Funko Gladiator Hulk Pez Chase (2018)

When they announced that Funko would be releasing Pez dispensers I immediately thought it was a brilliant moment in licensing.  What would fit better than the stylized heads on top of the Pez dispensers.  I have started to notice that they are now offering the Hulk dispensers without the Pez candy inside – that toContinue reading “Funko Gladiator Hulk Pez Chase (2018)”

Funko Hulkbuster Iron Man vs Hulk Pop (2018)

All I say is “Wow!”  with all of the Hulk related Pops that were produced on 2018.  This is easily one of the most sought after.  One of the only real memorable moments from Avengers: Age of Ultron was the awesome Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight.  The Hulk, with his mind taken over by Scarlet Witch,Continue reading “Funko Hulkbuster Iron Man vs Hulk Pop (2018)”

Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties Hulk (2018)

I love when I find a Hulk figure that I never expected to find.  It happen years ago when Fisher Price released wooden “Little People” and I just happen to come across them in a Target one morning.  Well, the same kid of thing happened with this big guy as I searched a local Wal-MartContinue reading “Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties Hulk (2018)”

Toy Box Hulkbuster vs The Hulk (2018)

When Disney announced a new toy line with stylized figures I eagerly awaited the Hulk.  I don’t think anyone was disappointed by what was delivered to our local Disney Shops.  A bit later we were given the repaint Grey Hulk – but with a new head sculpt!  I was excited as I love the originalContinue reading “Toy Box Hulkbuster vs The Hulk (2018)”

Funko Pop! Bruce Banner Turning Green (2018)

Say what you will about 2018 – it was a mess of a year – but let’s be thankful for the small things, such as the amount of Hulk related Pops we were served!  The list is pretty large – especially considering the fact that we weren’t given a Hulk movie or even a HulkContinue reading “Funko Pop! Bruce Banner Turning Green (2018)”

Infinity Gauntlet Glove (2018)

There are quite a few of these foam Gauntlets out there – the things is, most of them aren’t very good.  This is the most comic accurate and looks the best, in my opinion!  The Infinity Gems are big, round and bright just as they should be!  The material seems to be the same thatContinue reading “Infinity Gauntlet Glove (2018)”

Funko Pop! Groot with Stormbreaker (2018)

This year it seems that Funko really stepped up their game with their most popular line – the Funko Pops.  This excellent representation of teenage Groot making the move to be the hero and supplying the handle to Stormbreaker.  One of the cooler moments in the latest Avengers movie which had practically every hero thatContinue reading “Funko Pop! Groot with Stormbreaker (2018)”

Carnage Exclusive Pop! Figures (2018)

I loved the latest round of Venom Pop! figures that Funko released.  The Pop! that has Eddie Brock’s face show while the symbiote is covering him is a thing of beauty!  Same with the Cletus Cassidy figure – but the bigger excitement is the exclusives that are being offered of this character!  The Carnage Pop! coloringContinue reading “Carnage Exclusive Pop! Figures (2018)”

Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)

The second series of Marvel Legends from the Avengers: Infinity War showed us some impressive figures, silly figures and yes, even some unexpected characters.  The two biggest surprises and welcomed figures were Thor – missing an eye – and the Black Knight figure.  I liked the blonde Black Widow figure but I didn’t need anotherContinue reading “Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)”

Marvel Legends Lizard BAF (2018)

This BAF I was on the fence about it for a long time.  I had the head because I grabbed Lasher when he was released.  I wanted Mysterio but he was quite difficult to find – but thankfully found him at one of my LCS.  From there I wasn’t sure I was ever going toContinue reading “Marvel Legends Lizard BAF (2018)”

Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man, Thanos and Dr Strange 3 Pack (2018)

I certainly wanted to snag this 3 pack for one reason.  The new Thanos head sculpt.  I have every ML Thanos that was released starting with the BAF from the original Avengers movie and I didn’t want this one to slip through my fingers.  I will say, there was one humongous hurdle to leap: theContinue reading “Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man, Thanos and Dr Strange 3 Pack (2018)”

PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)

I have been enjoying the Diamond “statues” or dioramas for what they are. More affordable and often because the paint applications or sculpts aren’t as detailed as some of their counterparts, some collectors aren’t very impressed with these pieces.  I can’t say I blame them, but for me, they are a really alternative to the supremelyContinue reading “PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)”

In Case You Missed It… Round 13

Yes, Old Man Logan has had the Maestro for the past few months – and although I disagree with the ending – don’t worry, no spoilers, It was still a fun ride.  Also the Hulk is appearing in the so-so Infinity Wars so pick up issues 4 & 5,  Also, Sleepwalker – he’s in that too. Continue reading “In Case You Missed It… Round 13”

Hulk 12″ Plush (2018)

A purchase from the Disney Store, I bring you this sort of appropriately ugly Hulk plush!  There are quite a few Hulk plushes out there and I really don’t bother picking up all of them.  They have to either be extremely unique OR be very affordable.  This is of both!  Let’s not completely ignore theContinue reading “Hulk 12″ Plush (2018)”

Tom and Jerry POP! Figures (2018)

A huge part of my childhood included these two frenemies battling it out on a daily basis.  I loved the dynamic between these two with Jerry edging out as my favorite by the slimmest of margins!  Jerry holds a piece of cheese while Tom wields a huge cleaver ready to chop Jerry into bits!  ThereContinue reading “Tom and Jerry POP! Figures (2018)”