Marvel Legends Absorbing Man/Rhino/Hulkbuster Iron Man BAF (2016)

Marvel Legends have had a series of ups and downs in the recent past.  With the packaging changed and no inclusion of a collectible comic book and a price hike that’s almost double from when they offered such things I find it amazing that the action figure line is still thriving.  Let’s be honest –Continue reading “Marvel Legends Absorbing Man/Rhino/Hulkbuster Iron Man BAF (2016)”

Best and Worst of 2011 – Part 1

Let’s just begin with the MU line that had both its ups and downs this year.  I have really warmed up to this line – more than I should, probably – mainly due to the vast amount of different figures they have.  Here are the positives from 2011: The Best: From the Avengers Boxed Set,Continue reading “Best and Worst of 2011 – Part 1”

Hulk Classics’s Absorbing Man (2003)

This is one of the most sought after figures from any Hulk line… ever!  It’s not even a Hulk figure – and even more-so – it’s the Absorbing Man!  Who is actually, for all intents and purposes, a Thor villain.  But – this figure is WAY better than any Absorbing Man before OR after – andContinue reading “Hulk Classics’s Absorbing Man (2003)”