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The Incredible Hulk #75 Page #28 (2004)

Incredible Hulk #75 Pg. 28

I have a quest – one that I may never achieve, but I am a patient person, so I’ve got that on my side.  My quest is to collect at least one piece of art from EVERY Hulk artist.  Now, I would like to try to collect an original page from every Hulk artist – but I would be happy with just any art – as long as the Hulk is in it.  For example, I don’t have a page from Hulk: Gray by Tim Sale – but I do have a fantastic commission from him that absolutely rocks in every way possible!  So, if I never get an actual page, I’ll be happy with the art I have.

Don't. Look. Behind. YOU!!!!!!

Here’s the thing though… I LOVE original pages!  Darrick Robertson is an amazing artist who had this page on ebay for a while.  I labored over whether to get it or not – I would have liked more Hulk on it – but the large image in the middle solidified my position and I bought it.  His wife, who is the one selling the art on ebay, asked if I wanted it signed as well… and I said yes.

And... the Sig!

See, I have a definite position about autographs.  Signing an original piece of art (by the artist) is a must but, for me, signing a published comic – especially a really old issue or a #1 issue – is like vandalizing a comic.  You know how some people feel like a date stamp is a defect?  Well, that’s how I feel about signatures.  They are defacing a comic.  That isn’t to say I don’t HAVE Hulk issues signed – I know, I am an enigma, I hate signatures yet I do have signed comics.  That gives me an idea – I should do a “Week of Signed Comics” for you all…  Anyways – I will be back tomorrow.

Randy Queen Signed Hulk Print (2004)

Randy Queen Signed Print

My LCS called me a few weeks ago telling me about a little discovery he made. A print that came out a few years ago landed in his shop and he was giving me first crack at it. It was this print – and even better was the fact that it was one of the signed prints with a small head sketch of the Hulk done by Randy Queen himself.

Hulk Head Sketch!

Small finds such as this one really make my day!  I’m not a big fan of prints – I’d rather have the original art – but this print is pretty amazing looking – and the sketch doesn’t hurt!  This was released by Dynamic Forces – who have released quite a few Hulk goodies through the years – but usually, if you wait, you can pick these items up later for much, much less than retail.

Pretty Sweet!

Wizard Posters 3 (2004)


These are more Wizard posters.  I think it’s appropriate to show these now – the new Hulk artist has a poster in this lot – the upper right hand corner is his handy work.  The painting with Thor is better – but my favorite is obviously the close up of the eye – that is why it’s front and center. 

Maisto Humvee (2004)


Maisto made this bland Humvee.  The paint job is all white with an ugly image of the Hulk on the top and Caution Tape surrounding RRAAAGRR on the side.  I know it’s not a great picture – you really can’t see the Humvee at all – and if i even remotely liked this piece I would’ve taken a better picture – Someone gave this to me for free – but it’s so bland and forgettable – in fact, I forgot what I was describing half-way through this blog.  You could’ve said “Tell me more about your Scooby slippers”  And I would’ve replied “Yeah, so my Scooby slippers…” because I totally have no feelings other than boredom with this toy.

Hulk Hands (2004)

Hulk Hands

What self-respecting Hulk fan didn’t go out and buy these hands right away?  These are the coolest Hulk item to come out in a long time.  They later made the same product for the Fantastic Four movie that came out (they were Thing hands – how queer – who really wants to be the Thing?)  But these are great because when you hit them together or you hit your sister in the face they make a growling sound, a raging Hulk sound, or they say “Hulk Smash!” and them grumble.  A perfect 10 for a collectible. 

12 Inch Hulk (2004)

12 inch 2004

This guy was released when the Hulk Classics line was – but they didn’t release them in the states.  If they did – no one knew about it – I got mine from Canada.  This sculpt and figure surpasses the movie 12 inch figures in every way!  This is the Gamma Rage Hulk (mouth closed/grinding teeth) there is a varinat figure that I don’t own that has his mouth open.  I thought that it was pretty standard as Hulk figures go – and since I already had this one I opted not to get the other one.  Maybe I will go back and see if I can pick the other one up but I think this unique Hulk pose is worth getting.  If you have to get one – get this one.

The Abomination 2 (2004)

abom 2

This extremely rare figure is a great rendition of the Hulk’s #1 enemy… in strength.  This figure doesn’t even compare to the Legends figure – but that’s okay – it has its own charm.  The accessory is a giant missle.  Ummm… okay.