Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)

I swear I have not abandoned you guys here – and I will start posting regularly at some point – but things are so busy I… well, I have a secret talent that I have not disclosed yet.  I am working on something that I hope you guys will get a kick out of.  IContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #46 Page #1 & Patch (2002)”

Paulson Incredible Hulk Poker Chips (2002)

These chips are pretty rare.  They came in a set that contained 20 Hulks, 20 Wolverines and 40 Spideys.  They came and went pretty fast because the company that made them went bankrupt after releasing the first shipment.  There are said to only be about 200 sets released – meaning there are about 4000 chipsContinue reading “Paulson Incredible Hulk Poker Chips (2002)”

Mini Bowen Statue (Grey Version)(2002)

I’ve wanted this version for so long!  Now I finally got it to go with it’s counterpart.  The sculpt really fits nicely with either colored Hulk (maybe now they will release a new Red version as well).  Some statues only look appropriate for one kind of Hulk (see Hard Hero & the new Bowen) – butContinue reading “Mini Bowen Statue (Grey Version)(2002)”

Wizard Posters 2 (2002)

Yes, the best thing about Bruce Jones Hulk run was the covers.  They were like real works of art that blew you away every month.  The left is a cover from Bruce’s run – and although not his best still a great drawing of the Jade Giant having a little lunch with the good DoctorContinue reading “Wizard Posters 2 (2002)”

Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)

Yes, when the Hulk movie was out Entertainment Weekly had him on the cover – and without missing a beat MAD magazine did a spoof (there was an alternative cover that I did not pick up – it was just the Hulk smashing the MAD letters) But the best one in the collecton is theContinue reading “Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)”

Dark Hulk Poster (2002)

This is by far the coolest poster I have.  The Hulk is drawn by Deodato Jr. who, as you can see, had improved through-out his run into making the Hulk scary, large and intimidating.  This was a poster sent to comic shops to display on there walls, but a great man named Bill, (not the friendContinue reading “Dark Hulk Poster (2002)”

Here Comes The Hulk T- Shirt (2002)

I was given this shirt as a gift by my girlfriend’s brothers.  Even though I no longer date the beast – her brothers and I still talk – just recently one said brother informed me that Peter David was signing things at the New England Comics in Brockton.  I was given this shirt for Christmas.  It is tightlyContinue reading “Here Comes The Hulk T- Shirt (2002)”

Loose Figures (1978-2003)

A whole bunch of nonsense is going on here – these are the Hulk figures that I have loose.  You will recognize some… The Marvel Legends figure series 1 from ’02 that I posted earlier.  Also, that damned Toy Biz figure from ’91 – I told you I had a few of those running around.  FixitContinue reading “Loose Figures (1978-2003)”