The Incredible Hulk #23 Pg#18 (2001)

A lot of very unique artists have lent their talents to the pages of the Hulk.  Kyle Hotz is certainly in that category.  His style is unique and fantastic – this storyline was an interesting one.  I can’t say it was my favorite, but the great thing is that we did get to see Fixit afterContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #23 Pg#18 (2001)”

The Incredible Hulk #25 Page #25 (2001)

One of the reasons I think they chose John Romita Jr. to draw the anticlimactic World War Hulk is because he drew one of the greatest battles in Hulk history.  Let me give you the set-up:  Betty Ross is dead from gamma radiation poisoning.  For a while now Bruce has blamed himself – thinking itContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #25 Page #25 (2001)”

Game Pieces and Heroclix (2001/2007)

These little guys are what I use as my card holders when I play poker.  I know they’ve made a ton of Hulk Heroclix.  But alot of them run for insane amounts of money considering how small they are.  I can either get one of these that’s 2 inches tall – or get an Original MegoContinue reading “Game Pieces and Heroclix (2001/2007)”

Hulk Regener8r’s (2001)

This really cool little toy can change into 8 different trucks.  All of them green, all of them cool.  I’d never noticed these toys before they made a Hulk version – but I really like the idea.  They’re like Tranformers, except, instead of a semi-truck turning into a really cool robot it’s a truck thatContinue reading “Hulk Regener8r’s (2001)”

Loose Figures (1978-2003)

A whole bunch of nonsense is going on here – these are the Hulk figures that I have loose.  You will recognize some… The Marvel Legends figure series 1 from ’02 that I posted earlier.  Also, that damned Toy Biz figure from ’91 – I told you I had a few of those running around.  FixitContinue reading “Loose Figures (1978-2003)”