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Acquisition Wednesday!

christmas '13 015

If you know me personally then you know I do not have many vices – other than my love for the Hulk ūüôā ¬†I don’t drink coffee or soda and I don’t really need caffeine to rule my morning attitude. ¬†But that does not stop me from picking up every Hulk mug I can get my grubby little hands on! ¬†The first (Above) is an image that has certainly been making the rounds – the winking Hulk – a Trimpe image from the early days. ¬†Both sides of the cup are adorned with Hulk’s face. ¬†The second (below… duh!) is one that is popping up here and there and comes straight from, not a Hulk issue, but Fantastic Four #111 – the precursor to the very famous Hulk vs Thing battle of FF #112!

christmas '13 016

The other side has the cool Incredible Hulk logo!

christmas '13 017

Mini-Mates Marvel vs Capcom – Hulk vs Mike Haggar (2011)

Hulk vs... some Capcom guy...

If this is a video game I am unsure of it – I stopped playing video games a long time ago.¬† Trust me, that’s not a knock or anything – I just don’t think I could find time to fit in video games.¬† I still have a Gamecube, if that means anything.¬† The last game I was enthralled with was Metroid Prime.

Bowl haircut anyone? Yes, please!

So, I have no knowledge of who Mike Haggar is – and if he fought the Hulk in any capacity.¬† I do know that the Mini-Mate is a re-paint of the WWH figure – just different coloring.¬† That’s not really a bad thing – but I would have been more excited to see an original head mold.¬† When are we going to get a House of M Hulk Mini-mate?¬† Still, it’s nice to see the Hulk’s not being ignored or replaced when it comes to action figures!

70's style porn 'stache? Ewww... no thanks

Guardians of the Galaxy Boxed Set (2011)

Guardian of the Galaxy Set

“What is this doing in¬†your Hulk collection?”, you may ask.¬† Well, as most of you, I am certain, already know – Rocket Racoon made¬†a memorable¬†appearance in TIH #271.¬† Rocket Racoon was a pretty amazing, if not completely out there, creation by Marvel Comics in the late 70s – and appeared again in the early 80s.

If you don’t have the issue – you should pick it up – or even better pick up this HC collection:

Get this collection! It's pretty bad ass!

One of the best things about this boxed set is that I am pretty sure we will never see another Rocket Racoon figure ever.  I mean EVER!  The good news is Рhe is pretty cheap on ebay if you want to get your hands on the little rodent.


But the boxed set itself is pretty amazing РI mean look at the whole she-bang!  You get a little Groot figure!  GROOT for crying out loud!


This set is still pretty abundant in the stores Рunlike the Avengers set which is all but vanished off the shelves.  Although, you never know with Hasbro Рthey keep releasing the MU figures over and over.  The TRU just got a whole new set Рbut it was a mix of older figures, including the Hulk from phase 1!

Loving the figure selection that the MU is giving us!

That’s pretty much going to assure that these figures will never gain in value the way the ML figures did.¬† When phase 1 was sold out – they didn’t re-release them!¬† That’s not really how it’s supposed to work!

Marvel Mashems (2011)

Marvel Mashems

These squishy little balls of grossness came out at the end of last year – since I have not taken them out of the package I cannot tell you if they are sticky or just look that way… I will say that these were generously donated to the Hulk room by my favorite nephew.¬† Some say only nephew – and while they are not wrong – he’s still my favorite too.

New Hulk Squinkies (2011)

Smart Hulk Squinkie

There are a couple new Hulk Squinkies out – and amazingly I have yet to pay for one of these things!¬† They are somewhat adorable and squishy… what other reasons could you possible need to own them?

Superhero Squad Hulk

So yeah – there is a Merged Hulk and a Superhero Squad Hulk – the only thing is to get them you have to buy a whole set of Marvel Squinkies – which cost like, 10 bucks – and I don’t even know how many you get in the package.¬† But like I said – if people want to keep giving these to me I am VERY happy to take them!

The Whole Gang!

Retro Green Hulk Bust (2011)

Retro Hulk Bust

Yes, I finally got it.¬† I wasn’t sure if I was going to so early – I thought I would be waiting a year for the prices on these to drown – but I was able to talk an ebay¬†seller, who was selling the busts he had at an already ridiculously low price, down another $10 to a price I was happy to pay.¬† It’s not that this is a bad piece at all – but it is not, IMO, worth the retail price of $95.

The Full Pic

The Positive: The sculpt is classic.¬† I am not sure how many times Bowen can sculpt Hulk and come out with something amazing – but I have a feeling this is not the last time we will see it!¬† The ripped shirt adds on a bit of substance to the top – which is WAY better than Red’s bust – but in comparison to the original Hulk bust – this one tops it.¬† While the original is still exciting because it is the piece that started it all, every piece since has been somewhat better – from intricate bases to larger pieces to adding arms and almost the full torso – the original piece looks archaic.¬† But it seems like, with this new release, we’re going backward – which brings us to:

Pssst... Hulk... behind you

The Negative: I think these were experiments – something Bowen was trying to see might catch on.¬† Consider this experiment failed because I don’t think these pieces have moved very well at all.¬† My LCS is still holding on to both pieces with no end in sight.¬† The problem?¬† Well, like I stated before, it’s not the sculpt.¬† The issue is the base.¬† The fact that it is at least 80% of the whole piece makes this look like a chess piece rather than a bust.¬† The more unfortunate thing is that the base is nothing to scream at.¬† It’s a very plain, very ordinary base.¬† But overall, the busts are somewhat unique – if not for the price – I think these would have sold very well!

What the heck are you looking at?

The Conclusion:¬† If you can get this bust for a really great price – then do it – I don’t see this piece ever really catching on but it’s a really great sculpt.¬† But whatever you do – DON’T pay retail on this – it’s just not worth the price.¬† Check ebay – some sellers are giving decent deals already.¬† Grade: C+

Yikes! Hulk - that's some serious plaque build up!

P.S. – As you noticed, I did not post yesterday – I was still mourning the Pats loss in the SB – and this may the only post this week – sorry – but I am getting a very big delivery for the Hulk room (not Hulk related) and yes, I will post pics when the dust settles.¬† If I can find time to post, I will, but if not – no fear –¬†I will be back next week!

#605 in the house!

One more shot – a comparison!

It's bigger than the 2008 Hulk - that's for sure - but is it better?

Marvel Covers Sticker Set (2011)

Marvel Covers Sticker Set

While I am digging other things out and rearranging the Hulk room (cleaning it) in order to take some decent pictures for you lovely people Рhere is a set of stickers that I picked up at my LCS sometime last year.  I think I liked this because of their choice for the Hulk cover.  Too many times Hulk #1 or #181 or #377 Рsome iconic cover is chosen Рwhich is fine, really.  I get why Рbut this is the first time I saw them use the cover to #105.  Nice choice Рclassic Hulk stuff is the best!