Gray Hulk Video Game Figure (2008)

I did promise you 2 posts today – so here is a very new – very rare figure out there.  That’s right, I have some of the wave 3 Movie Hulk Figures.  Let me tell you – they were not easy to find – nor are they cheap.  Each of the figures are based onContinue reading “Gray Hulk Video Game Figure (2008)”

Unlockable Characters from the New Video Game!

The new Hulk video game will allow you to unlock certain characters to play with.  Bi-Beast was shown before but now is showing the other charcters like Planet Hulk (above) and click on him to see the Savage Hulk, Abomination, and the Bi-Beast.  Other characters are Maestro, Fixit, Grey Hulk, Ironclad, Hulkbuster Iron Man andContinue reading “Unlockable Characters from the New Video Game!”