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Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)

Issue #46 Page #1

I swear I have not abandoned you guys here – and I will start posting regularly at some point – but things are so busy I… well, I have a secret talent that I have not disclosed yet.  I am working on something that I hope you guys will get a kick out of.  I do have a whole bunch of stuff – including some great art.  I will also be updating the pages on this site – which, for those of you still paying attention and reading, takes time away from posting – but makes this site more user-friendly.  I have read the latest Hulk issues and will be posting reviews soon.  What the hell does this have to do with this art?  Nothing – so let’s get to it!

The Hulk!

Yes, this page is from the horrible Bruce Jones run – and yes – one of my least favorite storylines – but it is a pretty unique page as there is a patch page included.  Let’s begin with the fact that Stuart Immonen is the talented artist that had the unfortunate pleasure to draw this storyline.  His style certainly feels like a Film Noir type setting – which would have been perfect if this wasn’t the Hulk we’re talking about!

Patch Page

But the page shows Agent Pratt – who we all know became Super Fatty and then even had the great honor of having the Hulk rip him apart – kidnapping Banner.  The last panel shows an overview of the room where Pratt is pointing the gun at Banner – but that is not what ends up in the book.  For reasons I am unaware of Immonen re-drew the bottom panel to just show Pratt face on – pointing the gun.  It looks pretty amazing but my favorite shots are the Hulk images.  What a classic shot of the Hulk tearing down a brick wall with his rage-full fists!  Did that sound a bit geeky?  It was totally supposed to!

Is he watching Fox News? Ugh...

Paulson Incredible Hulk Poker Chips (2002)

Paulson Hulk Poker Chips

These chips are pretty rare.  They came in a set that contained 20 Hulks, 20 Wolverines and 40 Spideys.  They came and went pretty fast because the company that made them went bankrupt after releasing the first shipment.  There are said to only be about 200 sets released – meaning there are about 4000 chips out there.  That’s pretty cool – because 2 of them reside with me!

Mini Bowen Statue (Grey Version)(2002)


I’ve wanted this version for so long!  Now I finally got it to go with it’s counterpart.  The sculpt really fits nicely with either colored Hulk (maybe now they will release a new Red version as well).  Some statues only look appropriate for one kind of Hulk (see Hard Hero & the new Bowen) – but this is one of the rare statues that fits well in both styles.  This grey version is strictly limited to 4,000 – mine is # 2,975.  Two weeks until the move into my new house – and where I will have a Hulk room to show off.  The anticipation is killing me!


Marvel Character Cars (2002)


The Hulk truck in the little sweet boxed set has the cover to Hulk #393.  I think – I’m trying to do this from memory.  If I’m wrong I will fix it later – and no one will ever know the difference.  It’s like I can alter history or something!  Like the oil companies do with High School text books!  The power is over whelming!  By the way – Red Hulk is due out tomorrow – I will post my review after I read it.  Hope I hear lots of feedback form it.  Until then – look at the pretty truck!


Hulk Magnets (1997/1999/2002/2003)

hulk magnets

I have some of these from friends.  The sun began to fade them so I moved them to the side of the fridge where the sun can’t touch them.  Ha-ha Sun! It’s: Me=1 Sun=0. 

Wizard Posters 2 (2002)

Wizard Posters 2

Yes, the best thing about Bruce Jones Hulk run was the covers.  They were like real works of art that blew you away every month.  The left is a cover from Bruce’s run – and although not his best still a great drawing of the Jade Giant having a little lunch with the good Doctor Sampson.  The right side is the cover to a mini-series called Banner.  A very… different mini series.  I liked the art much more than the story – and I really wasn’t impressed by the art at all. 

Remote Control Car (2002)

Remote Car

Out of the box and played with MANY times.  I love remote controlled cars and I love it even more when it features the green goliath!  This is a tough little toy made by Tyco.