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Marvel 70th Anniversary Set (2009)

Base Card #29 - Hulk vs Herc

Here is a set that I didn’t think I was going to be crazy about but I was wrong!  I love this set – although mine is not complete yet… I have the 75 base cards, I have the 9 tribute cards, I even have all 9 of the character cards – what I am missing are 3 of the “Clearly Heroic” cards and a bunch of the freakin’ stickers.  I would totally be willing to trade whatever I have for anyone’s doubles of the cards I need… Let me know soon – otherwise I have to hit the ‘bay again…

Base Card #34 - The Defenders!

Base Card #51 - Hulk vs Wolvie!

But if it’s one thing that Marvel has learned with these card sets it is about the chase!  While I have the base set, there are 2 versions – one set is on a thin, cheap feeling cardboard – the other is a shiny, thicker card – guess which set I have completed?  I would like to get at least the Hulk cards on the shiny cardboard, but alas I have none yet…

Base Card #47 - Secret Wars!

These cards feature covers from the 70 years that Marvel has been putting comics out.  The Hulk has a few, including a TTA – Hulk vs Herc cover – The Defenders 1st appearance, the Secret Wars #1 cover, Issue #340, and a WWH cover.  The one cover omitted that I think should have been included?  You guessed it, TIH #165!  I know, I am living in a dream world…

Base Card #68 - WWH!

The Tribute cards feature Cap, Human Torch and Namor.  Like I said – I have those – on the thinner cardboard.  But let’s get back to Hulk!  There are 9 character cards, on the front you see an image underneath the word Marvel.  On the back is the same image, unobstructed, with the year they first appeared.  I have all of these cards – and actually an extra Hulk. 

Hulk Character Card #C3 - Front

Aaaaannnnddd... the back!

The “Clearly Heroic” cards are clear cards that have two images of a certain character.  I have the Hulk, the Thing and Iron Man – I need the Spiderman, Wolverine and Captain America cards.  And they have yet another set to chase in this series – they have stickers!

Hulk Clearly Heroic #P2 Card

There is a set of 18 stickers – I have a few of these, including the Hulk, but don’t have them all.  So, this is a great set – some ebay seller was selling a complete set – and I mean complete!  It had the base set, the foil base set, the tribute set, the foil tribute set, the character cards, the clearly heroic cards, the stickers and a box with the promo cards.  Insane!  And it’s just over a hundred bucks!  Anyways, if you need any cards, have any that I might need, want to trade – just email me and we’ll talk!

Hulk Sticker #S3

Lastly, this set had sketch cards inserted into the mix.  One sketch card per box – and I have to say, I was lucky enough to obtain 2 of them  a Dr. Doom and a Human Torch.  I sold those already – as I would only have been interested in a Hulk card- but some of these sketch cards are selling for insane prices!  You can get a full sized commission for the prices of these cards!  It’s ridiculous!  I’m not sure if people have just gone off the deep end or what – but they are paying upwards of $100-$200 for these!

Hulk Ice Pack (2009)

Hulk Ice Pack

Now, who would have thought about getting the Hulk to help you with your boo-boos?  Hulk is usually causing the hurt – not making it feel better!  But this is where it’s different – here we have a Hulk ice pack – a reusable Hulk ice pack!  The next time someone gets hurt I will run up and say – “Here, let the Hulk let the swelling go down!”  What is this magical green ooze that freezes and unfreezes encased inside this Hulk pack?  I don’t know, but I know it’s awesome!

Green Hulk Bobble Head (2009)

Green Hulk Bobble Head

I knew it was out there!  Ever since I found the grey – I knew the green one was out there – just avoiding me!  But I did snag it, off of Amazon.  I broke down and bought it off the net – I hate doing it, for some reason, but sometimes it’s your only real option left!  I have already discussed my… blah-ness feelings about bobble head dolls – but these are a bit different.  I really like the sculpt – the retro feel to it – the really great packaging!  Big Thumbs up!

The Two Bobble Heads

Hector E. Rodriguez Commission (2009)

April '09 BCC Commission

I’m not sure when I actually got this – it might have been last April – and I just forgot to post it.  But that’s just a shame – I like this artist’s pencils – although, I think the Hulk’s face could certainly be better, still – the details are fantastic!  Another unknown artist that frequents the Boston Comic Con – speaking of which… the April Comic Con is coming!  It’s in a new location – and it’s shaping up to be amazing!  Check it out here:


So, if anyone is going to be there – drop me a line – maybe we can meet up and talk Hulk for a while… or not.  Whatever.  I will be reviewing the Hulk #21 and TIH #608 tomorrow – so be here or be square… although – this is where the squares hang out so… hmmmm…

Bowen Design’s Retro Grey Hulk (2009)

Grey Hulk Statue!

Complete pic of the masterpiece!

Bowen really has gone all out with this latest crop of Hulk releases. This is certainly different enough from the Green Hulk piece to comment on – I mean, the earlier Hulk releases have just been re-paints – but here Randy has done something truly fantastic! Each sculpt has tweaks that make each statue being released different!  For instance – with this statue you can see that Randy had flattened the head – added a yellow shirt and gave the Hulk an awe-inspiring desert scene base that totally rocks!

One Foot!

Holy Crap! Look out for the cactus!

