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Disney Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk (2017)

IMG_0801 (2)

I have to say, I was expecting a bit more diversity in facial expressions in all the Planet Hulk figures we’ve gotten from the new Thor movie.  This is more comic accurate though – not movie accurate at all. You know why?  The freakin’ OBEIDIENCE DISC!  How hard would it be to… no, nope.  I will not get into this again.  I will just focus on the fact that we have a great representation of the Planet Hulk storyline!  The Marvel Legends is still a fun and great figure but horrendously inaccurate.  The brown pants, the exclusion of the obedience disc, the missing sandals – it just wasn’t a perfect representation of the Hulk from the last classic Hulk story in the past decade.

IMG_0802 (2)

Like I mentioned, I would of liked to se amore rage filled face, a snarky scowl or something – but we get another Hulk with a slightly annoyed face.  He looks more like he has to watch his little sister’s dance recital than he’s being forced to fight for his life in an arena against alien beings.  I don’t have an open one yet so I can’t speak of it’s poseability, articulation or even a complete paint app because the shield covers his armored arm but from what I can see it looks pretty darn impressive!

Anyone out there buy this and open it?  What do you think?


Marvel Toy Box Hulk Figure (2017)

IMG_0840 (2)

It seems the wave of the future may just be seeing exclusives everywhere.  Figures and toys that are only available to purchase through a single retailer or company.  This is noting new, of course, but we’re certainly seeing more and more of website and retailer exclusives.  Some are real hits (pretty much anything Hulk gladiator)  and others you question why (While I liked the TRU Bruce Banner Pop figure I’ve heard many more people complain).  Well Disney has thrown their hat into the ring with their very own line of stylized Marvel, Disney and Star Wars figures!

IMG_0839 (2)

I was excited to see this line – it reminded me of this never released animated Hulk figure from the Fantastic Four line:

never hulk

So imagine my surprise and delight to have this Hulk figure show up!  It seems to be more in the vein of the Infinity figures released for the games – but with actual articulation!  Then I looked at the back of the packaging and noticed this:

CCI11102017 (2)

This is one of those times they should never have shown us what we could’ve had.  The prototype figure looks so much cooler with his teeth baring scowl!  I mean, the Hulk delivered is still very cool – but compared to what was it’s certainly a step down!

IMG_0835 (2)

I am happy with the Hulk but also disappointed for a few reasons.  Let’s go over the good stuff.  First, he is, as he should be, huge!  Not huge like 12″ or something,  just huge compared to the rest of the figures in this line.  He has some mass for sure but he’s pretty light.  I’m not counting his weight as a negative – just an observation.  There is plenty of articulation on this figure so his pose ability is pretty high.

IMG_0837 (2)

I even like the accessory – his little crushed pipe – that he sports!  It’s no bent bar/boulder a la 80’s Toy Biz Hulk but it’s something new I have yet to see included with a Hulk figure.  Most of the Hulk figures released now come sans any accessories at all, in fact.  So getting one was a nice surprise!

IMG_0838 (2)

The problems with the figure begin with the little pipe not fitting into his gripped fist!  The pipe could only fit into one hand as the other is completely closed but the one that is slightly open is too narrow to fit even the skinniest part of the pipe inside!  The other issue is the hardly sculpted face the Hulk sports.  It’s hard to even get a decent pic because of the shallowness of his lip fold.

IMG_0841 (2)

Overall, I still like the Hulk that was released but I sort of remain disappointed when I see the Hulk displayed on the back of the packaging.  We could of had a classic, purple pants, savage Hulk, bent and ready to attack!  While I give this figure a solid B- the prototype would have been an easy A.

IMG_0842 (2)

Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Mystery Minis (2017)

IMG_0774 (2)

Just when you’ve reached the end of your rope with the Hulk pieces from Thor: Ragnarok all being exclusives and limited or even worse… really freakin’ expensive, we’re finally dealt a break by Funko in the form of the Mystery Mini.  Before we continue with the review here – will you take a look a the size of that first sentence?  Let’s move on.  Like I mentioned seeing the distribution of the characters it’s a relief to see that the Gladiator Hulk is actually one of the more readily available.  With a 1/6 chance to score this little guy it’s also a relief to know how easy he is to find IN the mystery box.

IMG_0775 (2)

If you lightly shake each box you’ll notice certain figures don’t move as easily as others.  Now, with a few larger figures you’d still be stuck getting figures you’re not trying to obtain if it weren’t for the fact that the Hulk’s not only one of the bigger figures but also the heavier!  With that 1-2 combo discovering the boxes that this guy is hidden in isn’t a challenge at all!

