Clerks Inaction Figures – Brodie (2003)

I already showed my affinity for this character when I blogged about the newer release – but this animated sculpt comes from the 2003 Clerks Inaction Figure line that, thankfully, covered most of Kevin Smith’s movie up to that time.  Just like the description suggests, this figure does not have any articulation but it doesContinue reading “Clerks Inaction Figures – Brodie (2003)”

Incredible Hulk Laser Print (2003)

Have I ever mentioned that a lot of merchandise came out when the first Hulk movie was released?  The Hulk still hold the record for the most merchandised Marvel movie.  There was THAT much stuff!  Things that I am still finding to this very day… like this piece right here.  A laser print that wasContinue reading “Incredible Hulk Laser Print (2003)”

Bruce Banner Hulk Movie Figure (2003)

In a way, the most memorable thing from the 2003 Hulk movie might just be the inventive figures they released.  This figure is both hilarious in nature and very creative.  They tube with the translucent, half Hulk is the best part of this package deal.  Nothing against the Eric Bana inspired Bruce Banner figure –Continue reading “Bruce Banner Hulk Movie Figure (2003)”

David Banner Figure (2003)

I will admit that I never tried to collect the 2003 Hulk movie line figures.  The market was flooded with everything Hulk and there was so much to sift through that I almost shut down.  I decided not to collect the Hulk figures – not to mention after seeing the Hulk movie it wasn’t likeContinue reading “David Banner Figure (2003)”

Hulk Gumball Machine (2003)

More goodies from the era of the original movie release – this time a gumball machine.  You better believe I will be filling it up with green gumballs only!  It’s on the smaller side – I would have liked to find one of these larger – but, really, the only thing that makes this a “Hulk” gumball machine, besides the color, is theContinue reading “Hulk Gumball Machine (2003)”

Hulk Window Clings (2003)

Alright, the new format doesn’t work for EVERYTHING so I will just let you know about these stickers.  I actually have a set of these already on my car – in fact, the way I met someone off the Statue Forum at my LCS because they saw the Hulk on my side windows.  THESE Hulks!Continue reading “Hulk Window Clings (2003)”

Hulk Bobblehead (2003)

So – apparently the header on the blog has made a little ripple with one particular Hulk fan.  The one and only Sean Anderson.  If you remember, Sean is an amazing customizer who has shown his amazing work on this site over and over!  He asked about the body of what looks like a Hulk statue above…Continue reading “Hulk Bobblehead (2003)”

Hulk Walkie Talkies (2003)

It’s funny – when these were in the stores I couldn’t find hide or hair (or is it “hide or hare”?) of them.  Almost all of the Marvel Heroes had thier own walkie talkie and all I wanted were the Hulk ones, but like I said, I couldn’t find them anywhere!  So, this past Summer,Continue reading “Hulk Walkie Talkies (2003)”