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The Re-boot Discussion…

I’ve been thinking about this issue – the fact that Marvel stays in the top tier of best selling comics by continuing to re-number books and giving us big events that all the fan boys complain about but buy anyways.  Fanboys say all they want are great stories and enough with this variant garbage – yet that’s what sells.  It makes me wonder… where are all these collections that have the first few issues of every series and variants galore?  If you ever came over to look at my collection you would see a complete run of my favorite character (variants and all) and the many, many guest appearances he’s had.  You would also see Invincible issues #6-current and the complete run of The Maxx and a few other Sam Kieth series.  Up until recently you would have also found a run of the Walking Dead #7-current.  But those have been long sold off. (My free advice of the day: If you have any Walking Dead issues – sell now – it’s like printing money!  Pick them up later when the hype dies down and the prices come back down.)  What you would not see is the beginning of every new re-boot and big event that has come our way.

I do not get why people think re-starting a series will make you want to read this character all of a sudden.  If you didn’t read Thor before, chances are, you’re not going to like reading him just because it says #1 on the cover!  Now, if a new writer or artist is what makes you want to pick up the book – that’s fine, I get THAT, but this is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about the thousands of people who pick up a new series JUST because it says #1 on the cover.  The number does not affect the content of the book – but if you look at the sales – it sure seems like it does!  So, why?  Why do people KEEP on making the same mistakes and keep buying into hype and re-numbering?

I am seriously asking here – I have no idea.  It seems the completest and loyalist of yesteryear is dead.  I miss THOSE guys.  When you were upset with the direction of a book – or an artist even – back in the day you could write a letter.  Enough letters would make our voices heard – but nowadays people are always saying “vote with your wallet”  But for that to work you would have to speak to the thousands of people who don’t already buy the book – who will all of a sudden buy it because of that nice, shiny #1 on the cover.  And you could try to talk to Marvel about it – but all they seem to see is that nice, superficial bump in sales.