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Hulk/Abomination Cars (2014)

hulk stuff oct 009

I found these a few years ago and I loved them instantly!  My favorite thing is the fact that these cars are not just simple cars with images in them but instead they are more in the vain of the Pixar opus Cars.  Not to be confused with the utterly forgettable and embarrassing sequel. These cars are worth picking up due to the unique look to them alone!  Keep an eye out as I didn’t find these in a toy store – I only found them in my local grocery store!  So, while buying some apples make sure to check the toy aisle and see if these cars are there!

hulk stuff oct 011

hulk stuff oct 012

Hulk Bicycle Helmet (2014)


Granted, I did not buy this one but I still thought I’d feature it on my site.  Let’s be honest, is there anyway you could feel any safer protecting your noggin with the Hulk?  Helmets of recent have become quite the fashion statement!  I’ve seen Mohawks, horns, bows, and crowns all adorning this head gear – but really, nothing cooler than this Hulk helmet!  The hair is even felt which just gives it that different look and texture.  If I were still a youngin’ there is no way I’d accept anything other than this fantastic helmet to protect my skull!


Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga BCC Commission (2014)

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy

Here’s the thing – I had the idea for this commission about 3 or 4 years ago.  I hadn’t seen this done yet by anyone and wanted to try to put this together by two talented artists.  But, unfortunately, as I only attend Comic Cons on the least busy day (meaning Sunday) the two artists who I wanted to tackle this idea – Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga – their commission lists were usually already filled to capacity.  It took me years of asking and then finally compromise to let them take it home and bring this vision to life.  What I wanted what a simple but fantastic homage to one of the greatest comic strip ever – The Peanuts – with Hulk characters.

hulk art not shown 002

Four years ago when I had thought of this idea – I hadn’t seen this done yet.  Since then I have seen a few – but this is my favorite.  Well, of course it is, because this one is mine!  Matt Fletcher handled the task of drawing Doc Samson while Uminga drew the Hulk.  Doc Samson’s look is priceless and Doc’s booth is just perfect!  I was so psyched to get this piece finally – it took a little while but when the final product looks like this – the wait is always worth it!

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy - Copy

Super Hero Adventures Hulk Jumper Pack (2014)

hulk wwwww 038

I know when I was younger and I collected Masters of the Universe I was more excited to get the villains then I was to get heroes.  The reason being is that my Mother always bought the heroes for me – since they always looked nicer.  I mean that she THOUGHT they looked like nicer toys to play with.  I used to beg her to pick me up a Beast Man, Skunkor, I would have even settled for an Evil-Lyn.  Let’s be honest – as much as you root for the good guys a lot of the time they truly don’t have a purpose when there isn’t a bad guy to square them off against.

hulk wwwww 039

That’s why I was so excited to see that they Playskool Heroes finally decided to release the Abomination (even a small one stuck in a car) to battle against the Hulk.  Every hero deserves a villain to match wits or strength against.  It’s what makes them so fun to read.  Who would Sherlock be without his Moriarty?  Kudos to Playskool for this move – now give us a Leader!

hulk wwwww 040

Hallmark Hulk Ornament (2014)

season '14 017

season '14 018

I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the selection that Hallmark had given us these past few years as far as the superhero ornaments go.  I was fond of the Hulk #181 recreation ornament – but thought Hulk deserved his own seeing as the last one they offered was in the 90’s I think and, while it is a classic now, it doesn’t really represent the Hulk at his ferocious best.

season '14 022

season '14 021

Thank goodness Hallmark finally came to their senses and released a new Hulk ornament with sound effects and all!  This is a cool piece to add to your Christmas tree that has the right amount of fierceness displayed.  The “Hulk Smash!” that growls from it’s little speaker box is a welcome addition to make any Hulk fan’s holiday a little brighter!  Thank you Hallmark for a welcome addition to the Hulk ornaments on the tree!

season '14 014

Also, while you’re at Hallmark you mine as well pick up the Itty Bitty they are offering.  It is a tiny plush Hulk that has a bottom filled with beads to help it stay upright.  Anyway you slice it – a trip to the Hallmark store added a little green to any Hulk fan’s season!

season '14 015

A Week of Rocket Raccoon! Part 1

season '14 056

I was planning this little event to coincide with the DVD release of the Guardians of the Galaxy – but that didn’t really work out.  especially since it was such a pain to get the DVD version I wanted – more on that later – but the first little Rocket piece I have for you is the little Lego version.  This isn’t the figure that comes with the whole huge set – this was a giveaway that also featured a tiny little Groot in his own planter.  Of and course, his huge ass gun!

season '14 055

Hulk Wooden and Metal Signs (2014)

hulk wwwww 028

Saw these  signs a while back at a hobby store and just had to pick them up.  The Hulk room has had little to no wall space for a long time now but that never stops me from getting new posters and signs.  They then go into storage until I can have a bigger space – or take over another room in my house.  There are a few things I really like about these signs, though – I have a few metal signs already – but the new ones are quite different with some classic images.

hulk wwwww 027

The wooden one above is my favorite because of it’s obvious nod to the corner box of comics from the 60’s – 90’s.  The only thing being that this particular image was never used in any of the corner boxes – at least as far as I can remember.  I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong… and then I will have to edit.  I would have enjoyed an actual corner box image with the header and footer – even a price and issue number.  That would be cool – but this is extremely cool too.

hulk wwwww 030

The #181 recreation is embossed – Wolvie and Hulk are both literally jumping out at you from the classic cover.  Again, I would much rather it had the original coloring of the Trimpe art – there is something about the original colors that really pop and catch your eye.  In a sea of books hung on the wall – this book seems to manage to grab your gaze.  The recoloring is just fine – but it’s certainly not as eye-catching.

hulk wwwww 029

hulk wwwww 024

The last sign, my least favorite, is a cutout of just the Hulk.  I am a little perplexed with this image.  It looks like a Byrne reference – but he’s not in the purple undwear… so that can’t be it.  This may actually be the original image – but I haven’t been able to locate it.  So again, I go out to the masses of Hulk fans out there to try to identify the artist of this piece.  What say you?

hulk wwwww 025