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Meet Pablo Viggiano

This talented artist has released some of my favorite Hulk sculptures.  Including the 40th anniversary bust.  He also has a never released Hulk vs. Wolverine sculture that defines gore.  It is so detailed and bloody with the fury captured like no ones business!  Click on the image above to be directed to his site.  His site is also one of the most impressive sites I have ever seen. 

40th Anniversary Bust (2003)


I don’t know how you can even call this thing a bust!  It’s absolutely huge!  It’s 8″ high and 9″ wide – and Heavy!  Weighing in at around 10 pounds Hulk sits on a pile of books – picking out his favorite to read – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  There is a green version of this bust – but I opted for the grey because I think it looks so much better. 


The green Hulk is holding the book upside- down (because the green Hulk couldn’t read).  It’s little details like that that truly make a piece special.  While the green version was limited to just 1,963 (Commemorating the year the Hulk debuted – although he debuted in ’62) the grey version is limited to 400 commemorating… I don’t know what.


This piece was released at the same time that The Leader statue that I posted earlier was.  The Leader statue doesn’t compare – it isn’t nearly as great as this one is.  This Hulk piece goes in the top 3 statues/busts I own.  Released by Dynamic Forces.