Sure, the basic sculpt is the same – but this is a classic statue that will surely rock!  And there is no paint flaws like the Green Hulk statue seemed to have.  I have had this bad boy for a while now – set up with the Green Hulk – and I can’t believe how awesome it looks.  Every time I see it I think to myself how amazing accurate it is to the original incarnation to the Hulk.  The Hulk has changed so much over the years – but the original was something that no one has successfully captured – until now!

"...and your back! It's worse than your front!"

I have to admit I was skeptical at first when BD announced the release of multiple Hulk statues – but now, I couldn’t be happier he did!  I have Maestro on the way – and Planet Hulk will eventually get shipped – but all in all – thank you Mr. Bowen for the new crop of Hulks!  I should just enjoy these – but I can’t help but hunger for a Fixit, a Merged Hulk, and maybe some others!  Like, The End: Hulk and War Hulk – or even a WWH!  I need to save up for the next crop of Hulks already!  Not that they are definitely happening – but I have faith!

Green and Grey - Side by Side!

Burger King Hulk Toy (2009)

Burger King Hulk SHS Figure

Thank you Gammapup – when you mentioned this toy weeks ago I hopped in my car and drove straight to BK – only to find out that they did not have him in… and the story was the same at the following 6 BKs I tried.  Even worse, I continued to visit these BKs, and any others I came across in my travels, for the next few weeks asking for this guy!


In the Original Packaging

When did I find him?  Today.  I was in Dartmouth, taking my wife to lunch, and I spotted a BK that I hadn’t been in.  Before dropping her off at work again I quickly ran in – and he was there!  I might have skipped back to my car.  My wife knew I found what I had been looking for – so she wasn’t even angry when I dropped her off late from her break!  These glow in the dark toys are cool – there is a little button on the back that, when pushed, will make his arms go back and forth.  Classic.  Thank you Burger King!

Hulk and the Surfer!

Sweet! Go get this toy!

Fall of the Hulks: Gamma (2009)

Fall of the Hulk: Gamma

Well, my love fest with Loeb was short lived!  While the Alpha 1-shot was inventive and answered some questions – Loeb’s did nothing but serve as a more confusing red-herring waste.  I will explain of course… you see – if you haven’t read this issue – LOOK AWAY!  But here’s some of the things I liked.  The Redeemer – so awesome to see that suit back in action!  I liked the quick She Hulks fight and… that’s about it. 

Ross - in the Redeemer outfit

Red Hulk - thinking Yellow is not his color!

Here’s the issue – in a nut shell – Red Hulk kills Ross (who was wearing the Redeemer Suit).  Samson looks the scene over and recounts what happened.  They have a funeral for Ross.  The Red She Hulk and Lyra watch from behind the scenes – they get into a small fight – which M.O.D.O.C.K. ends – showing that they are both working for him… maybe.  The funeral continues – Bruce Banner gets up to speak.  One of the saddest lines is in Bruce’s speech :

It’s one of those catch you off guard moments if you know the tragedy of Loeb’s life.

A perfect example of why JRJR is NOT a great Hulk artist

Banner goes on about how Betty was such an important person in Ross life – and then he talk about… Glen Talbot.  Cut to Ross’ cemetery plot at night.  A man walks up to a woman who is kneeling by his grave.  She takes the hood off and exposes that she is none other than Betty Ross.  I, for one, knew that was coming.  Then they show that the man that joined her is… Glenn Talbot.  Saw that coming too.  Samson, M.O.D.O.C.K. and The Leader are starting to bickering – Ross’ death complicates the plans, they say.  And it ends with Banner walking back into the underwater cave with the Red Hulk as they prepare for a fight – but in a somewhat unexpected shock – Banner and Red Hulk discuss about wanting the same thing – and Banner says “For that to happen – Ross HAD to die”

Betty's alive! Talbot's ALIVE How... shocking...

Now, does this mean Banner set the plan in motion to kill Ross?  No.  Is Ross really dead?  Maybe.  I mean, this is comics after all – Ross has already died – and Betty and Talbot are all dead – or were – so who knows?  Talbot?  What about him, you ask?  Well, I’m calling Red Herring!  I think Loeb is throwing him in now because of all the talk in the Internet about how the Red Hulk was Talbot all along – but I’m not buying it.  It’s still Ross – I’m sticking to my guns!  I might be wrong – but I wouldn’t care so much because this series is written so shoddy – it’s just gets worse and worse under Loeb’s undeserving hand.

Banner and Red Hulk sittin' in a tree...

So, let’s get this straight – Rick is A-Bomb (worst name ever!) who was stupid – but now isn’t.  He protects Bruce – but his dead wife, Marlo is back, but she is the Harpy – but can transform.  Betty has come back from the dead – so has Talbot – and we don’t know why.  Red She Hulk hates Lyra – and they are working with the bad guys.  The Red Hulk is working with Banner now.  Where the hell was Skaar?  Anyways, thanks for another muddled mess Loeb – how about answering questions that are already out there before adding more mysteries into the mix?  There is no way he can answer everything he’s written thus far – there’s just too many plot holes to fill and Loeb isn’t that talented of a writer to fix it all!  Oh well… onto 2010.  Grade: D

I do have the 2 variants of this issue on hold for me – and will add them to the post later – when I pick them up this Wednesday!