Hulk Guest Appearances #14 -Devil Dinosaur #1 (2005)

This issue has almost everything – every classic move the Hulk has.  While battling Devil Dinosaur the throws out how he is “The Strongest One There Is!” and of course “The Madder Hulk gets the Stronger Hulk gets!”  but the best part of this issue is watching two of Jack Kirby’s creations battle it out! Continue reading “Hulk Guest Appearances #14 -Devil Dinosaur #1 (2005)”

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man (2005)

One of the best things about the ML line was the articulation – they always loaded the figures with all sorts of articulated points!  I love the fact that you can not only pose the arms and hands – but even each finger!  This figure is an excellent portrayal of the Hulkbuster figure – IContinue reading “Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man (2005)”

Fantastic Four: Nightmare in Green – The Review

I was able to catch this episode this morning – I was psyched because I heard about how good this was.  No worries, I did think it was good too – especially with how many cameo appearances there were.  But let’s get into what this episode was about.  First off – Alicia and Thing areContinue reading “Fantastic Four: Nightmare in Green – The Review”

Absorbing Man Bust (2005)

How appropriate to end this week with a Bowen masterpiece of the spotlight character!  I know this is late – I didn’t think I was going to be able to even post tonight.  But this piece was one of the only Hulk’s foes that I was missing from Bowen’s busts –  I never picked itContinue reading “Absorbing Man Bust (2005)”

What If?… General Ross Had Become the Hulk? (2005) – The Review

One of the things I LOVE about this series is being able to see the characters you’ve become so familiar with in a new light – doing things they would normally not do – doing something totally out of character.  This is one of my favorite What If… stories – written by a Hulk scribeContinue reading “What If?… General Ross Had Become the Hulk? (2005) – The Review”

Marvel Origins Hulk Statue (2007)

Well, as you can tell, Statue won.  I can’t believe it either – art is one of a kind stuff!  You won’t see it anywhere else!  Yet, a very slim margin wanted to see another statue – so here it is… I’ll be honest here – the statue, it’s small – and not the bestContinue reading “Marvel Origins Hulk Statue (2007)”

Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)

I would love to have every variation of every Hulk statue there is out there – in fact, there isn’t too many I don’t have – but when I saw this re-paint I just had to get it!  I was impressed with how nicely this sculpt lent itself to the grey Hulk.  I’m extremely pleasedContinue reading “Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)”

Sideshow Premium Format Hulk (2005)

Far and away the biggest Hulk Statue out there.  Well, if you don’t count the new Movie Marquees or the new life size Hulk statue that’s selling on ebay for $5,000.00.  This statue is considered the best Hulk statue out there.  And it is amazing, in size, in detail, right down to the cloth purpleContinue reading “Sideshow Premium Format Hulk (2005)”

Dogs of War TPB (2005)

Peter David brought alot to the Hulk – he introduced some ideas to the mythology of the Hulk that defined the character for new generations and many generations to come.  Paul Jenkins almost burned that mythology to the ground… The idea of Banner suffering a multiple personality disorder was so out of left field andContinue reading “Dogs of War TPB (2005)”

Hulk vs. Rhino Salt and Pepper Shakers (2005)

These are pretty cool – especially because they usually don’t make Hulk with the Rhino.  It could be painted better but the sculpt is still pretty cool.  Nice pairing.  As they are getting ready to battle the seasoning will fly!  Rhino’s more of a Spiderman villian and a second rate one at that – butContinue reading “Hulk vs. Rhino Salt and Pepper Shakers (2005)”

Hulk Play-Doh Mold (2005)

I have this little mold and thought I would share what it looks like when you press it. Crazy, huh? It’s hard to pull the Play-Doh out with out squishing the little Hulk guy – and he’s pretty detailed! Little holes in the pants at the knees and everything!  It came with a Spider-Man mold,Continue reading “Hulk Play-Doh Mold (2005)”

Abomination Bust (2005)

  My friend Corry thinks this bust looks like a fish-man.  I can see that.  I think, while still a great sculpt, the face is too thin.  Abomination should be bigger and more devestating looking!  Real messed up.  This is #574 out of 2000. The Abomination has had it the toughest in comics as farContinue reading “Abomination Bust (2005)”

Marvel Chess Pieces (2005)

Hulk and the Abomination are rooks.  I have no idea what that means in chess but I have to imagine that rooks are the muscle.  But why is it that Abominaton  looks so much better than the Hulk?  These pieces are pretty cool – but I don’t play chess so… but I do like the pieces. Continue reading “Marvel Chess Pieces (2005)”