you might not even heard of!  Let’s start with a #1:



Right after the Onslaught debacle the world needed some heroes.  With Cap, Iron Man, Thor, the FF and even Bruce Banner all whisked away to pocket universe the heroes left behind had to step up to the plate and protect this world.  Iron Fist, looking to re-assemble the Heroes for Hire, went to Luke Cage – unfortunately the man was not interested (yet) – so he had to settle for White Tiger, Hercules (in his 90’s garb), and the Black Knight.  All of these heroes were informed the Hulk had teamed up with the U-Foes to spread some chaos.


We readers know that the Hulk was “reprogrammed” by the U-Foes to be under their control.  The world looked at the Hulk and was unsure what to think.  They knew one thing – the Hulk tried to take on Onslaught and was defeated – but in the wake of the battle they were left with a Hulk that was both seemingly more dangerous and more unpredictable.  Now, with the Hulk and the U-Foes in a building full of hostages this new team (at the time consisting of Iron Fist and a tag along White Tiger) spotted immediately that the Hulk was being mind-controlled.

CCF12252015_0008 - Copy

After Iron Fist was able to smash (see what I did there?) the hardware on the back of the Hulk’s neck, and let the Hulk regain his faculties, the combines might of the heroes – including a party crashing Herc – defeated the U-Foes!  Or so it would seem.  The issue leaves us with a scene of Vector talking to a shadowy figure, apparently the figure head, who calls himself “The Master of the World.”


This first issue is action packed and both hilarious and enthralling.  We are given small moments that gives any fan-boy a thrill including the briefing given to Iron Fist letting him know about the Hulk’s current where-abouts.  The Hulk facing off against one of his classic team of baddies is always thrilling to see.  My personal favorite moment: when the Hulk was asked to join the team he answered back “Been there, done that.” and in issue two he was just a memory.  Never really part of the team but essential is defeating their first battle.  Classic Jade Giant!

Thunder Clap Yes!
Mind Control Yes!
Funny Nickname Yes!
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No

HUGE Hulk Wall Plaque (1997)

Hulk Wall Plaque

Here is something I’ve had for a while – and due to one of the constant visitors here – the one and only, Gammapup.  Yes, Mike was decent enough to offer me his extra, as this one was slightly damaged while he was getting work done at his house.  You can’t see it very well, but there are some scratches on the knuckles where the paint has completely scraped off.  That is fine though, as I am looking into getting this repainted.  I was thinking about making this a Grey Hulk wall Statue – but I don’t know, the green really pops!  I still have to find a decent painter – preferably one in the MA area.

Imagine this guy really coming out of the wall

There is not very much information on this piece on the web – which is part of the reason why it took me so long to post this.  What I can tell you is that 5000 of these puppies were made – this is #271 – and it was part of Ilusive Concepts.  I think it came out in 1997 – but it might have been later.  I am amazed there isn’t more information on the web about this guy – and truth be told I’ve seen a total of 3 pop up on ebay but they were all local pick up.  Why?  Because this guy is HUGE!

It’s certainly isn’t 1:1 – maybe 1:2 – but it’s still huge!  I love the look on the Hulk’s face but overall the paint job is very 90’s collectibles.  If you’ve ever owned this piece then you know what I am talking about.  Thank you Mike, this is one of the most generous things anyone has ever given me!  Maybe you can even provide some of the missing information – what did this guy retail for?  What year did it come out?  Anyways, coming up next: reviews!

I love the look of this statue - now if only I can find a painter!

Hulk Laser Sculpture (1997)

1997 Hulk Sculpture

Lasermatch made this Keown inspired sculpted piece of metal.  They made it for Marvel’s 35th anniversary in 1997.  I actually didn’t pick this up in 1997 – instead I waited.  And the wait was worth it – I picked this up for $10 on ebay.  Retail for this back then?  It was either $39.99 or $49.99 – either way – glad I picked it up on ebay years later!

I see the Keown influence - do you?

I think this is a unique piece – maybe not all that rare – but certainly something that grabs your attention when you walk into the Hulk room.  Even with all of the Hulk in there – this piece stands out.  I just saw the FF one they did – I am thinking about picking this one up because it’s just so incredible!  Galactus vs the FF – it doesn’t get much better than that!  Well, except for Hulk, of course!

Hulk Mini-Comics

Hulk Hostess Mini Comic

3 out of the 4 comics!

A bit ago someone, I believe it was 465, asked me if I had the Hulk Mini-Comic from Hostess – and I didn’t think I did.  I should have known better than that!  I went back and checked out my collection – turns out I have all but ONE of them!  There were four in the series – and I’m missing issue #4. 

Fox and Friends Hulk vs Abomination!

I do have a few others including the Fox Kids Video mini-comic with Hulk vs the Abomination released in 1997.  Also, there is one with Hulk vs the Leader that was released by Bubble Yum in 1981.  Each of these have new – stand alone stories – that are quite enjoyable.  I wish I had the final Hostess comic – not only to have it but to know how the story ends… if someone knows maybe you can shed some light on it…

Bubble Yum Hulk vs Leader mini comic

Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)

Attakus Hulk Bust

Attakus Hulk Bust

I hesitated about getting this Hulk bust.  I stopped myself plenty of times because the pictures just didn’t look pleasing.  Then a great deal came up on ebay so I went for it – and then when I got it in the mail I was pleasantly surprised.  It looks to me to be based on the art of Gary Frank and it’s heavy – real heavy!  But, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of these to go around – there are 8,888.  This one is # 988. 

A run of 8,888 might be a little... big

A run of 8,888 might be a little... big

The other obstacle, other than trying to find a good price on these – a price that you feel like paying – and my price wasn’t very high… is that these were only released over seas – made in France.  Attakus also has a statue made from the design on the 2003 Movie Hulk – but that runs really high for a statue that I think looks rather unimpressive.

Profile - man, he has some little ears!

Profile - man, he has some little ears!

I will say it again, I actually like the look of this bust – once I got it I was happy to have it – as far as where it rates among the busts I own – it is not the least favorite!  It’s actually better than the WWH busts from earlier this year.  The only thing I have to say that may be an unfair bias is that I am not a huge fan of Gary Frank’s version of the Hulk.  Sure, it looked really good – but too good in my opinion.  Hulk isn’t supposed to look like he’s a GQ cover.

Hey you guuuuuuuuuyyyyys!

Hey you guuuuuuuuuyyyyys!