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Hulk Key Chain (2008)

So, the issue from yesterday still in unresolved – I will fill you in after there is a mutual agreement on how to fix the situation.  But, ON TO THE HULK STUFF!

Hulk Key Chain

Hulk Key Chain

This here is a key chain that I was psyched to find.  This was found at the Newbury Comics in Kingston and they do have other characters – a big Spiderman Head, Iron Man Head – but I didn’t expect to see a huge Hulk head to follow suit!  I love this keychain – mainly because, even though there is no name on the front of the head, people still know it’s the Hulk!  It’s not too heavy or bulky to make carrying your keys uncomfortable, so yeah, that’s a plus.  I once had a friend (still do – but stories are so much better when people say it like it happened in the past) who had a big alien head for a key chain – when it broke off the key chain he used it as a necklace – it was a lot cooler than it sounds – but the head was so heavy it actually bruised him where the head would constantly hit him.  Hulk would never do that.

Stop & Shop Hulk Display (2008)

Stop and Shop display

Stop and Shop display

So, the manager might’ve thought I was crazy to want this – in fact – he made a weird face and then looked back at me like he was waiting for a punch line when I asked for it.  But none-the less he gave it to me.  He told the kid stocking the shelves with ravioli – hey, save this thing – the uh… Hulk?  Yeah, Hulk – save it for this guy right here.  It sounded even like he was trying to blow me off a little but then, whae I went back one day and the Hulk was not displayed any longer, I asked about it – said it should be saved for me – and the guy came out of the back with it – with the little sticker on it that said “Save for customer” 

Full Size!

Full Size!

So, yeah, it holds all the new Hulk movie figures perfectly – all but the 2-packs – but it is great and has the Hulk’s head, chest and right arm on top of the figure holder.  I was pretty psyched because this was the first item that was given to me from the Hulk movie memorabilia.  Then of course the Toys R Us display and the SHS box from Wal-Mart.  What?  I didn’t show you the SHS box yet?  Oh just wait!  It’s awesome!  Coming soon!

Slightly closer to awesomeness

Slightly closer to awesomeness

Koto Hulk!!!!!

This new 14″ Statue from Koto will be ready for order soon!  It has an Abomination counterpart that has bases that can inter-lock.  I probably won’t be picking this up – unless I see better pics – but I thought I would still show anyone who is interested.  Click on the pic for more info… 

7-Eleven Slurpee Cups and Straws (2008)

3 straws

So here’s the story… my friend Corry lets me know that 7-Eleven has some exclusive items.  They aren’t as cool as the Iron Man Head cup – but I go to get them anyways.  When I enter the convenience store I see a cardboard cut-out that’s there to promote the new merchandise.  As I am purchasing the cups I figure I will ask about the cut-out since I hadn’t much luck so far acquiring New Hulk promo material.  When I ask the man behind the counter he asks “So, you are looking to buy that?”  I said no, that I was wondering about taking it when they were done with it.  He says to me “In 5 years, those are worth $5,000, $10,000.”  I was almost angry that he said this ridiculous statement.  I said “Carboard cut-outs from 7-11 aren’t worth that.”  He tried to re-assure me it was claiming that other people have inquired about it and that the person willing to pay the most for them will get it.  Disgusted I told him to forget it and walked out of the store. 


Anyone who would try to sell a cardboard cut-out promo for $5,000 is nuts.  Antone attempting to buy one for that much is even crazier.

Anyways, I did get the 3 cups and straws as well as the comic that reprints Incredible Hulk #25 which depicts one of the bloodiest, most gruesome fights between the Hulk and the Abomination.


Superhero Squad – Abomination vs. Hulk (2008)


They used two movie characters in the superhero squad releases.  This is one.  The best, that I will post later, has the Silver Surfer from Planet Hulk in it.  Instead I chose to show you a ridiculously happy Abomination and Hulk that are supposed to fight each other.  Can you really fight someone when you’re this happy?  I don’t even think it’s possible!  The Abomination is an abomination – but that’s pretty normal now…

Incredible Hulk Mega-Clap Hulk (2008)


The Hulk figures aren’t so bad – actually the scuplt is pretty good – with lots of articulation!  Big plus for people who open them out of there packages!  Besides, these packages aren’t that well thought out.  Very clumsy and easy to rip open.  Have to be extra careful for those of you like me who keep some of them in the package!  I have this little guy out of the package as well – but the thing is – his arms don’t go down!  They stay flailing out to the sides unless you puch the button on his back.  What’s up with that? 

Movie Abomination (2008)

movie abomn

I can’t really tell you that this is a must have.  The Abomination just looks SO different.  The figure does look like it would be a great Hulk foe!  If they didn’t call it the Abomination and called it something else that would’ve been better.  But to call THIS the Abomination is a little too much to swallow.  I know the Director said he had reasons for changing it – but I think his reasons were a bit of a cop-out.  If you want to change it – just say so – but don’t say the origin didn’t make sense to you – that it wasn’t realistic – because since when did getting exposed to radiation turn you into a huge, muscular, green man?