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Incredible Hulk #108 Pg #7 (2007)

Leonard Kirk's beautiful art!

Here’s a funny thing – and tell me if you agree or not – they catagorize a half splash page as a panel that takes up at least half the page width wise – but not length wise.  That’s what you have here – but I disagree – this looks to me like a half splash! Not that I am complaining, you see, because I snagged this page for a panel page price!  And take a look at it!  How perfect of a page can you get?  One side is Planet Hulk in full warrior mode, the other side is the classic Hulk leaping through the air with a young Rick Jones holding on tight!

The new and the old!  Together on the same page!  This page was drawn by the fantastic Leonard Kirk – in my quest to try and collect all of the artists who have drawn the Hulk is not only just getting a page from the artist – but it’s getting the best page for your money!  And this in one of those instances – this is certainly one of the best pages offered from Kirk – for an excellent price AND portraying a great scene!

Planet Hulk and Savage Hulk!

BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)

Bowen Grey "Smashing" Hulk

A Face of RAGE, Baby!

I wasn’t as interested in picking this one up as I was the green version – I mean, the green is just too beautiful!  They grey is nice too, it’s just that, this sculpt is absolutely perfect in green!  It practically has popped right out of the pages of the comics!  This isn’t to say the grey is not worth getting…

If the Hulk were real and you're looking at this face... it's already too late

The Foot!

In fact, I love this sculpt so much, I would even get it in red!  I know, crazy, right?  But this is Bowen’s best Hulk statue – even better than any of the Hulk’s released in 2010!  I like those Hulks, the sculpt is great, but the smackdown Hulk is just the Hulk to a tee!  Now the grey variant was limited to only 500 – making it Bowen’s rarest Hulk statue – besides the faux bronze (350) and the real bronze(100).

Uh-Oh - Stark's in Trouble!

You don't have a chance Stark!

The only Bowen Hulk statues I am missing are the ones mentioned above and the green version of the 2003 statue.  I’ve seen that one go for pretty cheap on ebay and will eventually get it – but for now I have a very special Hulk purchase to make.  One that I know Sean is snatching up as well.  I am sure JG and even Steve are picking it up as well.  When I finally post it you will see what I am talking about – it’s gorgeous!

"And your back! It's worse then your front!"

Anyways – back to this statue – I picked this one up from another poster on Statue Marvels.  If you haven’t checked out that forum, you should!  It’s a great place to see all the upcoming Bowen sculpts as well as interact with Bowen himself!

Marvel Legends Planet Hulk Variant (2007)

Planet Hulk - Silver Arm Variant!

So, I finally broke down and picked this figure up off the bay – for a little more then retail – but not too much to aggravate me!  I of course would have wanted this figure out of the 2 choices – this one makes more sense!  The silver arm is a must!  One of the thing I look for in anything – commission, figure, statue – is that it is comic accurate!

A mug only a mother can love... or, as it turns out - an Oldstrong!

Take a look at my ART page – and at the Chris Stevens commissions – I wanted PH – and at first he gave me a WWH, but then he gave me a planet Hulk figure – it was just missing one thing… and interestingly enough – it’s the same thing that’s missing here – the obedience disc!  I know that the Hulk destroyed it halfway through the storyline – but while he was wearing this armor – he certainly had it on!  Things like this bum me out a bit – but that’s because I am a big nerd and need to get a life…

The 2 variants together!

Hulk Stamp Postcards (2007)

Hulk Mask 009

Hulk Stamp Postcard

I love the images chosen for the 2007 Super Hero stamps… and it was pretty amazing luck when I happened into the post office 2 years ago to see the stamps – I didn’t even know they were releasing them! I just happen to be in the post office that day – and there they were!  Well, this is almost the same thing – I walked into Outer Limits – and that guy has some really cool items – but man, his prices are hard to swallow at times – but I did see these postcards in the spinner and picked them up.  Pretty short and story I know – but what do you want – I just finished with work and I’m tired!

Hulk Mask 008

Hulk Stamp Postcard #2

Hulk Magnets 2 (2007)


I really like the magnet that says “SMASH” at the top.  That one and the bottom one are pretty cool.  I found these in New Hampshire at Chris’ Comics the first trip there.  I almost forgot to post them.  Magnets aren’t the most memorable collectibles – but, ironically, they are the ones probably see the most.  Especially if you are a fatty – because you are constantly in the fridge – you know you are!  ADMIT IT!  YOU ARE A FATTY!  And you love my Hulk magnets!

Defenders Mini-Mates (2007)


This classic line-up is a great little set with an all new Hulk Mini-Mate figure. The major difference is that he has messed up hair.  Sub-Mariner is one of the Marvel heroes that has the ability to go toe to toe with the Hulk – and Dr. Strange and the Hulk have met up many times.  One of the best stories with those 3 are Peter David’s 2 issue run where Hulk is consumed by the Dark Matter – 370 & 371 – Sub-Mariner has to fight the dark Hulk.  They mention the Defender days a few times, and the Hulk even decides to help Strange because he was decent to him in the past.  Alot different than the Strange that met up with the Hulk in WWH. 


Valkyrie is also part of the Defenders – but has met up and battled with the Hulk many times in his comic.  She’s a bad-ass and a bit scary for a girl.  I have a hard time finding any women who can kick my ass as attractive.  That’s why I had a hard time meeting the ladies!  There are about 3 girls who can’t kick my ass, and 2 of them are under 12, and the other I married. So it was a win-win!

Yuletide Marvel Glass (2007)

marvel Christmas Glass 

I tried to find this before Christmas but to no avail.  It features most of the Heavy Hitters in the Marvel line-up and they are wishing you a very Merry Christmas.  So have one.  Please.  I mean this coming one.  The one 10 months from now…

Anyways – I like the illustrations on the glass, although it looks like the Hulk is flying.  Let’s get this straight – the Hulk NEVER flew!