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Hulk Cup with a Lid (2016)


There are Hulk dry spells where new Hulk products are few and far between!  It’s sometimes difficult to know what to do with this site when there aren’t a whole lot of Hulk items to post.  It should be no wonder then why I get so excited, during these dry spells, to find Hulk cups like this.  I don’t need anymore Hulk cups – that’s for sure – but I did like the difference with this cup as it is black with classic images and even the boast of “Still $.25!” that adorned the covers of Hulk issues back in the 200s for 3 issues.


Marvel Universe Galactus and Silver Surfer (2010)

antone 2 045

I was pretty selective when it came to buying the Marvel Universe figures but there was no way I would ever let a Galactus figure this amazing to get by.  The awesome might of this figure is, if you never had the opportunity to see one in person, is too much to ignore.  This is not the first Galactus figure Marvel produced – there was a Marvel Legends BAF that is impressive as well – but this fits into the scale of the MU way better than the ML did.  Not really, of course, seeing as the Planet Eater is too gargantuan to make to scale – but this as good a match up as we’re ever going to get!

antone 2 046

One of the best features of this toy is the electronic voice that booms from it when you press the button in the middle of his chest.  Even better, is the figure does not come alone.  Galactus could never work alone – he needs his herald – and thank goodness they choose his favorite of the bunch (but how great would it have been if they had chosen Nova or Firelord!).  This version of the Silver Surfer is the best version to get which is a shame the only way to obtain one was purchasing this pricey figure!  Of course, you could always eBay it – but hey, why would you want one without the other anyways?  Most of the Surfer figure we were served with has a flatter finish that was more grey than silver.  Not this figure though – he shimmers in the light like he’s supposed to!

antone 2 047

There is a darker variant to this figure – I’m not sure if it was an exclusive or not – but it never made it’s way to the aisle of my local TRU.  It’s a cool paint – but this is the classic – the better version – and the Silver Surfer’s paint job looks a bit silly to me.   Either way, if you ever choose to get this figure you should certainly looking to the bright purple and blue!  Even the grimace on the Eater of Worlds face is perfect.  It’s a substantial piece though – you need to have the room to display it.  Truly, though, one of the best offerings the line ever gave us.

antone 2 048

Incredible Hulk Face Tattoo (2010)

Hulk face tattoo - it's okay to admit you want one!

I am really trying to concentrate my collecting – not picking up anymore backpacks and lunch boxes that I will not use – and instead looking more to the items I want to display – and trust me when I tell you I agonized over this purchase – only because it’s one of the most unique and hilarious Hulk items I have ever seen!  A face tattoo!??!  Not only do I want to wear it – and I am not talking about wearing it on Halloween – I am talking on a random Tuesday while I go to dinner – but I want to find another for Lex so bad!  So, yeah – be jealous!  Be VERY jealous!

Hulk/Abomination Silly Bands (2010)

Hulk Silly Bands!

Did any fad die quicker than these things?  I don’t think so… well I know those furry hamster things… what the hell were those things called?  Ah yes – Zhu Zhu Pets.  The frantic clamoring for those things died down in, what?  One Christmas season?  Silly Bands were at least really popular for a few months.  But at least Marvel jumped on the ball quick enough to release a few sets of these things – including a set with the Hulk and Abomination.  Can anyone explain to me the real attraction of these?  Even my 25 year old sister was all a buzz about these for a while.  But anyways, here they are. 

"Hulk Smash" position

Marvel Legends Hulk & Valkyrie 2-Pack (2010)

ML Hulk and Valkyrie 2-Pack

Back of Package

THE POSITIVE: With the MU figures dominating the shelves nowadays it’s nice to see that Marvel hasn’t totally given up on their original ML line.  Nothing has beat the Legend figures – in terms of awesomeness!  The MU is on the way to surpassing the vastness of character selection – but the ML line is still the tops.  For these recent (I say recent – but it wasn’t that recent – these came out late last year) figures Marvel held an online vote where fans could pick which figures they would like to see released.  I can’t remember exactly – but I think the Red King was one of the figures up for the vote – which I would have loved!  Amazingly, Aquon was shafted once again… anyways, Valkyrie was the poll and I know quite a few collectors who were ecstatic that they could finally finish their Defenders displays.

Hulk Free at Last!

The head sculpt for the Hulk is brand new and pretty great, seems very inspired by McGuiness, which works well with the re-used body.  It works well with the Red Hulk figure if your posing them together (for the record – I think the Red Hulk should have had black pants).  This Hulk towers over the other ML Hulks and most of the other ML figures which is perfect since the Hulk is suppossed to be large and in charge. 

New Head Sculpt Really Works!

The original price point worked well for these figures – and by original I mean the $24.99 – not the $29.99 and then $34.99 that it was when it hit the shelves.  Thankfully to the readers of this blog I was able to snag one of these figures off the TRU site for $24.99.  Thank you to the readers!


Close Up

THE NEGATIVE: Yes, this is the same body used for the BAF Red Hulk.  The body itself is fine – although it has two fists and I prefer one – only because it makes posing figures easier.  The paint application is a bit off… mostly because of the shading.  I liked the clean look of the Red Hulk figure – but with the Green Hulk figure here they felt the need to spray black into the folds between his muscles, on his fingers and hands, on his neck and the top of his feet.  I am really unsure why they – as it doesn’t look that good.

Red vs Hulk

Now, even though I love the size, as far as scale goes – and as far as I recall – since I don’t have the Saquatch figure I can’t compare – but Sasquatch is taller than the Hulk – and this figure is just as big – so the scale isn’t perfect – but what toy line is?  I don’t think we an hold that against them since we do have quite a few Hulk figures to choose from when displaying with other figures.

The Stare Down!

Conclusion: The 2-pack is a winner – absolutely!  It’s a must pick up!  Of course, looking on ebay, it seems that these 2-packs are selling for double the retail.  Makes me wish I still held on to my double.  And by double I mean double still in package – since I have one still in the package and then I have a loose pair.  Anyways, I hope you picked it up – how many of you out there were able to order it off of TRU before the price increase?  Grade: A

Large Hulk Mug (2010)

Hulk Mug

I was excited to get this mug for Christmas.  It’s image – which is a great Hulk image – is on a whole lot of newer Hulk stuff… I already posted a tumbler with the same Hulk on it.  I am looking into getting a beautiful display cabinet for the Hulk room and if it does work out then maybe I’ll be able to set up all these glasses and mugs together.  By the way – I also found a rockin’ new Marvel glass set – I will post that next – because now it is out of the bag….

Familiar Image...

Hulk Car 2-Pack (2010)

Versus 2-Pack

Here is something I should have posted when I got it – but knowing me, I forgot. I have so many things to post… and I will get to it – but the great thing about this 2-pack is that it was sent to me. Someone sent me this a while back and I meant to post it and thank them – even though I have no idea who the sender was. I have suspicions that it was Grey (am I right?) and in that case THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I have not seen this around my area so I never even knew it existed. 

Hulk Car

I have a few cars to show off – slightly different – but they came in a huge 10 pack of cars and I have the Hulk and Abomination van loose.  I will post them sometime in the future… but again – whoever sent this – and I am pretty sure it was Grey – thank you!

Abomination Car