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Neca Scalers Iron Man Hulk 2-Pack (2014)

IMG_0566 (2)

Thankfully we have not had this problem for a while – but there have been times when Hulk merchandise is scarce – it’s pretty bare on the shelves.  I will end up buying things that I wouldn’t normally pick up.  Case in point – these little Hulk/Iron Man figures that hang onto wires that you stick in your ears.  As you can tell these came out during Avengers 2 – the funky pants should be the clue – and there wasn’t a ton of Hulk merchandise when Avengers 2 hit the shelves.  Especially compared to Thor: Ragnarok.  Would I normally buy this?  I don’t think so.  But they are cool – the oversized headed little pieces of plastic just hang onto the cord – but seriously – it does nothing else.  In fact the only thing I think it will do is eventually get lost when it falls off the wire.

IMG_0566 (3)

Tiny Avengers: AoU Hulk Bobblehead (2015)


Avengers sequel merchandise was very hit and miss.  This Hulk came in a 4-pack with some of the other Avengers but I really didn’t want to get the whole set.  This what happens when merchandisers go crazy with popular films.  In 2003 we saw such an influx of Hulk merchandise it was hard to keep up!  Same with Avengers.

I didn’t want the whole set – and from what I remember the set ranged in the $25-$30 area.  I certainly wasn’t willing to pay that much for just this little Hulk figure.  This is when I am happy that eBay exists!  I was even happier to realize I didn’t buy full price when I saw that this little guy is, in fact, a bobble head.

Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)

Exclusive Hulk Bust from Koto

I was sent this a long time ago about a great guy and a former comment maker on this site named Grey.  He enjoyed this site so much and his comments made my posts even better with his addition to this place.  I know he still logs on here from time to time and – at least I think he still does.  Grey used to run a Red Hulk site but he stopped doing that a while ago.  There have been a few Red Hulk sites, some of the creators coming here to become part of this site, but they never seem to last.  Interesting is all…

Sexy Profile!

I might have gotten off topic a bit – but if you’ve been to this site before you know I do that often 🙂  When Koto brought these busts out I knew that they would have a tough time selling.  The sculpts are pretty mediocre compared to the giants of this industry and the exclusive bust was too simple.  I went ahead and picked up the “marquee” version on ebay for VERY cheap but the exclusive version alluded me.

That is… until Grey emailed me one day and said that he had this bust and was looking to send it to someone who would really appreciate it in their collection.  I took him up on the offer – and, as always – thank him graciously for his generous addition to my Hulk room.  I hope, if Grey does in fact still come around here, we hear more from him.  He was a good guy.  This bust, mind you, while it is not the best looking piece, is easily one of my favorite pieces in the Hulk room because of the story behind it.

The Two Kotos Together!

Hulk Coloring Books (2003-2008)

400 pages!?!?!? That's totally worth it!

You know the crazy thing?  I have so much stuff that I have shown I spend half my time looking through this website to see what I have and have not posted.  It’s almost ironic – I come to my own website and search for things that aren’t here – just to put them here!  A vicious cycle, indeed!

Hulk Coloring Book 2 - a lot thinner, not as impressive...

One of the few things I never usually post are these coloring books.  I found MOST of them at Bedrock Comics for a half dollar each – and when Lex gets old enough you can be sure I will be busting these books out and we will go to town with a couple of crayolas!  96 to be exact… with a crayon sharpener on the back of the box – because that’s how I roll!

This is my favorite cover!

I am sure I will need to buy extra green crayons.  I am sure Fern, Forest Green, Inchworm, Jungle Green, Mountain Meadow, Pine Green, Shamrock, Screaming Green, Sea Green, Tropical Rain Forest, Yellow Green – and in real desperate times – Electric Lime could substitute well enough – but people should take  some real pride in their work!

Wow, how many of these do I have?

Actually, the different greens would make sense, the Hulk has changed the shades of green a few times over – so… yeah.  How does one finish a sentence like this?  Just let it fade away?  Distraction?  I go with the latter – Oh!  Look another coloring book!

Aaaaaannnnd - that's it!

Pankey’s Hulk Kit (2008)

Hulk Kit

Side View 1 - Hulk intimidating the mailbox!

I don’t go gaga over a lot of Hulk kits – but there are a few that I like.  I remember when this came out and Pankey over at the SF contacted me about it – but I just couldn’t pay what he was asking… but that was mainly due to the shipping over seas.  This kit is perfect to display higher – as the figure itself leans forward – but it’s also the kind of kit you want to see all of it!

Close Up 1

Hulk looking down! When you see this look it's time to stop pissing him off!

So, you may ask, how did I ge such a kit if not from the one who produced it?  Well, ebay of course!  I’m telling you – I know a lot of people are down on ebay recently but I am psyched it’s still around.  There is no other place on the net that will offer more and give you such an array of prices on pieces.  There are people on there trying to sell action figures from the 90s, calling them vintage, and asking a premium price – but then you will also find the people on ebay who are just listing things for extra cash and people trying to get rid of stuff.  That’s where you’ll find the deals!  And remember my #1 rule: Be Patient!

The Foot Shot!

The anatomy of this kit is interesting.  The Hulk has SO MANY bulging muscles I have to admit when I first looked it over in pictures I thought it looked a bit silly.  In person though, it looks pretty damn sweet!  Do you remember the ending of Gremlins?  Where Spike’s back started to bubble and little Gremlins were going to pop out?  It does remind me a bit of that – but I still think the kit is worth every penny spent on it!

Turned the other way

You've seen the end of Gremlins, right?

Incredible Hulk Movie Card Set (2008)

2008 Hulk Movie Set

This here is just a 6 card set that has all of the actors in their roles and a Hulk and Abomination card.  The set is very limited to only 999 – I found this set at New England Comics in Quincy.  I was bummed that they didn’t make a full set movie cards for this movie – but this is at least something!  Each card has the actor’s name on the back and who they played in the movie.  I’ve never seen this set anywhere else and I am not really sure where it comes from – but if anyone knows I would be thankful for the info!

Come on back tomorrow!  I will be taking a break from the all the cards and reviewing… oh – that would be cheating – you have to come back tomorrow!

My First CGC Comic!

Wolverine #66: Old Man Logan - Dynamic Forces Variant

I have been wanting to check out some CGC comics for a while now.  I really want a #165 9.8 (or better) copy.  But in my travels I really didn’t find anything worth picking up – either the grade was too low, the book wasn’t one of my favorites or people were asking too much for a nothing issue.  Well, I went into Salem, MA the other day and walked into Harrison’s Comics and saw this – a 9.8 graded copy of Wolverine #66 – the start of Old Man Logan.  An issue I had yet to acquire – and this was a beautiful copy!

9.8 - NM/M Comic

I believe they were asking too much – and even tried to haggle them down a bit – but ultimately they didn’t budge and I still went for it.  I really struggled with whether or not to purchase – but in the end I did, mainly because this is a Herb Trimpe cover.  Seriously, that’s why I did it in the end.  I respect and admire Trimpe’s work that much I decided it was worth the money.

Herb Trimpe - A True Classic!