Marvel Legends House of M Hulk (2006)

This figure eluded me for WAY too long!  This is one that I never even saw hit the shelves – and then it seemed like overnight they just became hugely expensive!  I waited and waited thanking that I will see these eventually go down in value – and they have… sort of… You can findContinue reading “Marvel Legends House of M Hulk (2006)”

Wolverine #50 (2006) – The Review

Within this comic is 2 stories – and the one I’m focusing on is called “Puny Little Man” – brought to us by the team on the regular Hulk book, Loeb and McGuinness.  While that may be a deterrent for some others may be enticed to check this issue out.  It was released almost 2Continue reading “Wolverine #50 (2006) – The Review”

Hulk: Mythos (2006) – The Review

Here’s a slight variation on the origin of the Hulk.  It’s still pretty faithful – to a point – then branches off in it’s own direction.  Let’s talk about some of the changes:  Bruce Banner is a little more outgoing, he’s not afraid to flirt with Betty or stand up to Thunderbolt in a moreContinue reading “Hulk: Mythos (2006) – The Review”

Incredible Hulk #98 Page #1 (2006)

This is one of the 2 original pages I bought in New York.  This is the kind of collectible every Hulk fan SHOULD have at least one of.  These are truly one of a kind items that will remain in history forever.  And this comes from one of the greatest recent Hulk storylines there isContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #98 Page #1 (2006)”

Hulk vs. Spiderman Diorama (2006 )

This is one the best looking Hulk statues  – besides Bowen (I’m a loyal kind of guy) – besides Hulk looking so massive compared to Spiderman but the look on Hulk’s face is so full of anger and rage – no other company has been so sucessful in capturing such raw emotion.  The base is rubble andContinue reading “Hulk vs. Spiderman Diorama (2006 )”

Water Rescue Hulk (2006)

Because I have friends in high places (stock boy at Toys ‘R’ Us) and because people are dirt-bags – I have this little guy that was ripped off a Water Rescue Spiderman and Friends Helicopter.  The weird part is… it only has 3 points of articulation!  That’s right!  The legs are fused together and don’tContinue reading “Water Rescue Hulk (2006)”

Marvel Icons Hulk Bust (2006)

  This bust was sculpted by Rudy Garcia.  It’s a bust that’s limited to 5000 – this is 674 – and I have to admit – I’m not a huge fan of this bust.  It runs for about $50 (but I got it off the ‘bay for $10) It’s a pretty sad representation of theContinue reading “Marvel Icons Hulk Bust (2006)”

Mega Blocks Hulk & Spiderman Playset (2006)

Hulk and Spiderman paired up again.  You’d think that these two were friends or something!  But they never actually got together in the comics and fought crime.  They’ve been guest-stars in each other’s comics and even helped the Wood-God escape together – but they’ve never displayed what I would call friendship.  In fact, I betContinue reading “Mega Blocks Hulk & Spiderman Playset (2006)”

Mega Block Magnetic Figure (2006)

Trust me when I tell you that I searched everywhere – every toy store from here to New Hampshire – and no one ever had this in stock.  I once found a Spider-man figure, it gave me hope, and I searched forever in that store, but to no avail.  I had to settle for findingContinue reading “Mega Block Magnetic Figure (2006)”

Captain Universe/Incredible Hulk #1 (2006)

  So apparently, when given the uni-power of Captain Universe, the Hulk turns blue.  This is the second and only other time Blue Hulk has appeared in a comic.  When wielding the uni-power Hulk has almost a sixth sense.  His pants also turn white.  I’m not really sure why.  But with the Red Hulk fastContinue reading “Captain Universe/Incredible Hulk #1 (2006)”

Marvel Legends Abomination (2006)

This is the best Abomination figure ever made.  This is also the first time The Abomination has made an appearence on my website.  Hulk and his strongest foe have battled many times – but none so brutal as in Hulk #25 (volume 3) – Abomination confessed to poisoning and killing Betty Banner.  And the Hulk let looseContinue reading “Marvel Legends Abomination (2006)”