Hulk Spinning Pencil Topper (1997)

This little giveaway is a two-fer.  I will explain: Not only do you get the little classic Hulk pencil topper that totally rocks you also get the mini-comic.  While that may not seem to be all that interesting keep in mind that just trying to purchase the mini-comic will set you back between $13-$25.  You couldContinue reading “Hulk Spinning Pencil Topper (1997)”

She-Force Savage She Hulk (1997)

I found this figure at Zapp Comics in Wayne NJ.  That store, I swear, is filled with so many treasures from yesteryear that being able to visit everyday would easily put me into the poor house.  It might almost be worth it though.  The Marvel Hall of Fame line was decent – famous for re-usingContinue reading “She-Force Savage She Hulk (1997)”

Happy New Year! Let’s Talk Hulk Appearances!

This year, every first Friday  of the month I will be featuring a comic with a Hulk appearance.  I like to choose the less talked about appearances rather than the classic issues the Hulk lent his celebrity to such as: Avengers #1, Amazing Spider-man #14, FF #12, #25, #26.  You’ll more be hearing about charactersContinue reading “Happy New Year! Let’s Talk Hulk Appearances!”

HUGE Hulk Wall Plaque (1997)

Here is something I’ve had for a while – and due to one of the constant visitors here – the one and only, Gammapup.  Yes, Mike was decent enough to offer me his extra, as this one was slightly damaged while he was getting work done at his house.  You can’t see it very well,Continue reading “HUGE Hulk Wall Plaque (1997)”

Hulk Laser Sculpture (1997)

Lasermatch made this Keown inspired sculpted piece of metal.  They made it for Marvel’s 35th anniversary in 1997.  I actually didn’t pick this up in 1997 – instead I waited.  And the wait was worth it – I picked this up for $10 on ebay.  Retail for this back then?  It was either $39.99 orContinue reading “Hulk Laser Sculpture (1997)”

Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)

I hesitated about getting this Hulk bust.  I stopped myself plenty of times because the pictures just didn’t look pleasing.  Then a great deal came up on ebay so I went for it – and then when I got it in the mail I was pleasantly surprised.  It looks to me to be based onContinue reading “Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)”

Franklin Mint Hulk Folding Knife (1997)

  These are pretty easy to come by on ebay… most go for about $10 – some go as high as $60.  It’s pretty crazy how different the prices are on these.  Some people believe them to be real collectible and have priced them at $100, and other, more realistic people have them priced forContinue reading “Franklin Mint Hulk Folding Knife (1997)”

Wizard / Toyfare Covers (1997 – present)

  Wizard is a magazine about comics and what’s going on in the comic community.  Hulk has graced the cover a few times – and I have them all.  I think I have them all.  Here is a small smapling of those covers.  The Homer Hulk is pretty cheesy, true, but still funny.

Hulk vs. Wolverine Shirt (1997)

The entire Hulk fan population (which, some of my friends say consists of just me) rejoiced when Adam Kubert took over the pencils of the Incredible Hulk comic.  Course, that also meant that he was going to be a bit slower than regular artists – more guests artists inbetween regular story issues – but thisContinue reading “Hulk vs. Wolverine Shirt (1997)”