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Marvel Legend Series Thor (2017)

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I had been thinking about getting this figure for a long while.  Buying these very large and fantastic figures is never an easy purchase due to the price tag that accompanied them.  Most of these 12-14″ figures are $50-$75.  I loved the Hulk that was released – even with the slightly too large head – and I kept on trying to figure out if I should pick up Thor.  It really is fantastic – especially when you consider the fact that it has the switch out head to make a bearded (or movie) or clean shaven (classic comic) Thor.  Even if that doesn’t sway you, the fact that it comes with a regular and mystical Mjolnir might push you over the edge into buying this great figure.

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Gladiator Hulk Wobbler (2017)

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I can’t express the sheer joy that overcomes me when I stumble across something Hulk that I haven’t seen before but desperately want in my collection.  Of course, with the amount of stuff that continues to flood the market I’m more shocked that I don’t find things on a more regular basis.  But this, like most things these days, is a gem brought to us from the good folks at Funko!

IMG_1274 (2)

The stylized sculpts are really fun and I’m even pleasantly surprised to find that pretty much everything released – even though it’s from the same company – looks unique and different.  The Wobblers have a much slimmer body but also more dynamic poses!  I don’t even mind the exclusion of the Hulk brandishing any type of weaponry!  His expressively large head commands attention and his helmet sporting the huge feathery fin tops this wobbler out to be taller than most!

IMG_1276 (2)

If there was one thing to pick at it would be that Funko is made to make all their Marvel pieces bobble heads.  While Wobblers actually make sense to “wobble” something it doesn’t seem out of place here – but I would certainly love to see Funko be able to deliver something other than Dorbz that doesn’t require this feature!

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Kid Robot Hulk Soft (2017)

IMG_1198 (2)

Even trying to collect the many, many Hulk plushes would prove to be a real challenge.  I have pretty much given up on trying to get them all and have decided to just pick up the ones that I feel are unique or at least done well enough to have a place in the Hulk collection.  This Kid Robot Hulk stood out to me mainly due to the genuinely devilish look on his face.  It’s not an angry look and it’s certainly more sinister or sly like he’s trying to get away with something.

IMG_1199 (2)

The softs are definitely something to acquire if you’re truly into getting great Hulk pieces to display.  They present so well and they are hilariously fun!  I have to say, while I don’t think the Hulk usually has a malicious bone in his body this stuffed Hulk displays in a way that no other soft Hulk does.

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Ash Soft (2017)

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I find the plushes – or “softs” as we call them in our house – pretty awesome when they create them of classic heroes (and some villains).  Ash in general has been a favorite of mine since high school when I first saw Evil Dead.  I was 14 and my brother made me close my eyes during the tree rape scene.  It was much more gruesome in my mind than it was in the movie when I saw it years later.  I don’t know why they do that sometimes – make the younger folks close their eyes due to nudity – but I was a pretty imaginative kid so the things I can conjure in my head were far worse than what was on the VCR tape.  Either way I was psyched to see that Ash not only remained in the lexicon of pop culture but is still going strong these days with Ash vs The Evil Dead.

Weapon X Dorbz (2017)

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It’s funny how last year seemed to be the year of Wolverine as far as toys and collectibles go but he was MIA in the comics.  There was a rumor floating around – one that was somewhat substantiated later – that the Head of Marvel made the characters that weren’t under the MCU umbrella disappear from the comics.  One way or another.  The FF was put into another dimension.  Wolvie was “killed” off.  It was an obvious, albeit childish, reaction to not having some of their most popular characters not in their control on the big screen.

IMG_1048 (2)

Of course, I’m not sure exactly what happened but I do know that I was all too excited when they made Logan appear in his Weapon X gear in X-Men: Apocalypse.  I love the storyline of Logan hooked up to all the doohickeys and gadgets – his appearance something out of nightmares – completely out of his head and violent!  Even funnier is when they decided to make a Dorbz from that moment.  The pudgy little blob decked out in the gear Logan had to suffer through makes it both really sad and kind of hilarious!

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Compound Hulk Dorbz (2017)

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I was late to the party when I realized how great the Walgreens exclusives began surfacing.  I missed out on all sorts of Pops and Dorbz that I would love to purchase.  Venom, Carnage, Spider-Man 2099 are all Pops that kick butt!  I would rather not go to eBay so instead I do without. I was thinking I’d have to do without the exclusive Compound Hulk as well because I never bothered looking when it was all over the stores.  One Wednesday in February I was on the way to my LCS when I noticed an Iron Patriot Dorbz on the shelf.  I knew that the Iron Patriot was out about the same time as the Compound Hulk so I peeked at what was on the shelf behind him and saw… the Compound Hulk!  I was so surprised and excited I might have said “You’re kidding me!” in a voice much louder than acceptable.  I then hurriedly looked around to see if anyone heard me say that out loud.  Thankfully, I was alone.  Then I felt pretty embarrassed that I was talking to myself.

Either way, I was happy to stumble across this exclusive – while I have decided to really focus on the Hulk merchandise and not supporting players – I still have wanted this guy for quite a while.

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Target Hulk Finds (2017)

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The little cheap section at Target can sometimes bear some really cool little nuggets of Hulky goodness!  Granted most of the time you’ll find generic Marvel products with group shots of heroes – which totally doesn’t count! – but every once in a while you get lucky and find something Hulk that is unique enough to pick up and enjoy!  These little finger flingers are eye-poking accidents waiting to happen – but at least you can blind someone in style!  The other find is a “Wall Tumbler” which I think is just a fancy way of saying “falling with style”.

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