IMG_0777 (2)

IMG_0778 (2)

I had narrowed it down to 2 different boxes that could possibly the Hulk when I discovered my instincts were spot on!  With both boxes opened each one contained the Hulk I was looking for!  Can I just say, the sculpt on this figure is awesome!  I again wish that Funko was not locked into having to make these figures bobbleheads but it’s something I can live with when the pieces come out this cool!  I mean, look at his little oversized helmet and alien hammer!

IMG_0776 (2)

After discussing this with a good friend he informed me that Hot Topic also has a variant with the Hulk in his gladiator leisure wear. I was a little dejected thinking I spoke too soon with the Mystery Minis being an easy score but have no fear Hulk fans!  The Hot Topic exclusive is also has a 1/6 chance!  The weight and size of the figure still applies so with just a little patience you can narrow it down to the exact right box!

IMG_0795 (2)

IMG_0796 (2)

Again, I had it narrowed it down to 2 boxes it could be AND…: BOOM goes the dynamite!

IMG_0794 (2)

I Might Have a Problem…

IMG_0779 (2)

Whenever I see the Spider-Man Mystery Minis and I can tell there is a Venom in the box I feel as though I have no choice but to buy it!  I can’t stop myself!  I know exactly which boxes have the Venom figures so I buy it up!  I have now taken to buying both Venom AND Rhino!  It’s like a virus that I can’t shake!  I see the boxes and tell myself not to even go near them because I don’t need anymore Venoms.  Then, like I knew I would, my self-control fails me and I find myself in the toy aisle shaking these damn boxes again!  When I come to the Venom I tell myself I will not buy it.  Guess how that works out?

IMG_0780 (2)

If it happened once or twice I’d say it wasn’t a sickness – but look at this disaster that keeps spreading!  Count them!  This has happened 9 times!  I’m like an addict with no support group, man!  I have more Mystery Mini Venoms than I know what to do with!  The real kicker is knowing that the next time I find myself in the presence of these boxes I will definitely be shaking those damn boxes to pick out the Venom… and, most likely the Rhino.  At least the Rhino has a past with the Hulk – but Venom?  They’ve met and fought, what?  Once?  Ugh… someone help me!

IMG_0781 (2)

Rocket Raccoon II Dorbz (2017)

IMG_0513 (2)

The original GoG Dorbz set had a pretty great Rocket.  This one is not much different except the clothing.  The original Raccoon had an orange jumpsuit and this one, being more fashionable, rocks this blue space overalls.  He also sports a couple of guns – which is Rocket’s specialty – so, you know… it fits.

IMG_0514 (2)

Jean Grey/ Cyclops 2-Pack (2017)

IMG_0723 (2)

The Toys R Us exclusives are touch and go at best.  Especially where Marvel Legends are concerned.  We’ve gotten 3-packs of SHIELD and the new Marvel characters like Sam Wilson Cap and the new Hawkeye but this time they hit it out of the park!  With the return of Jean Grey expect this 2-pack to disappear pretty quickly, if it hasn’t already!  This set is both beautiful and classic!

IMG_0724 (2)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate when I see interchangeable heads.  It’s like getting multiple figures without having to pay for them!  This comes with a regular Jean, a “needs a haircut or different conditioner” head and then, of course, the possessed, evil Jean.  All with her classic costume!  Classic Cyclops as well in his most popular costume makes this set one of the best TRU offerings in a long time!

IMG_0725 (2)

Thor: Ragnarok Pop Figures (2017)

IMG_0751 (2)

It seems as though even retailers know that the best part of the new Thor movie will be Hulk’s presence.  Almost every retailer has looked to the Gladiator Hulk as a variant to have in their stores.  The original Pop is cool enough with his massive helmet and large hammer type weapon – and easily available, although I hardly ever see it on the shelves!  It does not sit like the other figures from this series do.  But some of the variants available are from WalMart and Toys R Us.

IMG_0752 (2)

IMG_0753 (2)

IMG_0772 (2)

While it was a pretty easy variant I’m still glad they chose to do a Gladiator Hulk without helmet.  As an extra bonus they also have switched out his Hammer for an axe.  WalMart exclusives are pretty touch and go.  They are either abundant and in every store or the shelves are barren and you can’t find them anywhere.  The only real lucky turn was that the superstore also made this exclusive available on their website.  Go and order 1 or 2.

IMG_0771 (2)

IMG_0769 (2)

A Variant I was super surprised about was getting a Bruce Banner Pop – but thanks to Toys R Us we now have one!  Sure, it’s not perfect – it is a movie version rather than a comic version – but sometimes we take what we can get!  This exclusive was also available on the website but should not be too hard to find in stores as well.

IMG_0770 (2)

The only one I am missing – and easily the hardest Pop to obtain – will be the NYCC Exclusive Hulk Pop. Instead of the Gladiator get-up the Hulk is in the Ultimate Hulk rags – necklaces and all.  It’s super cool looking but good luck in snagging one before all the scalpers do.  Look for it to go for a pretty penny on the bay!