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TRU Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 5-Pack (2016)

hulk 012 (2)

I passed on this set for months as it sat in the Marvel aisle.  Most of the figures in this set were available to buy on their own – the only figure unique in this package is the overly large Groot.  You do get some extra guns and knives but overall, this set is not worth the $60 they were asking.  When the liquidation took hold I waited a long 2 months before this set was 90% off.  Yes, I finally took the plunge with this set when it cost a mere $6.

hulk 011 (2)

I might’ve jumped sooner if I hadn’t already bought the Rocket Raccoon figure months before this set was released.  Overall, I was happy to finally pick one of these up if for nothing else than the nostalgic factor.  I will miss TRU immensely and I think we’re all going to suffer when the once great exclusives get harder and harder to acquire.  Then again, it will also save us from seeing exclusives like this clutter up the shelves.

hulk 013 (2)

Spider-Man Pint Size Heroes (2016)

IMG_0648 (2)

Being a huge Venom and Spider-Man 2099 fan I just wanted to get these two… except every single figures feels so similar to the other that it’s impossible to tell who is who in the package.  Having a free afternoon and a few extra bucks in my pocket I decided to roll the dice and see if I can score the characters I wanted.  I don’t recommend this practice as it never usually ends quickly or the way you want.

IMG_0649 (2)

I grabbed a bunch of packages and walked up to the register.  I told the lady I was going to buy one at a time and open each right there at the register until I get the one that I want.  I of course let other customers through when they had one – but if not it was all me just sitting there opening package after package looking for Spidey 2099 or Venom!

IMG_0650 (2)

If you’re familiar with this blog then you’ll know this is not an uncommon practice – I’ve done this before and usually the employees get into the whole experience with me. So, if you do the simple equation I snagged a Spider-Man, Black Cat, Gwenpool (mask and no mask), Parker, Goblin and 2 Spidey 2099 before I was able to snag a Venom.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Soft (2016)


Found at TRU WAY after the movie had been released this Hulk soft is  great representation of the Hulk in plush form.  I guess we should count ourselves lucky – back in the day the only recourse you had to snuggle up to a soft Hulk was the Knickerbocker Hulk, which, let’s be honest… is ugly as all hell.  The thing may induce more nightmares than it would provide some snuggly security.  Then again, that frizz mop top that this Hulk supports can only be a hotbed of activity for any and every mold spore and germ that a child can throw at it!  Can you imagine how hard it would be to clean and tame that wild mane?


Marvel Hulk/Captain America Glass (2016)

IMG_0554 (2)

IMG_0555 (2)

They have released so many glasses at this point it’s hard to keep track of them all.  I found these at Target – and noticed something a little different.  These glasses didn’t feature just one classic image of a hero – in a move both brilliant and a little disappointing – they have shared glasses between two heroes now.  In a sick twist of fate this glass is shared between Hulk and Captain America.  The sick part is that my daughter’s favorite character is Cap and mine is the Hulk.  Usually, when I but a set of glasses she would get the Cap one… except I couldn’t just give her this one because on the back (or front, depending on how you look at it) is the Hulk!

IMG_0556 (2)

Marvel Emojis (2016)

IMG_0558 (2)

All I was able to find is the Hulk that looks suspicious of everyone.  Not angry, not annoyed, but more like you just told him that he needs to watch his little brother on Saturday night so he won’t be able to go to the football game with his friends.  He’s looking slightly confused to see if you were talking to him or not.

I also found the buzzed Rocket and high AF Groot.  These guys make an amazing threesome.  Like the “See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil” monkeys – but ones who refuse to play their respective parts.

IMG_0558 (3)

“Damnit, Mom!  Louie was going to borrow his Dad’s Chevelle!”

Slimed Venkman (2016)

IMG_0521 (2)

I don’t think you’d find many other people as excited as I was when they announced they were producing Ghostbusters toys.  Part of the problem when they did arrive was that they were released 4 at a time with 2 main players and then 2 supporting characters.  I loved the figures – but wasn’t really interested in a Annie Potts figure.  Sure, she had they great line “Ghostbusters, what do you want?” when she answered the phone but I didn’t need a plastic figure to remind me of her secondary role.

Overall, I ended up only purchasing a couple from the whole line.  I picked up Slimer – because, comeon!  It’s Slimer!  Even though the reboot bastardized the little green spud by creating a whole family and having him drive a car (it’s as funny as it sounds – unless that sounds funny to you, in that case… it wasn’t funny at all).  The only other figure I picked up was the Slimed Peter Venkman.  What was one of the most memorable scenes of the entire movie was Bill Murray laying on the ground in a puddle of slime after being assaulted by the angry, little, free-roaming vapor.

Boasting a whole bunch of accessories including 6 hands and 4 gloved hands, a walkie and a proton pack stream this figure could not be any cooler!  I think it even captures Murray’s likeness really well!  I think all these figures were done well – but this was the one I decided could not stay on the pegs.


Hero Mashers Red Hulk (2016)

IMG_0543 (2)

I’m just curious at this point to see if Hero Mashers continue much longer.  I always thought of them as a fad kind of toy.  Something that would go the way of Handful of Heroes or the desperately missed Mighty Muggs.  So far they’ve released larger and boxed figures but all I’ve seen on the shelves lately have been the miniatures. The Red Hulk gets his own mini-figure in Series 3 and, even cooler, comes with Thor’s appendage gripping the mighty Mjolnir!  With this line you could have anyone gripping Mjolnir, really – but only if you want to really bastardize the continuity!  And let’s be honest here – the only one who really messes with Marvel’s mythos is Marvel themselves!  Everyone else, show some respect!

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